• Explore three technical schemes of micro front end


    What is a micro front end First of all, we should know what isMicroservices Microservice is a variant of service-oriented architecture (SOA). It designs applications into a series of loosely coupled fine-grained services, and organizes them through lightweight communication protocols. Specifically, it constructs applications into a group of small services. These services can be deployed […]

  • 12 modelserializer component


    Model class serializer modelserializer If we want to use a serializer corresponding to Django’s model class, DRF provides us with a modelserializer model class serializer to help us quickly create a serializer class. Modelserializer is the same as a regular serializer, but provides: Automatically generate a series of fields based on the model class Automatically […]

  • Graphic webpack — implementation of plugin


    Pay attention to the official account “Kite holder”, reply“book”Get a lot of front-end learning materials and reply“Front end video”Get a lot of front-end teaching videos. Extra points for interview!Plugin is an important part of webpack ecosystem. Its purpose is to solve other things that cannot be realized by loader. It can be used to perform […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 2-6-3 provide initial data for the model


    Provide initial data for the model When you first build an application, it is useful to pre install some hard coded data for your database. There are several ways for Django to automatically create this data: you can provide the initial data through fixtures or provide an SQL file containing the initial data. Generally speaking, […]

  • [JS plug-in] very powerful typewriter effect: easy type JS


    easy-typer-js Very powerful typewriter plug-in, compatible with native JS and MVVM class frameworks (Vue, react, angular), and output whatever you want. Features (advantages) What are our advantages over other similar typewriter plug-ins? 1. Our typewriters don’t operate dom. We talk about important things three times and don’t operate DOM! Do not operate DOM! Do not […]

  • Vue basic introductory notes 08: keyboard modifiers, user-defined instructions


    Vue basic introduction notes 08 Keyboard modifier Keyboard enter Custom instruction Focus case <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”ie=edge”> <title>Document</title> <script src=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue”></script> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css” integrity=”sha384-BVYiiSIFeK1dGmJRAkycuHAHRg32OmUcww7on3RYdg4Va+PmSTsz/K68vbdEjh4u” crossorigin=”anonymous”> </head> <body> <div id=”app”> <!– Keyboard modifier — > <input @keyup.f2=’show’ v-model=’name’ type=”text” name=”” id=”input” class=”form-control” value=”” required=”required” pattern=””> <!– […]

  • Actual combat skills, Vue could have written like this


    Two orioles sing green willows and a pile of bugs go to the West. I write repeated codes at work every day. When I am a CV boy, I am busy until eight or nine o’clock, my work efficiency is low, and I feel that I have not improved. How to finish the work at […]

  • Realize the functions of multi line text omission, expansion and retraction — electron + Vue write a player (2)


    order Today, I continue to ponder over the details of the player’s user experience. I found that if the description text on the detail pages of the mainstream player’s song list, singer, album, MV, etc. is too long, it will be automatically retracted, and an expansion button will be provided. Click to expand. It’s really […]

  • Elementui uploads an excel file. If the upload fails, the corresponding error information is obtained


    Problem description Hungry? Use El upload to upload files in the UI. If it fails. We need to get the data returned by the backend after upload failure. Hungry? There is a hook function corresponding to upload failure in the component. Here is a small detail to pay attention to. In the hook function that […]

  • Uncover how the webpack plug-in works


    Webpack Series 1: brief analysis of common loader source code, and hands-on implementation of an md2html loaderWebpack Series 2: uncover how webpack plug-ins workWebpack series 3: reading the source code of the main process of webpack and implementing a webpack preface Through plug-ins, we can extendwebpack, at the right timeWebpackThe API provided changes the output […]

  • Turn your browser into a voice assistant like Siri


    Recently, when browsing technical articles in my spare time, I saw an article about voice reading:Use JavaScript to make your browser speak, the article mentioned that you canspeechSynthesisLet the modern browser read the specified content by voice, which stimulated my curiosity to explore, so I have the following. The execution of code snippets mentioned in […]

  • How to optimize the packaging of multi page project implemented by Vue


    Problems encountered In the process of multi page framework packaging, with the increase of business, more and more pages will be packed, and more and more third-party packages will be used. However, not all pages will use third-party plug-ins. Using webpack packaging will make all third-party packages packed together, which will lead to more and […]