• A guide to curl


    Reading guide Curl is a common command-line tool used to request web servers. Its name means the URL tool of the client. Its function is very powerful, and there are dozens of command line parameters. If you are proficient, you can completely replace graphical interface tools such as postman. This paper introduces its main command […]

  • Add excel watermark to Java


    preface Microsoft Excel has no direct way to build in watermark. In Excel worksheet, we can add the header and footer function to add the image or text to the back of Excel document content to achieve the effect similar to watermark. However, this kind of watermark can only be visible when the print preview […]

  • Transformation of uitableview of lpdmvvmkit series


    To read this article, you need to know enough about reactivecocoa. You can also refer to the diagram of reactivecocoa basic functions Cocoa Touch FrameworkMake complaints about the animation, especially the support for animation, which may be the best in the framework I have contacted (of course, I may have less contact), but there are […]

  • Thinkphpp6.0 content export to word case


    (1) Environment configuration Basic environment System environment: windows10 x64 PHP integrated environment: phpstudy PHP dependency management tool: composer Manual: ThinkPHP (2) Install thinkphpp6.0 and phpword extensions (1) Installing thinkphpp6.0 composer create-project topthink/think phpword (2) Install the phpword plug-in composer require phpoffice/phpword (3) Content export word (1) Content export generates word document <?php namespace app\admin\service; use […]

  • JWT practice of Java security verification


    First, give the official documents of JWT What is JWT? JSON web token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519), which defines a compact and independent way to securely transfer information between parties as JSON objects. When should JWT be used? to grant authorization: This is the most common way to use JWT. Once the […]

  • How to use curl


    How to use curl brief introduction Curl is a common command-line tool used to request web servers. Its name is the meaning of the client’s URL tool. It is very powerful, with dozens of command line parameters. If skilled, it can completely replace the graphical interface tools like postman. This paper introduces its main command […]

  • Interesting HTTP header information


    Original address: https://frenxi.com/http-heade… Original author: Francesco Carlucci A few days ago, I wandered through creditkarma’s blog and found this HTTP header: X-hacker: If you’re reading this, you should visit wpvip.com/careers and apply to join the fun, mention this header. My first thought was, “Wow, in the past, we used to use millennium bug to save […]

  • ASP.NET Core responsecache for cache operation


    preface This chapter will introduce the client cache, which will introduce the browser cache and the server cache. Using the browser cache will reduce the number of requests to the web server, improve the performance and avoid repeated calculation waste. ASP.NET Core has two types of HTTP caching: Client (browser cache) Server cache Client cache […]

  • Difference between accept and content type in http


    Basic knowledge points HTTP headers are divided into general headers, request headers, response headers and entity headers. HTTP header structure of requester: General header | request header | entity header HTTP header structure of responder: General header, response header, entity header Difference Accept belongs to request header and content type belongs to entity header Represents […]

  • HTTP/2 those things


    HTTP protocol is a very important part of all protocol clusters. With the continuous development of the Internet, HTTP protocol is constantly improving. After this evolution: http0.9 – > http1.0 – > HTTP1.1 – > http2.0. At the same time, as a member of IT industry, it is necessary to understand it. What is HTTP […]

  • Java dynamically generates PDF according to template


    1、 Requirement Description: according to business needs, PDF documents that can be dynamically configured need to be generated on the server side to facilitate data visualization. 2、 Solution:IText + FreeMarker + JfreeChart generate dynamically configurable PDF documentsIText has a very powerful PDF processing ability, but the style and typesetting are not well controlled. It is […]

  • Cookie section of communication between multiple tabs of browser


    How to solve the communication between multiple tabs? Using cookie Using web worker Using localestorage and sessionstorage <!–more–> cookie concept Cookie is a technology that allows the server to store a small amount of data in the client’s hard disk or memory, or read data from the client’s hard disk Storage form of cookies The […]