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  • Problem handling after upgrading MDK 5.37: AC6 compilation options, printf, restart failure, etc


    Reset and run restart failure after burning It exists after MDK arm 5.28, including version 5.37 Even if reset and run is checked for these versions, the execution will not be restarted automatically after burning The following settings are required Debug -> ST-Link Debugger -> Settings Switch to the pack tab and uncheck enable Click […]

  • On the way of connecting MySQL with c++, what pits have you fallen into?


    For c++ connection to MySQL, it uses MySQL’s own API functions to connect. The following small series will introduce some problems encountered in the connection between c++ and mysql.   1. To connect using API, you need to load MySQL header files and lib files. Add \mysql\mysql server 5.1\include to the additional include directory of […]

  • [STL topic] – 02 relevant examples are selected from ACM


    Produce champion There is a group of people, playing table tennis, catching and killing in pairs, and each two people can play at most one game.The rules of the game are as follows:If a defeats B, B defeats C, and there is no competition between a and C, then it is determined that a must […]

  • Adapt lvgl8.2 based on oneos Lite


    1. Preface Lvgl7.9 has been supported in oneos Lite adaptation for a long time. With the iteration of lvgl version, lvgl8.2 cooperatessquarelineVisual development tools have become a better choice. Therefore, oneos Lite also supports lvgl8.2.This article is about the process of adapting lvgl8.2 based on oneos Lite for sharing. 2. Lvgl directory structure As can […]

  • Staff management system design ideas


    Requirements overview: Since the design of this system, we must consider the corresponding needs. The employee management system, as the name suggests, is designed to manage employees. The most basic “add, delete, modify and check” in the system is naturally indispensable. First, design the header file First, we define multiple header files (the main purpose […]

  • C++ foundation – file operation


    File operation (input / output stream) Overview of file operations The data generated when the program runs belongs to snack data. Once the program runs, it will be released adoptfileData can be persisted Operations on files in c++ include header files(file flow) There are two types of documents Text file: the file is stored in […]

  • C++ basics-8-file read and write operations


    8. File reading and writing 1 #include 2 #include 3 \include // read / write the header file 4 using namespace std; 5 6 // file operation 7 8 // write file 9 void writefile() { 10 11 ofstream ofs; 12 13 ofs.open(“test.txt”, ios::out); 14 15 ofs < < name: Zhang San < < endl; […]

  • How to add the related header file include file in vs2013 project?


    The prompt “cannot open source file” often appears when using vs2013. At this time, we need to include the relevant header file. Visual studio 2013 official simplified Chinese flagship / professional official edition (vs2013 MSDN original complete ISO image) Type:Programming tools size:2.85GB Language:Simplified Chinese Time:2018-04-22 View details 1. Open the item and find it in […]

  • [note] use PDB symbol file to export windows kernel data structure


    Basic system files provided by windows (dependencies from top to bottom) msvcrt.dll ucrtbase.dllProvide basic CRT (C language runtime) libraries, such asfopen,_sleepEtc. the formermsvcrtbindingMSVCVersion number. Different versions are not completely compatible (this is also the reason why you will install Microsoft runtime when installing many software). The latter is a new general version of Microsoft. The […]

  • QT implements the configuration of OpenCV environment, opens pictures and calls cameras


    1、 Description QT version used: 5.9.1 Computer configuration: win10, 64 bit system The compiled version is called: opencv-mingw-build-4.1.0(Click the link to enter the code cloud warehouse) During college, qt+opencv was used for programming due to project requirements. I read many articles on the Internet about the configuration methods. There are roughly two kinds. One is […]

  • The wonderful world of DBUS


    Story background In Linux development, we often use DBUS for interprocess communication, but how to understand DBUS server and client? Many friends may encounter similar problems, and they are vague. Next, we will serve hard dishes directly. The road of exploration First of all, understand what DBUS is and what role it plays? How to […]

  • Configuring opencv c++ development environment for Android


    Most of the opencv configuration environments on the Internet can not be configured successfully. Either so cannot be found in the compilation times or so cannot be found in the operation This article is the configuration method I found after trying many pits The principle is to let androidstudio automatically configure itself according to the […]