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  • Using kubernetes health check in Django


    introduction In the last article, I wrote about kubernetes health check, and as a python developer and fan, I started to implement it in Django. Running health checks is a great way to help kubernetes make your applications highly available, such as Django applications. However, using Django is not as easy as it sounds.Health check […]

  • How to realize health check in ASP. Net core


    health examinationIt is often used to determine whether an application can respond to a request. ASP. Net core 2.2 introduces thehealth examinationMiddleware is used to report the health status of an application. In ASP. Net corehealth examinationThe landing method is to expose a configurable HTTP port that you can usehealth examinationTo do the simplest activity […]

  • It’s not difficult to master haproxy from scratch!!!


    What is haproxy Haproxy is freeload balancing Software, can run on most of the mainstream Linux operating system. Haproxy provides L4 (TCP) and L7 (HTTP) load balancing capabilities with rich functions. The community of haproxy is very active and the version is updated quickly (the latest stable version 1.7.2 was launched on January 13, 2017). […]

  • Come on, consul service finds a door


    From blogger:https://home.cnblogs.com/u/zoe-zyq/ preface In the microservice architecture, a system is divided into multiple microservices, which are independently developed and deployed, and finally aggregated to form a system to provide services. When the number of services increases, how to manage these small services? How can the caller determine the IP and port of the service? What […]

  • Team and leadership health check | physical examination form


    In this blog post, I want to share a powerful tool, leadership health check. This will help your management team to become stronger and reveal improvement opportunities for an active service leadership team to better empower the agile team you support. First, let’s start from scratch. In the agile coach’s toolbox, one of my favorite […]

  • Full entry record of. Net core microservices (2) — consult service registration and discovery (1)


    Tips: This article has been added to the reading directory of series articles. You can click to view more related articles. preface In the last article [. Net core microservice introduction complete record (1) – project construction], it was mentioned that in order to achieve flexible scaling of services, there needs to be a mechanism […]

  • Talking from istio fusing


    Recently, we are often brainwashed by the fuse. The turbulence of the stock market makes the circuit breaker appear in front of us again. The fusing in microservice means that the service provider will stop the access of the service to prevent avalanche effect if it returns abnormally or responds slowly due to the reasons […]

  • Service discovery comparison: Consult vs zookeeper vs etcd vs Eureka


    [please indicate the source of reprint]: https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022574300 Here is a comparison of the features of service discovery products that are often used. First of all, let’s see the conclusion: Feature Consul zookeeper etcd euerka Service health check Service status, memory, hard disk, etc Keep alive Connect heartbeat Configurable support Multiple data centers support — — […]

  • On NGX_ Application of lua in upyun


    ngx_ Lua is a third-party extension module of nginx, which can embed Lua code into nginx to execute. Upyun CDN uses nginx as a reverse proxy server, and most of its business logic has been driven by Lua. This topic has been briefly shared in OSC source Creation Association 2014 Beijing station and segmentfault D-Day […]

  • Team and leadership health check-up form


    In this blog post, I want to share a powerful tool, leadership health check. This will help your management team become stronger and reveal improvement opportunities for active service-oriented leadership teams, thus better empowering the agile teams you support. First, let’s start from scratch. One of my favorite exercises in the agile coach’s toolbox is […]

  • Common configuration of nginx


    1. Load balancing //Default polling method upstream backserver { server; server; } //Weight setting: the higher the weight, the greater the access upstream backserver { server weight=1; server weight=2; } server { listen 80; server_name localhost; location / { proxy_pass http://backserver } } //Allocation by response time //Nginx comes with NGX_ […]

  • Introduction to consult


    consul The main features of consult are: service discovery, service configuration, health check, key value storage, secure service communication, multi data center, etc. What is service governance discovery? At first, our services are relatively single, and can be accessed through interfaces. The later services become more and more complex and distributed. In order not to […]