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  • Linux course notes – Linux related instructions (4) advanced instructions


    1、hostname Role: operation server host name(read/Settings)Syntax: Hostname meaning: indicates that the complete host name is output Hostname – f meaning: indicates the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the current host name output 2、id Function: view the basic information of users (including user ID, user group ID, additional group ID…) If no user is specified […]

  • . net using docker


    . net began to support docker many years ago, but due to domestic Net status quo, there is almost no docker support in the production process. Take advantage of some time to make trouble ~. Advance work 1. First install} docker desktop 2. Install Visual Studio Create project Create an asp Net core API (webapplication1) […]

  • Kubernetes high availability deployment method notes


    Environment: win10, vm16, CentOS 7 9,k8s 1.22.2 Hardware requirements:2GBOr more RAM,2 CPUs or more,Hard disk 30GBOr more 1、 Planning host name IP gateway DNS master1 master2 master3 node1 node2   VIP virtual address   2、 Host initialization 1. Create five […]

  • Take you to play with common linux commands (8 parts)


    catalogue 1. VI and VIM editing mode 2. Configure virtual machine network 3. Host mapping 4. Change host name 5. Linux file management commands 6. Three installation methods on Linux 7. Linux configuration environment variables 8. Crond scheduled task 1. VI and VIM editing mode The functions of both are basically the same, but VIM […]

  • [tutorial] teach you how to build a Hadoop stand-alone pseudo cluster


    Author: good Source:Hang Seng light cloud community summary This paper will build Hadoop services of single machine pseudo cluster through virtual machine to help better learn and understand the operation principle of Hadoop big data platform. Specific to every detail, it is convenient for novices to learn and understand. Environmental preparation Linux CentOS 7 (virtual […]

  • Linux modify computer name


    Modify host name

  • Java API operation of zookeeper (I)


    Environment construction establishAn ordinaryMaven project Import log4j propertieS log file to the root directory or resource file of the project. In POM In XMLAdd related dependencies of zookeeper: org.apache.zookeeper zookeeper 3.5.7 junit junit 4.13.1 runtime In addition to Maven’s project dependencies, you can alsoImport zookeeper related jar packagesDeploy zookeeper environment. The jar packages required by […]

  • Linux foundation — virtual machine cloning


    1. Installation of virtual machine The installation of the virtual machine is in another document Install JDK (in another document) 2. Cloning of virtual machine Preparation: a host with Linux system (JDK has been configured) Select host for cloning Note: you must choose to create a full version clone here, and the host must be […]

  • Installing Oracle from CentOS 7 command line in VM


    CentOS 7 command line installation Oracle preface: ​ This article uses centos7 in VM to install Oracle 11g. I found many tutorials on the Internet and spent a day finally installing oracle. You can have a look. The whole article takes screenshots of all the steps mentioned in the article, which is convenient for you […]

  • Linux view user information of recent login success / failure


    Several commonly used linux to view the user information of recent login success / failureRecommended commandslast 、 w -iYou can view more detailed login information, login time, idle time, login terminal idle time, etc [[email protected] ~]# last chen pts/1 ip-10-0-7-27.ap- Tue May 19 16:45 still logged in case pts/2 ip-10-0-7-27.ap- Tue May 19 10:22 – […]

  • Dry goods | how to modify the host name for an existing ambari cluster


    Version: ambari 2.7.3. Other versions should be almost the same 1、 Background description From time to time, a small partner in wechat asked me if I had done it to modify the host name of the existing ambari cluster? The IP address has been modified before, and the host name has not been modified. We […]