• How to optimize the packaging of multi page project implemented by Vue


    Problems encountered In the process of multi page framework packaging, with the increase of business, more and more pages will be packed, and more and more third-party packages will be used. However, not all pages will use third-party plug-ins. Using webpack packaging will make all third-party packages packed together, which will lead to more and […]

  • Necessary for front end interview — eslint and git hook


    introduction At the end of eslint, I gave the code of configuring eslint and git hook to Vue cli, but I guess you still have a lot of questions in your heart, such as why to match, how to customize the configuration, and why the configuration can’t take effect. Don’t worry, after reading this article, […]

  • The important components of webpack


    Webpack is a modular packer. To understand webpack, you must know the following contents: loader, plugin, compiler, compilation, tapable loader For compiling and processing module plugin By defining the hook to hook into some specific time points of the whole packaging process, the packaging action is processed at the corresponding time points compiler Inherited from […]

  • Git commit pre commit detection


    gitAs the most popular version management tool at present, good code specification is helpful for project maintenance, we can implement somegitCheck the normalization of code before hook. At present, the front-end mainstream two hook plug-ins arepre-commitandhusky。 First of all, I will introduce yougitHook, and then introduces the use of two hook plug-ins. 1、githook We’re using […]

  • Front end training – intermediate stage (40) – Vue 2. X routing Vue router


    The most basic of the front end isHTML+CSS+Javascript。 If you master these three technologies, you can get started, but you are only getting started. Now the definition of front-end development is far more than that. Front end classroom(HTML/CSS/JS)In order to improve the level of technology and lay a solid foundation of knowledge, we have a […]

  • Using Git_ Hooks library helps flutter team code specification


    Original link preface With the release of flutter 2.0, more and more companies and individuals are trying to use flutter to write apps with excellent performance, cross platform and good rendering consistency. Of course, while pursuing efficiency, don’t forget to add more strict restrictions to your code to ensure the quality of your code. Today, […]

  • Go third party logrus


    Log is an essential part of the program. Because the built-in log library function of go language is relatively simple, we usually choose to use the third-party log Library in the actual development. This paper introduceslogrusThe basic use of this log library. Introduction to logrus Logrus is a structured logger of go (golang), which is […]

  • [reprint] deeply understand proxy and defineproperty


    it is reportedVue3.0The official version of will be released this month (August). There is still a transition period from the release to the official project, but we can’t wait until nowVue3Only when you are formally involved in the project can you learn, learn in advance, so that you can master it fasterVue3.0It’s up to you […]

  • Vue | route guard interview


    preface Recently, we are sorting out the foundation. Welcome to exchange and study with youThere are colored eggs at the end! Vue router routing guard Map catalog Routing guard classification Global routing guard Single route guard Component routing guard The whole process of routing guard execution Routing guard classification Global routing Single route exclusive Component […]

  • Source code analysis of webpack (2) — the relationship between tapable and webpack


    The article first appeared on my bloghttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Then, aboveAnalysis of webpack source code (1) — Analysis of webpack startup processLet’s continue to analyze the construction process of webpack. At the end of the above, we mentioned that webpack cli finally called the webpack function provided by webpack to obtain the compiler instance object. So let’s […]

  • Use of NPM scripts


    NPM script concept NPM allowspackage.jsonFilescriptsField definition script: { // … “scripts”: { “build”: “node build.js” } } Execute script: $ npm run build To view all available scripts: $ npm run Principle of script execution Whenever executednpm run, the command will automatically create a new shell in which to execute the specified script command. Therefore, […]

  • Analysis of webpack source code (3) – Analysis of webpack construction process


    The article first appeared on my bloghttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Before analyzing the source code, the author pastes the flow chart of webpack construction collected before. The following analysis process can be understood by the reader according to this figure. Construction preparation phase To review the previous article, when webpack cli calls the webpack package again, the first […]