• 9.3k Star! Enhanced command line client for PostgreSQL


    [introduction]: pgcli is a command line tool for PostgreSQL. It can highlight the syntax of SQL statements and automatically prompt the input. brief introduction Pgcli is a client tool of PostgreSQL. It supports syntax highlighting and automatic prompt completion commands. Incidentally, MySQL also has a similar tool called mycli. Project address: < br / >https://github.com/dbcli/pgcli […]

  • JavaScript implements syntax highlighting for c#


    This article would have been relatively long, because it involves many different highlighted languages, but I split it according to different languages under the condition of ensuring the integrity of program structure, that is to say, the code here is incomplete, but it can also run. This is a syntax highlighting plug-in implemented by JavaScript. […]

  • Elasticsearch7.6.2 – springboot call


    I. integration Integrate code on   https://gitee.com/elvinle/jd_ In pachong.git, it is not complicated Elastic search officially recommends using rest mode for operation   Second library operation private static String INDEX_DEFAULT = “elvin”; private static String INDEX_JD = “jd_goods”; @Autowired RestHighLevelClient client; //Region index library operation //Create index @Test public void createIndex() throws Exception { CreateIndexRequest […]

  • JetBrains ideolog highlights plug-in configuration


    This plug-in can be used in most ides of JetBrains, such as pycharm idea. For example, there are many third-party libraries in python that can highlight the output of the log console, but the log written to the file cannot be highlighted. This plug-in is to solve this problem usage method: Click preference — > […]

  • By coincidence, I wrote the document into the code


    Recently, due to the adjustment of the company’s business, the project needs to develop a large number of business components and high reuse logic for customers. When there are many kinds of components and codes, coupled with the different writing habits and development ideas of several members of the team, many problems arise. In particular, […]

  • Vue + element UI paging: before returning the total number of entries in the current page totalnum, the paging component of element UI has finished loading the page. When the total number of entries is 0, the page number of the paging component is 1 by default


      For the paging of Vue + element UI items, return to the first page by default. Solve the problem https://blog.csdn.net/StephenO_o/article/details/84234916   Causes of problemsBefore we return to the current page to obtain the total number of entries totalnum, the paging component of element UI has been loaded on the page. At that time, totalnum […]

  • 15 excellent sublime plug-ins


    Cool and crazy drag sublime text is widely praised and easy to expand. Many developers contribute plug-ins. Through the package management tool – package control   It can be easily installed and managed. This article recommends 15 excellent sublime plug-ins, which can be easily installed through package control. Package control installation method With the shortcut […]

  • Ace editor Chinese document


    introduce Ace is an embeddable code editor written in JavaScript. It matches the functionality and performance of native editors such as sublime, VIM, and Textmate. It can be easily embedded in any web page and JavaScript application. Official website address: Ace – the high performance code editor for the webGithub: GitHub – ajaxorg/ace: Ace (Ajax.org […]

  • Sublime text2 configuration supports markdown


    In order to learn markdown, only sublime is pleasing to the eye. Although it is said that only one person is left to maintain…. orz, it needs two steps to improve Sublime: 1. Install markdown preview to preview markdown files through the browser, which is asynchronous The principle is to generate an HTML and then […]

  • Wsl2 installation and configuration


    Title: wsl2 installation and configurationtoc_level: 3date: 2021-07-23 17:43:01tags: [WSL, Linux, Config]categories: [Uncategorized] version: v1 Install wsl2 See Microsoft documentation. Switch between Chinese and English in the upper right corner:Install wsl2 Wsl2 basic operation #Run default distribution wsl #Run the execution distribution as the specified user wsl -u <user> -d <distribution> # example wsl -u xuwhao […]

  • List of common sublime text plug-ins


    Package control: plug-in package management tool Soda: a popular theme, including code coloring, labels, icons Emmet: a popular HTML writing plug-in. It is an upgraded version of zed code, including CSS writing Sublimelinter: inline highlighting syntax HTML5: HTML5 bale Sidebar enhancements: a left bar enhancement Sublime codeintel: a code intelligent prompt engine Alignment: JS code […]

  • Vscode configures eslint formatting code (Vue) and common plug-ins


    Configure eslint Plug in extension store searcheslint, click Install and reload; to configureeslint, openfile==>Preferences==>set up; Insert configuration code in user settings (support Vue): “eslint.options”: { “plugins”: [ “html” ] }, “eslint.validate”: [ “javascript”, “javascriptreact”, “html”, “vue”, { “language”: “html”, “autoFix”: true }, { “language”: “vue”, “autoFix”: true } ], “eslint.autoFixOnSave”: true, “editor.tabSize”: 2, At this […]