• Table store is upgraded to create a unified online data storage platform!


    Tablestore is a serverless NoSQL multi model database developed by Alibaba cloud for massive structured and semi-structured data storage, which is widely used in social, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, metadata, big data and other business scenarios. Table store adopts a wide table model similar to Google BigTable, a natural distributed architecture, which can support […]

  • Alibaba cloud HBase ganos is upgraded to promote integrated basic cloud services of space, space-time and remote sensing


    1. What is HBase ganos Ganos is the self-developed core engine of Alibaba cloud spatiotemporal PAAS service. Ganos has been integrated with the database platform as the space-time engine of cloud database, and has established a complete cloud management solution for space-time geographic information based on the self-developed cloud native database, poalrdb, and combined with […]

  • The sharing record of nebula graph in hbasecon Asia 2019


    Nebula graph: an open source distributed graph database. As the only online graph database that can store trillions of nodes and edges with attributes, nebula graph can not only meet the requirements of millisecond level low latency query in high concurrency scenarios, but also achieve high service availability and ensure data security. Guidance for this […]

  • Knowledge points of HBase (I) preliminary knowledge and expansion


    Knowledge points of HBase (I) preliminary knowledge and expansion By studytimeOriginal: https://www.studytime.xin Background Published by GoogleTroika papers (GFS, MapReduce and BigTable), known as the symbol of computer science entering the era of big data. Because the early Hadoop developers only implemented Hadoop file system and Hadoop MapReduce, but not BigTable. Therefore, BigTable has been absent […]

  • The HBase foundation you should know is here.


    Sister Ali’s GuideIn October 2006, Google published the paper “BigTable: a distributed storage system for structured data”, one of the three carriages. Powerset company announced that HBase was established in Hadoop project as a subproject. Later, it gradually became a top-level project of Apache around 2010. It may be that the packaging is too good […]

  • An interesting trigger implementation based on sql-on-hbase products


    background Now there are many SQ on HBase products: Trafodion, Impala, Greplum and so on, but few have support the trigger function of products, perhaps because under this application scenario is rarely used to trigger, but there is no denying that the trigger is a very useful function, this article focuses on some lack of […]

  • BDS-HA: Building High Availability and Low Delay Base Services


    HBase can support 100 TB data scale, millions of QPS pressure millisecond response, suitable for online scenarios such as wind control and recommendation in the context of large data. Aliyun HBase serves the wind control and recommendation of many financial, advertising and media businesses, continuously optimizing in the direction of high availability, low latency and […]

  • HBase shallow learning


    brief introduction HBase is a database of big data Hadoop Store data Supporting the Storage of Massive Data HBase is a distributed database built on HDFS Retrieving data HBase supports random real-time query service for massive data stored in HBase tables HBase constructs layer-by-layer index for massive data in its large table Why does an […]

  • Deep Understanding of Hbase Architecture (Translation)


    Recently, I saw a very good article on the HBase architecture on the Internet, which is concise and clear. The pictures are quoted in the original, technical terms will be used in English as far as possible. HBase Architecture Component Physically, Hbase consists of three types of serversMaster-slave mode(master-slave) architecture: Region ServerResponsible for processing data […]

  • Large Data Cluster Building – 1. CDH Cluster Installation – Environment Preparedness


    Cluster Environment Preparedness I. Machine preparation First you need to prepare three machines or virtual machines, install CentOS version 7.5 and JDK 1.8. We are going to install Cloudera’s CDH 5.14.3 this time. TIPS: The skill of creating machines quickly is to standardize the software to be installed and quickly create three machines by using […]

  • HBase Secondary Index Scheme


    HBase Secondary Index Scheme [TOC] Using HBase Coprocessor Scheme Test case requirements: On the original table LJK_TEST, mycf: name is used as a secondary index. First step Create an index table create ‘INDEX_LJK_TEST’,’mycf’ The second step Writing code public class SecondIndexObserver extends BaseRegionObserver { private static final String INDEX_TABLE_NAME = “INDEX_LJK_TEST”; private static final byte[] […]

  • HBase statistics


    HBase statistical method Use Hive statistics Create a Hive Table Mapping HBase Table CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE LJKTEST( ID STRING , AGE STRING , NAME STRING , COMPANY STRING , SCHOOL STRING )STORED BY ‘org.apache.hadoop.hive.hbase.HBaseStorageHandler’ WITH SERDEPROPERTIES (“hbase.columns.mapping” = “:key,0:AGE,0:NAME,0:COMPANY,0:SCHOOL”) TBLPROPERTIES(“hbase.table.name” = “LJKTEST”); Execute hive statistics SQL Neither COUNT (1) nor COUNT (*) will work here. […]