• Android smartrefreshlayout + coordinatorlayout + appbarlayout can refresh / pull down and fold


    Integrate the effect of collapsingtoolbarlayout + smartrefreshlayout The address of GitHub is also provided:https://github.com/KennyChaos7/SmartRefreshLayout-CoordinatorLayout-AppBarLayout.git device-2021-06-08-104734.png device-2021-06-08-104753.png device-2021-06-08-104824.png device-2021-06-08-104941.png Of course, in accordance with international practice, the last renderings CoordinatorLayout AppBarLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout Toolbar The above four layouts are actually in addition toToolbarBesides, it may not be a common layout of the scene, so I will post […]

  • IOS linkage view – yulinkagetableview


    YULinkageTableView introduce Yulinkagetableview is a tableview with multiple scrollviews sharing the same header. View of linkage use pod ‘YULinkageTableView’ https://github.com/CombingMemory/YULinkageTableView Effect display RPReplay_Final1624278837.gif RPReplay_Final1624278882.gif characteristic Easy to use, code 0 intrusion When in use, you can add a Scrollview that needs linkage There is no need to set any proxy of Scrollview, set any property […]

  • Wechat applet component – custom navigation bar (support to return to home page)


    GitHub demo address:jh-weapp-demoRealize some common effects and encapsulate common components and tool classes The default navigation bar in the applet can only set the background color, title and other effects, so you need to use a custom navigation bar. Please check the source code in the demo jh-navba jh-navbar: Based onvantNavbar secondary packaging of supports […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 11 Container with the most water (medium)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description Here you arenA nonnegative integera1,a2,…,anEach number represents a point in the coordinates(i, ai)。 Draw in coordinatesnVertical lineiThe two endpoints of are(i, ai)and(i, 0)。 Find two of the lines so that they are consistent with each otherxThe container composed of shafts can hold the […]

  • The cleanest technique for automatically growing textareas


    The idea is to make<textarea>More like<div>Therefore, its height can be expanded to include the current value. It’s almost strange that there is no simple native solution, isn’t it? Now I have a very good native solution. Here’s a demo if you just want a working example <h1>Auto-Growing <code>&lt;textarea></code></h1> <form action=”#0″> <label for=”text”>Text:</label> <div class=”grow-wrap”> <textarea […]

  • HTML modify the sample of the brake board/ a>


    Direct interface control .test-div { width: 100px; max-height: 100px; padding-right: 12px; overflow-y: auto; } /*Adjust the specimen with the brake lever/ .test-div::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 16px; /* Y is the height of the load condition/ height: 16px; /* X height of the axle load condition/ scrollbar-arrow-color: rgba(41, 96, 148, 0.8); /* Pre positioning of the unit […]

  • Several methods of clearing floating


    Several methods of clearing floating What is floating? Floating is used to add the float attribute to the node. It was originally designed to realize text wrapping. The node added with float is separated from the document flow, and the BFC of the node is triggered at the same time to make the node lean […]

  • [JavaScript] solve the problem that the soft keyboard of mobile browser blocks the input box


    There is often such a demand on the mobile terminal. The input box at the bottom is similar to the wechat input box. We generally set it to position: fixed But when you click on the input box, the soft keyboard pops up and blocks the input box   In fact, it is very simple […]

  • IOS tableview optimization


    In GitHubWeChat, I only extracted the code of the circle of friends and wrote oneDemo。 The code is simple. If you want to know more, you can refer toTips for IOS to keep the interface smoothThis article is very well written. Pay attention to the following points when optimizing 1. The biggest impact on the […]

  • Large visual screen


    How to fit the screen Algorithm: image.png In the above figure, if the width / height of the equipment is > 16 / 9, WP is equal to the equipment height * 16 / 9; otherwise, if it is less than or equal to 16 / 9, it is equal to the equipment width.WP is […]

  • JS realizes the effect of clicking on the picture to enlarge and close


    Effect achieved: Click the picture to display the large picture in the pop-up layer. Click the large picture or blank area to close the large picture. The height and width of the picture are determined according to the size of the window HTML code JS code $(function(){ $(“.pimg”).click(function(){ var _ this = $(this);// Take the […]

  • Five ways to fix the bottom of CSS


    We often encounter interfaces that need to implement fixed controls at the bottom, such as the details page. Here are five common methods Method 1: add a negative value globally, and the lower margin is equal to the bottom height There is a global element that contains everything except the bottom. It has a negative […]