• Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 24 – Custom Colors


    custom colors Recall the last lesson This time we studied the color scheme eurekacolorsLocation of Downloaded and applied color scheme Made their own color scheme Now I want to change the color of the color scheme Is it successful??? First, you have to have your own color scheme #Find the location of colors cd usr/share/vim/vim81/colors […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 27 – file types


    file type Recall the last lesson Last time I learned about various ways of indentation Used in normal mode<<indent Used in insert modetabindent Show indent:set listchars=eol:$,tab:>-,space:_ There are parameters about the number of spaces corresponding to indentation expandtab shiftwidth tabstop softtabstop autoindent Abbreviated as:set noet sw=4 ts=4 sts=4 ai Can different file types correspond to […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 33 – # find text


    Text block Recall the last lesson Jump between brackets Jump between pairs of parentheses% Jump between unpaired parentheses [(Jump to the last unmatched( [)Jump to the next unmatched) [{Jump to the last unmatched{ [}Jump to the next unmatched} Jump between functions ]mStart of next function [mEnd of previous function ]MStart of next function [MEnd of […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 34 – # find advanced


    Find advanced Recall the last lesson Last time it was a search, it was a full-text search It’s a bit like our previous industry /Forward,?reverse nKeep the direction,NChange direction hlsHighlight search results wrapscanYou can search from scratch nohCancel this highlight Real time search :set incsearch Real time matching search input :set noincsearch Do not match […]

  • Echart table highlights Chinese cities


    Many times, we need to dynamically acquire and display city data. At this time, we need to highlight the city. I think there are many examples of highlighted provinces on the Internet, but there are no highlighted cities. Let’s see the code effect first.Don’t say much, just go to the code`<!DOCTYPE html><html><head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title>city</title> […]

  • Unity rendering: baking model maps


    Today we’re going to do an interesting thing, that is to bake a model data onto the map! what do you mean? It’s maozi below. Flatten the little cat from the first picture to the second picture (it seems a little cruel ~) You may often hear words like “bake lightmap”, “bake normal map”, “bake […]

  • Solve the problem that sublime under Ubuntu cannot input Chinese


    System environment System:Ubuntu 16.04Youqilin (should be the majority)linuxAll systems (Trial)Input method: Little Penguin input methodfcitx Textedition:Sublime Text 3 Build 3114 terms of settlement 1. Save the following code to sublime imfix C (located in ~ directory) #include <gtk/gtkimcontext.h> void gtk_im_context_set_client_window (GtkIMContext *context, GdkWindow *window) { GtkIMContextClass *klass; g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_IM_CONTEXT (context)); klass = GTK_IM_CONTEXT_GET_CLASS (context); […]

  • C# find the text in the designated area of the PDF page and replace and highlight it


    When searching the content in PDF document, you can obtain the search results for the whole content of the document, or search within a specific range (rectangular box area) in the specified page of PDF. You can perform text highlighting or replacement and other operations on the obtained search results. This paper will introduce this […]

  • How to add value help to fields applied by SAP Fiori elements


    In Jerry’s previous articleHow to quickly create Fiori elements application through CDs view on SAP BTPIn, we have created a Fiori elements application based on CDs view: In this article, we add value help to the selection field of agency ID Now agency ID selection ID, after clicking F4, value help cannot work: Add the […]

  • Uibutton disable highlighting


    reference resources: https://www.itranslater.com/qa/details/2129903136516080640 Method 1: setting the highlight is the same as that of selected (if there is title, image, etc., it should also be set in this way, which is not recommended) button.adjustsImageWhenHighlighted = NO; [button setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”switch_close”] forState:UIControlStateNormal]; [button setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”switch_open”] forState:UIControlStateSelected]; [button setBackgroundImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”switch_open”] forState:UIControlStateSelected | UIControlStateHighlighted]; Method 2: uicontroleventalltouchevents (recommended) [button […]

  • Learn the “best viewing point” of 3D visualization camera from scratch


    stayDigital twin visualization sceneIn, when the camera looks at the target object, the center point of the object is generally taken as the target position of the “viewing point”. What I understand is the best angle for the camera to look at the object when we shoot.A position can be determined by the x-axis rotation […]

  • Chrome code highlighting plug-in


    When you open a plain text code link, the code will be highlighted automatically. It supports 191 languages and 97 topics characteristic Supports 191 programming languages:json yaml java … Automatically detect language types Automatically highlight code when loading plain text code Link:https://github.com/iineva/chr…