• Write your own webpack plugin “plugin”


    The previous article implemented a customloader, then there must be a custompluginrealization. foreword The front-end often uses the markdown format to convert the html tag. At least I have encountered it myself. It is my first blog background project, which is written in md format. After writing, it is stored in the database and displayed […]

  • Git workflow specification for front-end specification (Husky + Commitlint + Lint-staged)


    Code specification is an enduring topic in the field of software development, and almost all engineers have encountered or thought about it during the development process. With the large-scale and complex front-end applications, more and more front-end teams have begun to pay attention to code specifications. Similarly, some time ago, my team also launched a […]

  • C# writes Windows dynamic desktop software to realize (1) desktop interactive function


    DreamScene2 version 1.3 has been released and now supports mouse and desktop interaction. This feature does not affect performance and basically does not take up CPU. This feature gave me a deeper understanding of the Windows messaging mechanism, and I'll detail how it's implemented in this blog post. Welcome to Star and Forkhttps://github.com/he55/DreamScene2 Implementation principle […]

  • Higher order of pods


    Detailed Container Detection The so-called container detection is that we set some probes or sensors in it to obtain the corresponding data to judge whether the container is alive or not or is ready or not; CurrentlyThe survivability detection methods and readiness detection methods supported by k8s are the same. There are three types of […]

  • The Vite is so fast, it's annoying, it's time to take a nap.


    This article first published the public account "Front end from advanced to admission", welcome to follow! Look at ZhihuWhat was it like to participate in Vue Conf 2021?When I asked this question, I stumbled upon a fun Versailles plugin mentioned in Anthony Fu's answer:vite-plugin-sleep。 Let's take a look at how Anthony Fu elicited this plugin […]

  • Hotkey Shield for Windows 7 and 10


      Recently, there is a need to prevent some operations when using this software, and it is necessary to shield the shortcut keys of the system, so the implementation method is simply sorted out. one, hookuse of technology hooktechnology:Hook The technology is also called hook function. Before the system does not call the function, the hook […]

  • Vue | Route Guard Interview Frequently Asked Questions


    foreword Recently, I am sorting out the basics. Welcome friends to exchange and learn together.There are Easter eggs at the end! Vue Router route guard map catalog Route guard classification global routing guard single route guard component routing guard The complete process of routing guard execution Route guard classification global routing Exclusive to a single […]

  • Webpack's cornerstone tapable revealed


    Webpack builds its complex and huge process management system based on tapable. The tapable-based architecture not only decouples the specific implementation of process nodes and processes, but also ensures the powerful expansion capabilities of Webpack; learning and mastering tapable will help us to understand Webpack in depth. 1. What is tapable? The tapable package expose […]

  • lottie-web realizes the implementation of json animation exported by AE


    Introduction Lottie is a mobile library for Web, Android, iOS, React Native and Windows that can use Bodymovin to parse Adobe After Effects animations exported in json format and render natively on mobile devices! Install npm install lottie-web Basic usage const animation = lottie.loadAnimation({ container: document.getElementById(‘box’), renderer: 'svg', // Rendering method: svg: support interaction, no […]

  • Vue source code interpretation (6): update and patch


    Vue's_updateIs a private method on the instance, the main function is to render the VNode into a real DOM, which is called when the first rendering and data update. When the data is updated, the comparison between the new VNode and the old VNode will occur, and the difference update view will be obtained. We […]

  • React asynchronous request memory leak


    1. Write in front This article aims to explain the reasons for the memory leak problem of react asynchronous requests, and to explore the use of AbortController. Welcome to explore and communicate with children's shoes. 2. How can this happen, why((灬ꈍ ꈍ灬)) Small partners who often use react to develop projects should often encounter this […]

  • Explore the principles of the Snabbdom module system


    In recent years, with the continuous rise of front-end frameworks such as React and Vue, the concept of Virtual DOM has become more and more popular, and it is used in more and more frameworks and libraries. Virtual DOM is a layer of abstraction based on real DOM, and uses simple JS objects to describe […]