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  • Hadoop learning – Deployment


    system information master os: MAC OSX 10.10 ip: hostname: master slaves1 os: MAC OSX 10.10 ip: hostname: s1 /Etc / hosts edit On master and slaves1 hosts, edit / etc / hosts: # add config master s1 SSH password free login configuration http://www.jianshu.com/p/1fdc… Hadoop installation Deploy home directory preparation mkdir -p […]

  • Installing Tomcat under Linux (Ubuntu)


    This article uses the apt get command to install Tomcat Enter the command in the shell:sudo apt-get install tomcat7 After the installation, it shows: At this time, the server has been started!Enter your server IP: 8080 in the browser localhost:8080 You will see the following page, indicating that you have successfully installed: Shut down the […]

  • Linux user related operations


    Create, delete modified user You can refer to it firstLinux user and user group management Create user There are two forms of commands to create users in Linux $addUser < user name >The first is to automatically create the user directory in the home directory and prompt to create a login password. $useradd < user […]

  • Windows Apache and PHP installation


    Apache download address: https://www.apachehaus.com/cg…PHP download address: https://windows.php.net/downl… 1. Apache installation After downloading Apache, unzip it, use CMD to enter bin, and execute the command: httpd.ext -k install Install Apache for windows.After the installation is successful, you can see the following in the computer management serviceWhen the installation is successful, it will automatically try to start, […]

  • Linux basic (2-2) common commands for users and user groups


    Add, delete and modify user account Add user account — useradd -C comment specifies an annotative description. -D directory specifies the user home directory. If this directory does not exist, you can create a home directory by using the – M option. -G user group specifies the user group to which the user belongs. -The […]

  • Build PHP development environment in Ubuntu


    Of course, the first step of WordPress is to build a website based on PHP, so the first step is to build a web site based on WordPressStep 1: go to xampp website to download the installation package Step 2, move the installation package to home, open terminal in home, and enter:Chmod + X downloaded […]

  • Using source code to install Apache server under Ubuntu


    1. Download http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgiI downloaded httpd-2.4.2 tar.bz2 2. Ubuntu Apache unzip Put the downloaded file in the main directory and unzip it tar zxvf httpd-2.4.2.tar.gz  After decompressing, a file named httpd-2.4.2 is obtained in the main directory 3. Create destination folder mkdir /usr/local/apache That is to say, the Ubuntu Apache to be installed in this folder […]

  • Localhost can access cannot access


    Recently on the client serverWindows Server 2012After Tomcat is started, it cannot be accessed with, but it can be accessed with localhost.At first, it was suspected that the problem was the configuration of the hosts file, but it still failed after the configuration localhost In CMDping localhostFound that windows resolved localhost to IPv6 […]

  • Linux file system foundation


    File system overview Software and data related to management files in the operating systemLinux file system adopts tree structureLinux supports multiple file systemsLinux file system provides rich file and directory operation commands Features of Linux file system 1. Linux file system adopts tree structure, starting from root (/).2. Linux virtual file system allows many different […]

  • Efk access to Kafka message queue


    1 Preface In the first log service maintained by the author, the daily quality is small and Kafka is not connected. With the expansion of business scale and the continuous growth of daily quality, more and more product lines are connected to the log service. In case of peak traffic, the performance written to es […]

  • About Maven wrapper


    About Maven wrapper brief introduction It is necessary to use Maven or gradle to develop java projects. Compared with gradle, Maven may be more commonly used. To use maven, you need to install Maven. What if some users don’t want to install Maven? Or if you don’t want to install Maven globally, you can use […]