• JS uses canvas technology to imitate ecarts histogram


    Canvas canvas is a new tag in HTML5. You can draw images in web pages through JS operation canvas drawing API. Baidu has developed an open-source visual chart library echarts, which is very powerful. It can realize a variety of charts such as line chart, histogram, scatter chart, pie chart, K-line chart, map and so […]

  • R language Random volatility (SV) model, MCMC’s metropolis Hastings algorithm, financial application: predicting S & P SP500 index


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/?p=23991 In this example, we consider the application of stochastic volatility model sv0, such as in the field of finance. statistical model The random volatility model is defined as follows And for Where YT is the dependent variable and xt# is the unobserved logarithmic volatility of YT. N(m, σ 2) Represents the mean […]

  • What is a monotonous stack?


    Recently, the author is brushing leetcode exercises, so I want to compile some classical algorithms and some classical data structures into a series to share with you and yourself in the future. This paper mainly involvesMonotone stack。 Monotone stack The concept of monotone stack itself is not difficult to understand, but it needs to be […]

  • (Python drawing) Seaborn drawing common functions and skills


    Keywords: correlation analysis, font adjustment, Seaborn, PythonIt involves Seaborn’s commonly used drawing functions, as well as common skills such as adjusting fonts, setting coordinate axis labels, setting scales, and saving pictures without leaving white edges. The example uses New York City taxi data. Note that I preprocessed the data. (New York City. tlc-trip-record-data. https://www1.nyc.gov/site/tlc/about/tlc-trip-record-data.page)When using […]

  • Database weekly 32 – invitation of China DBA alliance; Oracle autonomous database operation; Tencent cloud MySQL 8.0 goes online; Huawei Database Engineer Certification release


    Summary:The 32nd issue of motianlun database Weekly has been released. Once a week, it will push the popular information, selected articles and dry goods documents related to this week’s database. Oracle autonomous database operation; Tencent cloud MySQL 8.0 goes online; Huawei Database Engineer Certification release; Update causes business jam; PostgreSQL security reinforcement; Opengauss stand-alone installation; […]

  • [algorithm] [difficulty] – water volume of histogram – dynamic programming


    17.21. Water volume of histogram Difficulty: [difficulty] Given a histogram (also known as histogram), suppose someone pours water continuously from it, how much water can the histogram store in the end? The width of the histogram is 1. The above is the histogram represented by the array [0,1,0,2,1,0,1,3,2,1,2,1]. In this case, 6 units of water […]

  • Why do I brush a lot, meet new questions or be submissive, and can’t fight hard?


    Why do I brush a lot of questions, but when I encounter new questions, I am still submissive and can’t fight hard? Why is it that some will be discarded at first sight? What kind of secret is hidden in it? Is it the decline of morality or the distortion of human nature? Welcome to […]

  • [R language] – histogram


    Histogram introduction Histogram, also known as quality distribution diagram, is a statistical report diagram, which is composed of a series of longitudinal stripes or line segments with different heights to represent the data distribution. Generally, the horizontal axis (x axis) represents the data type, and the vertical axis (Y axis) represents the distribution (frequency of […]

  • What is the error bar? Do you know the four ways to implement the error bar?


    image.png Hello, everyone. Today, I’d like to share with you three visualization methods of error histogram. First, the previous example diagram: Before formally introducing the implementation method, let’s first understand what the hat on the error histogram is, that is, we first understand the three statistical concepts involved in the following. 1 three concepts Standard […]

  • Ali P7 attack the lion summed up the essence of this book.


    Chapter I: Preparation EnvironmentWinPython-32bit- 1.1 setting Matplotlib parameterConfigure templates to facilitate sharing among projects D:BinWinPython-32bit- Three ways: Current working directory User level documents and setting Install level profile D:BinWinPython-32bit- Chapter 2: understanding dataIn addition to importing and exporting data in various formats, it also includes ways to clean up data, such as normalization, addition of […]

  • iOS-Charts(BarChartView)


    Charts – BarChartView initialization – (BarChartView *)chartView{ if (!_chartView) { _chartView = [[BarChartView alloc]init]; _chartView.delegate = self; ///Appearance style //BarChartView _chartView.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor]; //Text prompt when there is no data _ chartView. Nodatatext = @ “no data”; //Is the value displayed above or below the column _chartView.drawValueAboveBarEnabled = YES; //Whether to draw cylindrical shadow background […]

  • Adding p value for ggprism packet data visualization


    It can be said that one of the most popular functions of graphpad prism is to add p value to the drawing,Ggprism usageadd_pvalue()Add a p value with or without brackets; Love little buddy can pay attention to my official account.R language data analysis guideContinuously analyze more high-quality resources library(tidyverse) library(ggprism) library(patchwork) library(magrittr) p <- ggplot(sleep, […]