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  • Get the instance code of IP and host name of all hosts on ZABBIX


    zabbix ZABBIX ([` Z æ biks]) is an enterprise level open source solution which provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring functions based on web interface. ZABBIX can monitor all kinds of network parameters, ensure the safe operation of the server system, and provide a flexible notification mechanism for system administrators to quickly locate / […]

  • How to modify the prompt format and color of bash shell


    Most of us useshellPrompt to display the user name, host name and current directory. This article will introduce how to customize a bash you like. Understanding Bash The prompt of shell is through a special shell variablePS1To control. There are other variables, such as PS2, PS3, and PS4. Bash is preparing to readcommandThe first prompt […]

  • Kafka (4): realize producer message sending


    Contents of articles [1. Preface] [2. Debugging common command line summary] [3. Detailed explanation of producer message sending process] [3.1. Overall process] [3.2 step by step refining process] [4. Asynchronous message sending practice] [4.1 introduction of dependency] [4.2. Simple asynchronous sending demo] [4.3. Asynchronous sending demo with callback function] [4.3.1. Failure retrial mechanism] [4.3.2, parsing […]

  • Hadoop 3. X fully distributed cluster building tutorial (1)


    preface Cluster planning:5 machines: hadoop101 hadoop102 hadoop103 hadoop104 hadoop105 HDFS NameNode NameNode DataNode DataNode DataNode YARN ResourceManager ResourceManager NodeManager NodeManager NodeManager Zookeeper √ √ √ edition: Hadoop 3.1.3 Jdk 1.8 Zookeeper 3.6.2 Before writing this blog, it has been finishedBig data course / Hadoop excellent practical big data development and learning course [manatee college]With this […]

  • Diagram of network configuration process of IP and host name in centos7 system


    CentOS has just been updated to centos7 in recent days, so many users do not know how to install and configure centos7. In particular, the host name, IP and other related network configurations of centos7 are different from the previous versions. How to configure the IP and host name network of centos7 system?   Tip: CEntos7 […]

  • Hadoop cluster deployment (1)


    Hadoop cluster The deployment is divided intoDistributed clusterandPseudo distributed clusterDeployment. In this article, I will explain the installation and deployment of pseudo distributed cluster. Why to deploy pseudo distributed cluster first? This is because it only needs one virtual machine (because it is deployed on its own computer, which is virtual machine). However, the deployment […]

  • Hadoop cluster deployment (2)


    In the last article, we introducedPseudo distribution of Hadoop clusterBefore reading this article, I suggest you read the previous article:Hadoop cluster deployment (1) In this article we will introduceHadoop cluster distributedDeployment. Deployment of distributed cluster Virtual machine preparation Distributed cluster, of course, requires the preparation of multiple virtual machines. This is using three virtual machines, […]

  • The problem of Hadoop node address localhost


    Problem description After the Hadoop cluster is installed, both the node ID and the node address are displayed in the console of yarn as localhost [email protected] sbin]$ yarn node -list 20/12/17 12:21:19 INFO client.RMProxy: Connecting to ResourceManager at master/ Total Nodes:1 Node-Id Node-State Node-Http-Address Number-of-Running-Containers localhost:43141 RUNNING localhost:8042 0 When submitting the job, the node […]

  • Shell one click configuration of single instance Oracle basic environment variables (linux7)


    #!/bin/bash Echo “modify host name” hostnamectl set-hostname wangxfa hostname sleep 1 Echo “view and close firewall” systemctl status firewalld systemctl stop firewalld systemctl disable firewalld systemctl status firewalld sleep 1 Echo “disable SELinux” sed -i “s/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/g” /etc/selinux/config #add user and group Echo “create users and groups needed to install oracle” groupadd -g 1030 oinstall groupadd […]

  • The Oracle V $session view displays the client IP address


    In Oracle database, we use session related views (V $session, V $active)_ session_ history,dba_ hist_ active_ session_ When searching for problems, you can often locate the corresponding host name. However, when you want to further search for IP addresses, you find that there is no IP record in each data dictionary table. Developers and leaders […]

  • PostgreSQL libpq learning guide 2


    Connection state function PQdb Returns the database name of the connection PQuser Returns the user name of the connection PQpass Return the user password of the connection If the connection password is not provided, an attempt will be made from password_ File file. PQhost Returns the name of the connected server host PQhostaddr Returns the […]

  • Seven days to write a docker with go (the first day)


    1. Detailed explanation of docker Many people feel very magical when they first contact docker. They feel that this technology is very novel. In fact, it’s not the case. The technologies used by docker have existed before. It’s just that old wine has been replaced with new bottles. In short, the nature of docker is […]