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  • Yii2 adminlte, yii2 integrate adminlte3


    Yii2 is a high-performance component-based PHP framework, and adminlte is a full response management template. Now, the latest version 3 of adminlte is used, which is based on bootstrap 4. Install template composer require –prefer-dist hail812/yii2-adminlte3 Preview first Edit config/ main.php ‘components’ => [ ‘view’ => [ ‘theme’ => [ ‘pathMap’ => [ ‘@backend/views’ => […]

  • Tornado + Flash to implement asynchronous tasks


    1. Tornado is single threaded, and WSGI applications are synchronous. If we start WSGI applications with tornado, in theory, only one request can be processed at a time. If any request is blocked, the whole ioloop of tornado will be blocked. As shown below, we issue two get requests to :5000/ It will be […]

  • High performance computing – General


                                      , GPU computing performance, to achieve high-performance computing, so parallel computing came into being.                                   It’s like an industrial production line. Each process has n (n > 1) staff to ensure the output of the whole production line.                                     The requirements are too high. When compiling the program, I monitored the running frequency of the CPU, which […]

  • Redis learning navigation


      1、 Redis learning process           2、 Official website of redis: Official website: https://redis.io/     3、 About redis 1. Redis is a non relational database based on memory and single thread key value. The whole data is loaded into memory for operation. The read speed can reach 11W / s, […]

  • Several points to know nginx server


    Nginx is actually a lightweight web server and reverse proxy server, which is widely used in Internet projects due to its low memory consumption, fast start-up, high concurrency. Then you may ask, “not nginx? How to pull out a web server? What is a server? “. Don’t worry. You really need to know what a […]

  • High performance network communication framework netty basic concepts


    Abstract:Netty is a NiO framework that can easily and quickly develop protocol server and client network applications. It greatly simplifies the network programming of TCP or UDP server, but you can still access and use the underlying API. Netty just abstracts it at a high level. I. Preface Netty is a NiO framework that can […]

  • Spring boot 2 practice: using undercow instead of Tomcat as a web container


    1. Introduction to undercow UndertowIt is a flexible and high-performance web server developed by Java, which providesNIONon blocking mechanism.UndertowIt’s an open source product of red hat company, and it’s wildfly’s default web server.UndertowProvide an infrastructure to build a web server, which is a completely embedded design project, providing an easy-to-use builder API, fully downward compatibleJava […]

  • High performance web development picture compression


    I. reduce the size of the picture When there are many pictures, reducing the size of pictures is the most direct way to improve the download speed.1. Use PNG8 instead of GIF (non animated picture), because PNG8 is smaller than GIF in the same effect. 2. Use fireworks to process PNG pictures. In our products, […]

  • In depth understanding how nginx can achieve high performance and scalability


    The overall architecture of nginx is characterized by a group of processes working together: Main process: responsible for executing privileged operations, such as reading configuration files, binding sockets, and creating / notifying coordinating subprocesses. Working process: responsible for receiving and processing connection requests, reading and writing disks, and communicating with upstream servers. When nginx is […]

  • The news click-through rate doubled. It turned out that this was the artifact behind the idle fish.


    Ali Mei’s Guide Reading:IFTTT is an innovative Internet service concept called “the magic weapon of network automation”. It is practical, simple and can meet the strong needs of users through standardized protocols, so that various Internet products can serve users. Just launched in 2010, IFTTT has a very high heat. Idle fish IFTTT is based […]

  • Some Suggestions for Writing High Performance HTML Applications


    How can you improve web performance? Most developers optimize through JavaScript and images, compress files and merge files through server configuration – and even adjust CSS (merge small pictures). Poor HTML is always ignored, although it has always been the core language of the network. HTML is getting bigger and bigger. The top 100 websites […]

  • High Performance TcpServer (C#) – 1. Network Communication Protocol


    High Performance TcpServer (C#) – 1. Network Communication Protocol High Performance TcpServer (C#) – 2. Implementation of Creating High Performance Socket Server SocketAsyncEventArgs (IOCP) High Performance TcpServer (C#) – 3. Command Channel (Processing: Dropping, Sticking, Garbage Pack) High Performance TcpServer (C#) – 4. File Channel (Processing: File Subcontracting, Support Breakpoint Continuous Transfer) High Performance TcpServer […]