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  • Docker actual deployment


    Series articles: First meet docker Docker installation Run process and docker principle Docker common commands Summary of common docker commands Docker actual deployment visualization Docker image explanation Docker deployment nginx #1. Search image searchit is recommended to search from docker to see the help documents $ docker search nginx #2. Download Image $ docker pull […]

  • Container data volume


    What is a container data volume Review of docker’s conceptPackage the application and environment into an image!data If the data is in the container, the data will be lost if we delete the container! Requirement: data can be persistedFor example, MySQL: the container is deleted and the data is lost! Requirement: MySQL data can be […]

  • Docker network


    Understanding docker0 network Clear all containers and mirrors first $ docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq) $ docker rmi -f $(docker images -aq) test Because my development environment is a Mac, I can’t directly share the kernel with docker. The real host is a Linux kit virtual machine $ screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/tty #Or $ docker run […]

  • 9.3 k8s minimum dispatching unit pod


    Relationship with container A pod can contain one or more containers Pod management Create a new pod_ Nginx.yml file apiVersion: v1 kind: Pod metadata: name: nginx labels: app: nginx spec: containers: – name: nginx image: nginx ports: – containerPort: 80 establish #If the installation fails or hangs, you can view the error message through kubectl […]

  • 9.5 Deployment


    Deployment Create a new pod_ nginx.yml apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: name: nginx-deployment labels: app: nginx spec: replicas: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: nginx template: metadata: labels: app: nginx spec: containers: – name: nginx image: nginx:1.12.2 ports: – containerPort: 80 Then execute the following command to complete the creation kubectl create -f pod_nginx.yml see kubectl get […]

  • Construction of mobile device management platform (based on STF / atxserver2)


    This article was first published in:Walker AI The company’s main businesses include game AI and automated testing. Our AI team needs to use mobile devices to continuously track and optimize the performance of AI robots in the game. The automated testing team is also moving forward in the development of game UI automated testing. Both […]

  • Docker network mode


    When using docker run to create a docker container, we can use the — net option to specify the network mode of the container. Docker has the following four network modes: Host mode, specified with — net = host. Container mode, using — net = container: name\_ or\_ ID assignment. None mode, specified with — […]

  • Docker (I): introduction to docker


    Life is boundless, learning is boundless preface Nowadays, docker is widely used, especially in front-line Internet companies. Using docker technology can help enterprises expand services quickly and horizontally, so as to achieve the ability of elastic deployment of business. After the rise of the cloud service concept, the usage scenario and scope of docker have […]

  • Docker sorting


    Docker is an open source application container engine, which is based on go language and complies with Apache 2.0 protocol.Docker allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a lightweight and portable container, and then publish them to any popular Linux machine. It can also realize virtualization.Containers completely use the sandbox mechanism, and […]

  • Video card virtualization vgpu setup tutorial under Hyper-V


    Use windows 10 20h2 version to deploy and install Hyper-V virtual machine system After the system completes the backup, shut down the virtual machine Run the host windows PowerShell as an administrator. Enter the following command $VM = “name of your virtual machine” Add-VMGpuPartitionAdapter -VMName $vm Set-VMGpuPartitionAdapter -VMName $vm -MinPartitionVRAM 80000000 -MaxPartitionVRAM 100000000 -OptimalPartitionVRAM 100000000 […]

  • Deploy nginx reverse proxy gunicorn + flask independent architecture in CentOS 7.7 environment using dockerhub


    The original text is reproduced from “Liu Yue’s technology blog”https://v3u.cn/a_id_165 Previous article:Docker is in hand. I have it all over the world. Under win10 system, use docker to deploy gunicorn + flask to create an independent image, I simply played the image packaging of docker in win10. It is true to play tickets, and the […]

  • As long as you work hard, you can learn docker simplified version at the age of 10!


    catalogue 1、 Docker introduction 1.1 what is docker 1.2 docker includes three basic concepts 1.3 docker components 1.4 installing docker 2、 Docker common commands 3、 Application deployment 3.1 MySQL deployment 3.2 installing redis 3.3 installing elasticsearch 3.4 installing Oracle 11g 4、 Migration and backup 5、 Dockerfile 5.1 common commands 5.2 creating images using scripts 6、 […]