• STM32


    GPIOx_CRL(x=A~E)Address offset: the initial address of the port configuration plus the offset address is the address of the special registerGPIO general I / O 8 working modes 1. Floating input mode:(1) When gpiox_ CRL or gpiox_ When the CNF [1:0] bit of CRH register is set to 01 and the mode [1:0] bit is set […]

  • Basic knowledge of I2C


    IIC has two kinds of lines: 1. Data line SDA; 2. Clock line SCL. The data line should cooperate with the clock on the clock line to transfer data. A pulse cycle can transmit 1 bit of data. When the clock is at high level, the data line cannot be changed. When it is at […]

  • Tensorflow fast food tutorial (11) – if you don’t understand machine learning, just tune the API, OK?


    Abstract: tensorflow high level API High level encapsulation API Some students asked, we want to learn a set of tensorflow that can be used. Just call it like programming. We don’t want to learn the details of machine learning. Is there such a way? For models with mature solutions, what not?After a quick review of […]

  • Java exception effective practice


    Exceptions are very common and often faced in our normal development process. We have many ways to handle and use exceptions. Taking full advantage of exceptions can improve the readability, reliability and maintainability of the program. But if it is not used properly, it will also bring a lot of negative effects. Refer to some […]