• Introduction to hispark series development kits


    Hispark Wi Fi IOT development kit   l supports Hongmeng OS and liteos operating systems to facilitate prototype verification and rapid development of IOT products L the feature board is equipped with Hisilicon hi3861 chip, with maximum operating frequency of 160MHz, built-in 352kb SRAM, 288kb ROM, 2MB flash, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, sta mode and AP mode L […]

  • How to stand out under the pressure of windows and MacOS


    At that time, China’s IT industry, as well as Ni Guangnan himself, had been bitter about operating systems and chips without independent intellectual property rights. (18 years, still). Xu Guanhua, then Minister of science and technology, once said that “China’s information industry lacks core and few soul”. The core refers to the chip, and the […]