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  • Use of Objective-C and swift third party libraries


    Note 1: This article was written in September 2016, (swift 3.0, Xcode 8) different versions may be different, just for reference.Note 2: the best way to summarize is to use cocoapods. Please refer to the previous article for those not used. OC third party framework takes afnetworking 3.1.0 as an example.Take alamofire 4.0.0 as an […]

  • The way to learn C / C + (1) precompiling and compiling


    1、 Precompile Precompiling is what the compiler does before compiling. In the precompile stage, the compiler mainly deals with the post code, such as the import of header file, the replacement of macro definition and so on. 2、 Compile Compilation is the process of translating source code into binary code recognized by computer. In this […]

  • Java high concurrency 1 – three ways to create thread, false wake-up, native keyword


    1、 Two ways to create Multithread 1. Inherit thread class and rewrite run method 2. Implement the runnable interface and rewrite the run method 3. Code directly package com.ruigege.threadFoundation1; public class MyThreadExtendsType extends Thread { @Override public void run() { System. Out. Println (“this is a multithreaded representation that inherits the thread class”); } } […]

  • Interpretation of C + + httplib 1


    The first blog is about CPP httplib, an open source library I’ve been reading recently. Cause: to be the local server of a device, because you want to call a local dynamic library (Windows platform), you choose this library as the network library. Advantages: header only, the speaker only needs to include a header file, […]

  • Notes on C / C + + Programming: standard input stream & standard output stream in C + +


    Input stream:If the direction of the byte stream is from the device (e.g., keyboard) to the main memory, this process is called input. Output stream:If the direction of the byte stream is opposite, that is, from the main memory to the device (display screen), this process is called output.   The header files that can […]

  • C + + header file


    Learning C language Chinese network notes. Original move:C language Chinese network The status quo of C + + header files Old c + + header files, such as iostream. H and fstream. H, can continue to be used, but not in the namespace STD. New C + + header files, such as iostream and fstream, […]

  • Objective-C Tips


    Notes & suggested usage Bool is actually an 8-bit character type. If an integer value greater than 1 byte is assigned to bool, only the status character will be used as the bool value. In the header file, other header files should be introduced as little as possible, and [email protected], or use the class protocol. […]

  • Class dump of IOS reverse initial experience


    Start from scratch I’ve always been interested in reverse engineering. It’s hard to express the pleasure of breaking through taboos. Before, I was a little bit interested in IOS reverse engineering. Today, I start my own learning road from scratch. Since we start from scratch, we should stand on the shoulders of giants. Let me […]

  • How to reduce C + + code compilation time!


    C++   The code includes two parts: header file and implementation file,   Header files are generally provided for others to use,   But once the header file changes, no matter how small, all the files that reference it must be recompiled, which takes time. If you do a large project (such as the development […]

  • Thread synchronization with C + +


    Header file import #include <mutex> #include <condition_variable> Variable definition bool m_syncFlag; std::mutex m_mtx; std::condition_variable m_flagCond; Sample code subTread code subThread() { std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); m_syncFlag = true; m_flagCond.notify_one(); … } main thread code main() { /*initial value is false*/ m_syncFlag = false; std::unique_lock<std::mutex> lk(m_mtx); /*The current thread is blocked. When the global flag bit becomes true, […]

  • Android.mk (2)


    Android.mk Introduction of various libraries Reference system library in the project: LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES += libxxxxx:Add the system library file name to the Android.mk inExample: local_ SHARED_ Libraries + = liblog / / add a log library to print logs Introduce the third party Library: LOCAL_LDFLAGS := -L/Path -lxxxx example:Library address:. / Lib/Library name: test.so LOCAL_LDFLAGS := […]

  • (40) header file


    1.     2. Select C / C + + header file to create header file 3. If the source program file and the header file are not in the same address, the address of the header file should be written clearly when importing For example, a header file named giligli. H#Include “address giligli. H” […]