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  • use. Net 6 to develop todolist application (28) — realize application health check


    Series navigation and source code use. Net 6 development todolist application article index demand Application health check is very common in the microservice scenario of container deployment. In contrast, applications deployed in a single non container do not care much about this feature. For the subsequent content, we will briefly introduce how to implement the […]

  • Use kubernetes health check


    preface I’ve seen a lot of questions about kubernetes health checks and how to use them recently. For this, I’ll try to explain the differences between them and the types of health checks, and how each check will affect your application.​ Liveness Probes Kubernetes health check is divided into survival probe and ready probe. The […]

  • Microsoft took the title of “beta” and officially launched the windows 11 PC health check tool


    In order to facilitate windows 10 users to assess whether the current device meets the minimum conditions for upgrading to the new generation of windows 11 operating system, Microsoft has been trying to test the so-called “PC health check tool” for the past three months. After extensive verification, Microsoft has finally removed the title of […]

  • Go micro dashboard – implementation details (I)


    preface The go micro dashboard is developed based on go micro and ng Alain. It is not only a tool in the development process of go micro, but also a practical case for learning go micro. Next, I will introduce some implementation details of this project in detail. 1、 Service list Service discovery and registration […]

  • Hcip-security1.1 multi outlet routing 1 (ISP routing)


    1、 Network topology 2、 Planning description 2.1 IP address planning equipment Interface Safe area IP address FW1 GE0/0/0 Local GE1/0/0 Local GE1/0/1 Local GE1/0/2 Local GE1/0/3 Local GE1/0/4 Local GE1/0/5 Local ISP1 GE0/0/0 untrust GE0/0/1 untrust Loopback0 untrust Loopback1 untrust ISP2 GE0/0/0 untrust […]

  • Consumer service registry


    1. Enter the installation directory of the consumer Start in development environment In the command window, enter consumer agent -dev -client= After successful startup, enter localhost:8500 in the browser 2. Introductory case 2.1 load dependency <!– Service discovery of technology consumer — > <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.cloud</groupId> <artifactId>spring-cloud-starter-consul-disconvery</artifactId> </dependency> <!– Health check — > <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.boot</groupId> <artifactId>spring-boot-starter-actuator</artifactId> […]

  • How does springboot disable a health check


    Springboot disables a health check management.health.mail.enabled management.health.mongo.enabled management.health.redis.enabled management.health.solr.enabled management.health.elasticsearch.enabled http://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/htmlsingle/#production-ready-customizing-endpoints Springboot plus es health check The code customizes the health check path / Actor / health But the actual request can’t go into your own code It will be intercepted by the filter. After intercepting, it will pass the health check of calling es, […]

  • Traps about spring cloud health check


    Trap of spring cloud health check health examination Health check based on spring boot actuator is a necessary component of spring cloud microservice to ensure whether our service is available. After introducing spring boot actuator, you can http://ip:port/health , you can see that healthendpoint provides us with default monitoring results, including disk detection and database […]

  • Keep alive to realize high availability of httpd server


    Introduction to keepalived Keepalived software was originally designed for LVS load balancing software to manage and monitor the status of each service node in LVS cluster system. Later, it added VRRP function that can realize high availability. Therefore, in addition to managing LVS software, keepalived can also be used as high availability solution software for […]

  • Two health check mechanisms of spring cloud Alibaba Nacos!


    As a registry, spring cloud Alibaba Nacos not only provides the functions of service registration and service discovery, but also provides a mechanism for service availability monitoring. With this mechanism, Nacos can perceive the health status of the service, so as to provide healthy service instances for service callers, and finally ensure the normal implementation […]

  • Haproxy principle and configuration


    Software: haproxy — it is mainly used for 7 layers of load balancing, and can also be used for 4 layers of load balancing The haproxy configuration file is divided into five parts: global:Global parameter configuration, which is used to control some processes and system settings before starting haproxy. Defaults: configure someDefault parameters, which can […]

  • Keepalived hot standby, keepalived + LVS, haproxy server


    case link Keepalived highly available server 1.1 problems Prepare three Linux servers, two as web servers, and deploy keepalived high availability software, and one as client host to realize the following functions: Using keepalived to realize high availability of web server The IP addresses of the web server are and respectively The floating […]