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  • GMIS: lower costs lower cost better productivity higher efficiency


    Hello 2020! Happy New Year’s Day! This opens the chapter of the 1920s of the 21st century 1. GMIS 10th anniversary From 2010 to 2020, ten years have passed. GMIS – general management information system has been continuously upgraded and optimized for ten years. From the general table of chinam.com to the config table of […]

  • Tools for efficient front-end development


    I’ve always wanted to make a summary record of my useful tools, frameworks, technical articles, etc., but I haven’t had the time to do so. Today, I’m free. First, I’ll sort out the tools and software, and the article will keep updating. IDE Visual Studio A rich integrated development environment for creating excellent applications for […]

  • Efficient front end development – Visual Studio code


    This article is based on my speech in the company (August 2019) on the theme of efficient development PPT. Those interested in PPT can go to Baidu online to download: efficient development – vscode.pptx, extraction code:yfkb。 Visual Studio CodeVscode has been out for several years. Why write this? The reason is that I think this […]

  • Efficient use of MySQL index guide


    Preface MySQL believes that most people have used it, and indexing must have been used, but do you know how to create an appropriate index? When the amount of data is small, inappropriate indexes do not have a significant impact on performance, but when the data increases gradually, performance will decline dramatically. This article is […]

  • [Tencent Bugly Dry Goods Sharing] Efficient Use of SQLite in Mobile Clients


    This article is from Tencent bugly developer community. Please do not reproduce it without the author’s consent. The original address is http://dev.qqq.com/topic/57b57… Author: Zhao Feng Introducer IOS programs can get data from the network. A small amount of KV-type data can be written directly to the Disk and saved on the Disk. App obtains data […]