• The front-end Vue route returns the status of the recovery page


    Demand scenario: search the content on the home page, click to jump to the details page, return to the home page and keep the search results. Scheme: routing parameters; Route guard Requirement description When using Vue to develop the front end, we encounter a scenario: conduct some data search on the home page, click the […]

  • Ruffian Heng bimonthly issue 43


    Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 43 Here are some useful and interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. I hope to release one issue on time on each festival day. This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are […]

  • How to create a GitHub personal homepage that can be updated automatically


    GitHub recently launched a new function, that is, you create a warehouse with the same name as your user name under your account and create a readme under the warehouse MD file, which will be displayed on your GitHub homepage. Due to the powerful description ability of markdown, you can display all kinds of information […]

  • NPM package management – NRM switching source


    NRM usage Installation: npm install -g nrm Check for successful installation: nrm –version List all optional sources: NRM LS (the one with * indicates the source being used) Fast switching: NRM use NPM (XXX source) Add source: NRM add + source name + source path Delete source: NRM del + source name Test source speed: […]

  • Squid usage details


    1. Squid introduction Squid is a software that caches Internet data. It receives users’ download applications and automatically processes the downloaded data. In other words, when a user wants to download a home page, it sends an application to squid and asks squid to download it for it. Then squid connects to the applied website […]

  • Ruffian Heng bimonthly issue 47


    Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 47 Here are some useful and interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. I hope to release one issue on time on each festival day. This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are […]

  • Wonderful use of Python library feedparser + atom feed


    Free your hands and automatically update the blog information to the GitHub home page every day background I’ve been working on it latelyGitHubWhen beautifying the home page, I made some interesting things. Interested friends can have a look Post my homepage address here:https://github.com/JS-banana, you can have a look if you are interested~ At that time, […]

  • (Office) easy to learn react router 4 (20210401)


    Command to create a project:create-react-app hello-model-router installrouter:yarn add react-app-router-dom Understand by example: 3.1. React routerintroduce   route: pathWhat path,componentJump to that component.    import {   BrowserRouter as Router,   Switch,   Route,   Link} from “react-router-dom”;                       Hello Word!          {/ * where does the component jump, and what path does the path jump * /}                                   3.2. Detailed introduction to react […]

  • Online education mobile multi terminal development source sharing explanation: app + applet


    brief introduction An education and training service app of the project. It provides functions such as online browsing of organization information, style of famous teachers and course reservation and ordering. The front end of the project usesavm.jsMulti terminal development technology, which can be compiled intoAndroid & iOS AppAnd wechat applet; Back end useAPICloudData cloud 3.0 […]

  • GitHub one click fishing artifact is on fire! Designed for Windows system, the boss can be very calm behind him


    Source: qubit qbitai Which worker doesn’t have some fishing skills? Recently, there is a fishing tool called loaf, which has ignited and rushed to microblog hot search. After you install the application and click the “fishing” button in the upper left corner, the computer will pop up aFake system update page: Then you can take […]

  • 2021-04-27 R’s lookup package


    The little friends who use Excel spreadsheet software know that lookup is an easy-to-use lookup function in Excel. Now with the R version of the package, you can use it directly! Home page:https://kwstat.github.io/lookup characteristic There are many useful functions in R, such asmerge()(https://rdrr.io/r/base/merge.html)The function is great for data frame merging. However, it often returns more […]

  • Setting tutorial to prevent malicious tampering with the home page of the browser on the computer


    Cause analysis:  Many software or plug-ins will maliciously tamper with the home page of the browser in the computer system after installation, and cannot be modified directly in the browser settings. Setup tutorial: 1. Download 360 security guard or other anti-virus software; Software name: 360 security guard latest version V13 0.2030 official free installation Software […]