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  • Use Python to watermark your avatar or photo!


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time The following article is from Tencent cloud Author: Python maniac With the advent of Christmas, […]

  • How to use js combined with H5 to draw multi head combined head


    Sometimes, we need to display an avatar of a combination of many users, such as the discussion group avatar of button and the group avatar of wechat. Here is a simple implementation method: First, get the picture address you need and save it in an object, for example: Var data = []; then you can […]

  • Add a small flag (mooncake) to your avatar in Python


    Today is the national day and the Mid Autumn Festival. First of all, I wish you a happy holiday. In this article, we use Python to add a small flag or mooncake to our avatar. national flag For the national flag, we can use Python to draw one. The python library we use is the […]

  • Vue uses components to upload pictures


    When uploading files, you can use either the element component or the third-party component. I use imagecropper and pantthumb here First, download two folders: link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1BsE0VjoTj2p1jRpzvgkFvg Extraction code: 628i, and then drop these two folders into the component directory of Vue. After use, it looks like this. I feel OK   Stamp code of Vue: […]

  • UI avatars generate API with instant Avatar


    introduce UI AvatarsIt’s a website that generates avatars based on the initials of its name, providing APIs to the public. No restrictions or login, no usage tracking, no storage of any information, and fast access. I like it very much because it’s easy to use. Ready to use On the IMG tag, you can directly […]

  • How to dynamically modify some pictures in Lottie animation?


    The effect of dynamic effect is that the head, ear and arm of the microphone are moving. This video can’t be transmitted. The general picture is shown below It is difficult to realize this dynamic effect close to the front-end CSS, so Lottie is adopted. Later, I learned that the product wanted the little monkey’s […]

  • Using graphics to synthesize sharing graph with QR code and head portrait (sharing with small programs, sharing with APP)


    It is applicable to wechat applet sharing chart and app sharing chart //Share poster background images using local image files string path = Server.MapPath(“/Content/images/backimg.jpg”); Image imgSrc = Image.FromFile (path); // load the file into image format //QR code image file uses remote image file var qr_url=”http://xxxxxx:8001/Images/qrimg.jpg”; Image qrCodeImage= ReduceImage(qr_url, 122, 122); //Avatar files use remote […]

  • Use picgo to store markdown pictures (alicloud or GitHub)


    Picgo instead of minimalist I used to use the minimalist bed chart before, but it seems to be hanging up later. It’s really a sad thing. Recently, I found a artifact, open sourcePicGoThere are already versions for various platforms. Links are as follows:https://github.com/Molunerfin…Download your own platform. Even if you wereMac, yesiPicIt’s OK, too. How to […]

  • 04. Upload avatar with spring and easyUI


    /** *The method of saving or updating here is mainly to format the problem of saving and modifying function parameters, and directly create a class to standardize success and MSG *Note: here is the processing of uploading the Avatar: *1. Get the path to the uploaded file and judge whether the folder exists or not. […]

  • The reason and solution of laravel admin user profile not showing


    reason:Right click in the browser to check the head image elements and find that the picture link showshttp://localhost/storage/imag…, is an absolute path, resulting in a 404 error.For the virtual host, the absolute path may not be displayed, but the relative path can be displayed as long as the file exists. So the solution is to […]

  • WinForm wechat code scanning login


    Source code also need to be optimized, do not like spray. Official wechat documents: https://developers.weixin.qq.com/doc/oplatform/Website_ App/WeChat_ Login/Wechat_ Login.html Preliminary preparation: 1. Wechat open platform developer qualification certification https://open.weixin.qq.com/ It costs 300, about 1-2 days   2. It takes about 1-2 days to create a website application with registered domain name and logo   3. Get […]

  • The user can modify the avatar function


    The project needs to upload the user’s Avatar, and also has the preview function. Because my project uses the Vue framework, I leave it as a backup. I hope anyone in need can refer to it. Page code: html <div class=”upload” @click=”uploadHeadImg”> <img :src=”imageUrl” /> <input type=”file” accept=”image/\*” @change=”handleFile” class=”hiddenInput”/> <p>Upload personal photos</p> </div> data […]