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  • SSH connection stuck solution


    problem Both the local machine and the server are on the same intranet and can ping each other. However, when the local machine SSH connects to the server remotely, the terminal input command will always get stuck.It was tested that while Caton was on the Internet, they could not Ping each other when losing packets, […]

  • An article clarifies the FQDN of tdengine


    After tdengine 2.0, you need to use FQDN for access. Children, do you have many question marks: what is FQDN, why to configure FQDN, and how to configure FQDN. Let’s talk briefly today. Anxious partners can directly jump to the configuration chapter. What is FQDN FQDN (fully qualified domain name) is the complete domain name […]

  • K8s actual combat (V) | principle of controller statefulset


    preface In deployment, you can close and start a pod at will, and the relationship between pods is equal. When there is a master-slave relationship between pods and each pod corresponds to the content in a specific storage volume, the deployment controller cannot be used to operate the pod at will. We need to use […]

  • Apache Tomcat: mod_ JK connection timeout cping / cpong timeout


    When configuring a new web application based on the new versions of apache-2.4.46 + and tomcat-9.0.45 +, use mod_ When JK connects, it uses the same configuration file as the previous version. After each runs, Apache’s JSP file request is triggered to mod_ JK and further forward to Tomcat for processing, start to report an […]

  • Illustrated HTTP authoritative guide (3) | web server processing and response to HTTP requests


    Introduction to the author Mr. lemon, senior operation and Maintenance Engineer (self proclaimed), SRE expert (target), dreams of buying a Porsche at the age of 35. I like to study the underlying technology and think that the underlying foundation is the king. All new technologies are inseparable from operating system (CPU, memory, disk), network, etc. […]

  • Build a high-throughput Kafka distributed publish subscribe message cluster


    Build a high-throughput Kafka distributed publish subscribe message cluster brief introduction Kafka is a high-throughput distributed publish subscribe message system, which can replace the traditional message queue for decoupling data processing and caching unprocessed messages. At the same time, it has higher throughput and supports partition, multiple copies and redundancy. Therefore, it is widely used […]

  • Remember Kafka troubleshooting once


    environmental information CentOS 7.3Kafka uses the default configuration, starts zookeeper separately, and does not use its own ZK,Kafka and zookeeper are on the same host, both of which are single nodes Problem phenomenon Using Kafka to test that the queue is normal, java code cannot receive queue messages normally Related code  pom.xml <parent> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-parent</artifactId> […]

  • Basic backup of MySQL database


    Database is very important. Without backup, you can only run away. So make a backup!Mysqldump backup1. Backup command Format: mysqldump – H host name – P port – U user name – P password – database database name > file name. SQL For example: mysqldump – H – P 3306 – uroot – ppassword […]

  • How to modify the format and color of bash shell prompt


    Most of us useshellPrompt that displays the user name, host name, and current directory. This article will introduce how to customize a bash you like. Understand Bash The shell prompt is through a special shell variablePS1To control. There are other variables, such as PS2, PS3, and PS4. Bash is preparing to readcommandDisplays the first prompt […]

  • Construction of docker swarm cluster


    @[TOC] Environment introduction My two virtual hosts The host name CentOS IP is the management nodeThe host name node1 IP is a normal node The system is CentOS 7 64 bit Install docker Install docker in two hosts respectively curl -sSL https://get.daocloud.io/docker | sh Power on service docker start systemctl enable docker Execute […]

  • Linux modify host name


    #Modify host name hostnamectl set-hostname rhel8.name.cc cat /etc/hostname rhel8.name.cc