• The parent component listens to the lifecycle of a child component


    If the parent component is listening to the child component mountmountedDo some logical processing 1. Useonand”>On and emit Sub componentsemittouchhairOneindividualmatterpiece,fathergrouppiece”>emittouchhairOneindividualmatterpiece,fathergrouppieceEmit triggers an event, and the parent component on listens for the corresponding event. // Parent.vue // Child.vue mounted() { this.$emit(“mounted”); } 2. Hook function This is a particularly simple way. The child component does not […]

  • (life cycle hook) Vue project


    Life cycle hook functions of Vue instances (8) beforeCreate A new component has just been added. It can’t access the data and the real dom. Basically, it seems that it can’t do anything created The data property has completed the assignment, and the data can be modified, but the updated will not be triggered. Here, […]

  • Disable the default effect of the browser title property


    It just answers a question,In which event can the browser prevent the browser from displaying the default behavior for title? 。 Let’s sort out the related test demo today. Analyze the problem First find the key words, from which to find a solution to the problem. ssr title Default behavior seo Custom toolip behavior solve […]

  • Analysis of webpack principle


    Author: attayama – wind devil Kojiro background WebpackAfter iterating to version 4. X, the source code is very large, and various development scenarios are highly abstracted, and the reading cost is becoming more and more expensive. But in order to understand its internal working principle, let’s try to start with the simplest webpack configuration and […]

  • [concent small class] understand the combination API and change the posture to make it more refreshing


    Open source is not easy. Thank you for your support, ❤ star me if you like concent ^_^ Here is a list of status management in collection. You are welcome to learn about it^_^awesome-state preface composition api(composite API) andoptional api(optional API) two ways to organize code. I believe you canvue3It has been learned in various […]

  • Building gitea on Linux


    brief introduction Gitea is a self built git service that is easy to install, runs very fast, and has a good installation and use experience. Go is used as the back-end language, which makes it possible to generate an executable program. He also supports cross platform, Linux, Mac OS, windows and various architectures, including arm […]

  • Light PHP high performance PHP framework based on swote


    🚀Light-phpIt is a high-performance PHP framework based on swote. It has excellent performance in small and medium-sized high-performance projects because of its lightweight encapsulation and ease of use. directory Environmental requirements Installation tutorial configuration file route middleware controller hook Task task WebSocket database Stress testing Environmental requirements rely on explain PHP >= 7.2 Recommendation 7.2 […]

  • Web front end interview questions— vue.js Interview questions


    1. What is the use of v-show and V-IF in Vue, and what is the difference between them? Both V-IF and v-show control the hiding and display of elements. difference:Mode: the underlying principle of v-show is to operate the display attribute of elements, and the bottom layer of V-IF is to control the creation / […]

  • Communication mode of angularjs 2 components


    The following test examples can be found in thegithubYes, but it seems unstable recently. In fact, NG2 is very good in this respect, and it’s very simple to use. So you can start to write after reading it. Powerful is not only in this aspect, in the process of writing these, through some configuration, let […]

  • Thoroughly understand the AQS foundation 2 of AQS source code analysis series


    CC teacher, 20 years of development and use experience, years of chief architect and CTO, author of the best-selling original book grinding design patternsParticipated in and led hundreds of large and medium-sized projects, with rich experience in architecture design. You’ll definitely benefit from further courses.I will continue to learn the basic knowledge of AQS and […]

  • No caching problem with keepalive in Vue (solved)


    1. View app.vue File, this is the key point. Don’t forget to add (I just forgot to add keep alive) 2. View router.js { path:’/loanmessage’, component:loanmessage, name:’loanmessage’, meta: { Keepalive: true, // means cache is required isBack: false, },    3. Add the following code to the page that needs to be cached beforeRouteEnter(to, from, […]

  • Introduction to angular7


    1、 Introduction to angular AngualrIt’s an open source one from GooglewebFront end framework, born in2009ByMisko HeveryThey were created by et alGoogleAcquired. Is an excellent front endJSFramework, has been used forGoogleAmong many products. Statistics according to the number of projectsangular(1.x 、2.x 、4.x、5.x、6.x、7.x)Is now the most widely used framework on the Internet Angualrbe based onTypeScriptandreact、vuecomparison,AngularIt is more […]