• Reading CSS to uncover secrets (1)


    1. When there is a relationship between CSS, it should be described by the relationship rather than the same value 1. Currentcolor: take the color value of the current element; if not, take the color value of the parent 2. Inherit: inherit parent 2. Realize transparent border The core problem is that the background color […]

  • What’s the nesting depth of flutter? Let’s take a look at the extension function


    background The problem of deep nesting level bothers many students who have just come into contact with flutter. It not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also greatly affects the coding experience. Big guys will tell you to split your own nested code(Customize the widget or extract the build method)To reduce the nesting level. This […]

  • Why do apps develop “dark mode” one after another? Youku best practice summary


    1、 Origin With the official release of IOS 13 and Android 10, the term “dark mode” has gradually come into our view. All major apps have included the adaptation of dark mode in their development agenda, and the voice of users for dark mode support is also very high in public opinion. Youku host and […]

  • Learn Apollo client Series in 21 minutes: Causes and solutions of write failure


    Learning Apollo client in 21 minutes is a series, simple violence, package learning and package meeting. Build Apollo client and integrate ReduxUsing Apollo client to get dataModify local Apollo store dataProvide customized solutions Request interception Encapsulation and modification of client APIApollo store storage details Failure analysis and solution of writing to store Dakeng – write […]

  • Implementation of recursive menu component in vue3 + TS


    preface I haven’t seen you for a long time. Recently, I just joined a new company. The demand is very full. I usually don’t have time to write articles. The update frequency will become slower. At the weekend, I was idle and bored at home. Suddenly, my younger brother came to ask for help urgently. […]

  • Remove the automatic generation of mongodb batch modification_ Class attribute


    0. Problem phenomenon Each attribute under props attribute in Mongo data will have_ Class attribute, which will cause data redundancy and waste storage space. There may be 5KB of 11KB data for storage_ Class 1. Causes: Batch modification in data verification code is aimed at the modification of propvalue object In mongodb database, the_ So […]

  • On the process of weex


    Style problem Box shadow only supports IOS Only PX writing is supported In weex, flexbox is the only layout mode, which does not support inline layout display: inline / float Weex does not support Z-index to set the element hierarchy, but the lower element hierarchy is higher Border does not support abbreviations. It must be […]

  • Editing HTML format in idea without automatic indenting


    When formatting HTML in IntelliJ idea, the default< head > < body > and < body >When you write HTML, all the tags are at the same level without indentation. Generally, when we write HTML, the tags are nested in hierarchical relationship. The code structure is very clear by indentation, Solution Open the settings of […]

  • Still using map [string] interface {} to process JSON? Let me tell you a more efficient method — jsonvalue


    This paper introduces the jsonvalue library, which is the first go library with more functions developed by me on GitHub. At present, it is mainly used in the development of Tencent’s future community to replace itmap[string]interface{}。 Why develop this library? Go is the cutting edge of background development. Go engineers come into contact early on”encoding/json”Library: […]

  • Jsonmodel uses “data to model”


    1、 Preparation JSONModel_ download Fast parsing data for model model, support hierarchical nested model parsing, automatic conversion of specified types, no manual parsing, one line of code! Better effect with esjsonformat plug-in!ESJSONFormatter_ download 2、 Basic use Suppose your JSON string looks like this: { “id”:”10″,  “country”:”Germany”,  “dialCode”: 49,  “isInEurope”:true } Create your own class and […]

  • 0202, all you know console.log Is that right? (* ̄︶ ̄*)


    * 1、 console.debug ()、 console.info ()、 console.warn () and console.error () The usage of these four methods is the same as that of other methods console.log (as like as two peas), the difference is that the output color is different from the icon. Here is an example: console.log(“log”); console.debug(“debug”); console.info(“info”); console.warn(“warn”); console.error(“error”); * 2、console.table() Normal […]

  • Exception handling mechanism of Java exception


    Exception handling mechanism   1. Throw an exception 2. Catch exception 3. There are five keywords for exception handling try、catch、finally、throw、throws Note: suppose you want to catch multiple exceptions: you need to follow the hierarchy (exception Architecture) from small to large! package exception; /** *Java catches and throws exceptions: *Exception handling mechanism *1. Throw an exception […]