• Python crawler crawling pirate king full color cartoon picture


    Production tool module -User agent module for hiding identity information; The identity information is not recognized by the object server. import random user_ agent_ data = [ { “User-Agent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3314.0 Safari/537.36 SE 2.X MetaSr 1.0”}, { “User-Agent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like […]

  • Common HTTP status codes


    This content is extracted from ’42 common HTTP response codes’ in Appendix B of the Chinese translation of restful web services.Original author: Leonard ricbardson & Sam RubyTranslation: Xu Han, Li Hongjun, Hu Wei 1. Three to seven basic response codes 200(“OK”)business as usual. The document in the entity body, if any, is a representation of […]

  • Go learning to consolidate knowledge points (1) mod understanding, middleware construction


    Recently, I’m looking at the related study course of go to consolidate some knowledge points.The main code comes fromG01 go: getting started with WebCode in learning mod Mod is a dependency management tool similar to PHP composer and node NPM. It allows projects to be created anywhere, rather than under $gopath / SRC before 1.11 […]

  • Using vbs script to set IE’s printing header and footers


    Save the following content as a. VBS file, then double-click to execute, open the IE page, right-click in the page to see what’s more in the menu!:)        Copy codeThe code is as follows: option explicit      dim hkey_root,hkey_path,hkey_key,filepath      dim fs,fso,regwsh      hkey_root=”hkey_current_user”      hkey_path=”\software\microsoft\internet explorer”      // Create a file first      set fs=wscript.createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)      filepath=”c:\pagesetup_default.htm”      set fso=fs.createtextfile(filepath,true)      fso.write(“<script language=””vbscript””>”+vbcrlf _              +”dim hkey_root,hkey_path,hkey_key,filepath,regwsh” +vbcrlf _              +”hkey_root=””hkey_current_user””” +vbcrlf _              +”hkey_path=””\software\microsoft\internet explorer””” +vbcrlf _              +”filepath=””c:\pagesetup_null.htm””” +vbcrlf _              +”// Set […]

  • HTTP host header attacks for Web Security


    HTTP Host header attacks In this section, we will discuss how incorrect configuration and flawed business logic can expose websites to various attacks through HTTP host headers. We’ll outline a high-level method for identifying websites that are vulnerable to HTTP host header attacks, and demonstrate how to take advantage of this method. Finally, we will […]

  • Extend envoy through wasm and rust


    If you already know what istio, envoy, wasm and rust have in common and just want to start building your filters, you can skip to part 2 – building filters. Part 1: evolution of grid As I have mentioned many times in the past few years, service grid is the next stage of cloud native […]

  • Interesting! One line of code can’t get the full URL of the request


    From the official account:Gopher points north origin When doing web services, there may be such a business scenario to obtain the complete URL of an HTTP request. Coincidentally, Lao Xu encountered such a business scenario. Facing such a simple demand, CV Dafa has no chance to show its talents. Click, click, get the complete URL […]

  • The usage of header tag in HTML5


    The < header > tag defines the header of a document, usually some guidance and navigation information. It is not limited to writing in the head of the page, but also in the content of the page.In the new standard, the header tag is defined as follows: “A group of introductory or navigational aids.”The basic […]

  • HTML to word


    Based on their own HTML docx JS package function more complete transfer word library New function points The header and footers of word can be configured by labels The directory can be generated automatically You can add a tab to word (the first page is different) You can end the current page at any time […]

  • A guide to curl


    Reading guide Curl is a common command-line tool used to request web servers. Its name means the URL tool of the client. Its function is very powerful, and there are dozens of command line parameters. If you are proficient, you can completely replace graphical interface tools such as postman. This paper introduces its main command […]

  • Add excel watermark to Java


    preface Microsoft Excel has no direct way to build in watermark. In Excel worksheet, we can add the header and footer function to add the image or text to the back of Excel document content to achieve the effect similar to watermark. However, this kind of watermark can only be visible when the print preview […]

  • Transformation of uitableview of lpdmvvmkit series


    To read this article, you need to know enough about reactivecocoa. You can also refer to the diagram of reactivecocoa basic functions Cocoa Touch FrameworkMake complaints about the animation, especially the support for animation, which may be the best in the framework I have contacted (of course, I may have less contact), but there are […]