• Big data report menu bar problem


    1、 Business scenarioThe project is a big data report system, which uses php’s Yii framework combined with Smarty. The main business reports are divided into two types, one is the external chain report embedded in iframe, and the project’s own report.For the convenience of viewing, the menu bar of favorites and recently accessed reports is […]

  • How to highlight the stack in the dock of MAC system


    When we use the mouse to stroke the icon of an application, we hope that the icon can be highlighted. However, when we use “stack” in lion system, the icon of an application will not be highlighted. How can we solve this problem? resolvent: First, open the terminal (Application Utility) and enter the following command: […]

  • Linux search log related commands


    Reference website:http://www.liyblog.top/p/151. After printing in pages, click the space bar to turn pages (- N means to display line number, more means to display in pages) cat -n laravel-2019-03-01.log | grep ‘local.ERROR’ | more 2. Search the contents of the log file according to the time. The log at 12:00 on March 1, 2019 is […]

  • Build Python environment with source insight


    Si is a popular code reader / editor. Can I use Si for Python development? After a night’s experiment, I finally realized this function. 1. Syntax highlighting of Python Source insight version 4.0 already supports syntax highlighting of Python language by default, and there is no need to set it separatelyOf course, you can set […]

  • [nextjs] display the content of. MD file on the web


    In the process of nextjs development, the material UI is used to build the blog website, and the syntax plug-in of markdown is implementedmarkdown-to-jsxI don’t know much about it, and I want to highlight the display effect of the code block. Components used npm install –save react-markdown react-syntax-highlighter 1.react-markdown: markdown parsing display component2.react-syntax-highlighter: highlight style […]

  • 9-2 es kafka


    `//1. Construct a native queryNativeSearchQueryBuilder queryBuilder = new NativeSearchQueryBuilder();//2. Source filtering//2.1 parameters: final string [] includes, final string [] excludes//If you do not want to perform source filtering, you can comment this linequeryBuilder.withSourceFilter(new FetchSourceFilter(strings,null));//3. Query conditionsqueryBuilder.withQuery(QueryBuilders.matchQuery(“name”,name));//4. Set paging and sorting rulesqueryBuilder .withPageable(PageRequest.of(page,5, Sort.by(Sort.Direction.ASC,”price”))); //5. HighlightHighlightBuilder.Field field = new HighlightBuilder.Field(“name”);field.preTags(“<font style=’color:red’>”);field.postTags(“</font>”);queryBuilder.withHighlightFields(field);//7. InquiryAggregatedPage<Product> result = elasticsearchTemplate.queryForPage(queryBuilder.build(), Product.class,new […]

  • Realization of timing highlight and click event of 3D map based on ecarts


    Technology selection The selected technology stack: Vue, ecarts, ecarts GL Install Vue and ecarts 1. Installation of ecarts and ecarts al npm i echarts –save npm i echarts-gl –save 2. Ecarts and ecarts GL are cited import echarts from ‘echarts’; import ‘echarts-gl’ Vue.prototype.$echarts = echarts 3. Page introduction require(‘../../node_modules/echarts/map/js/china’) At this point, the map message […]

  • Amazing secret! How to implement operation guidance in flutter project


    Don’t judge me rashly. You only know my name, but you don’t know my story. You just hear what I have done, but you don’t know what I have experienced. As the saying goes, the product has three treasures, pop-up window floating layer plus guide. The screenshot above shows the oral arithmetic module in the […]

  • 48. Elastic search (search engine) uses Django to realize the search function


    【Baidu cloud search, search all kinds of information: http://www.lqkweb.com】 【Search the Internet disk for all kinds of information: http://www.swpan.cn】 【Cool station group, search all kinds of website source code: http://www.kuzq.cn】 Django realizes search function 1. Configure the route mapping of the search results page in Django “””pachong URL Configuration The `urlpatterns` list routes URLs to views. For more information please see:     https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.10/topics/http/urls/ Examples: Function views     1. Add an import:  from my_app import views     2. Add a URL to urlpatterns:  url(r’^/pre>, views.home, name=’home’) Class-based views     1. Add an import:  from other_app.views import Home […]

  • 49. Elastic search uses Django to paginate search results


    【Baidu cloud search, search all kinds of information: http://www.lqkweb.com】 【Search the Internet disk for all kinds of information: http://www.swpan.cn】 【Cool station group, search all kinds of website source code: http://www.kuzq.cn】 Logic processing function Calculating search timeBefore starting the search: start_ Time = datetime. Now() gets the current timeAt the end of the search: end_ Time […]

  • Notes on the birth of leafage (4. Restrictions on the use of nuxt / content, how to parse markdown and highlight code blocks)


    Personal blog address:https://www.leafage.top/posts/detail/21318HYYR LastThis paper introduces the basic configuration items of nuxtjs and the use of automatically introducing components. Next, how to read the markdown document and highlight the code in nuxtjs. stayChapter oneWhen creating a project, I mentioned that the @ nuxt / content module was not selected, because all the data of the […]

  • 1. Editor – Visual Studio code


    1. Configuration default font Fira Code Color theme Solarized Dark Catalog chart set vscode-great-icons User Settings { “Files. Autosave”: “afterdelay” // automatically save after a short delay “Editor. Fontfamily”: “Fira code”, // default font “Editor. Fontsize”: 13, // font size “Editor. Lineheight”: 22, // font line height “Workbench. Colortheme”: “solarized dark”, // color theme “Workbench. […]