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  • Spring boot + spring security realizes automatic login function


    Automatic login is a very common function in software development. For example, we log in to QQ email: Many websites we will see similar options when logging in, after all, it is a very troublesome thing to always let users enter the user name and password. The automatic login function is that the user can […]

  • Blockchain series tutorial 1: bitcoin wallet and transaction


    [toc] brief introduction What do wallets do in bitcoin? What are the characteristics of bitcoin trading? How can we forge bitcoin transactions? Today, let’s learn about bitcoin wallets and transactions. The foundation of bitcoin cryptography As we mentioned before, bitcoin is not a new technology, but a new and ingenious application of old technologies such […]

  • PHP string


    PHP string functions are part of the core. These functions are available without installation Function name describe addcslashes Escape characters in strings using backslashes in C Style addslashes Use backslash to reference string bin2hex Function to convert a binary string containing data to a hexadecimal value chop Alias for rtrim chr Returns the specified character […]

  • Use password? Hash to encrypt the password


    Use password? Hash to encrypt the password In PHP, the way we usually encrypt passwords was the md5() function Password? Hash After PHP 5.5, we introduce a method to encrypt the password, which is called “password” hash Password_hash() uses a one-way hash algorithm of sufficient strength to create a hash of the password. Password_hash() is […]

  • Differences among hashtable, dictionary and concurrentdictionary


    Reprinted from https://blog.csdn.net/yinghualsx/article/details/72952857 1、HashTable Hashtable represents a collection of key / value pairs. In the. Net framework, hashtable is a container provided by the system.collections namespace. It is used to process and represent key value pairs similar to key value, where key is usually used for quick search, and key is case sensitive; value is […]

  • [VB.NET Tips] Talking about the built-in pool of string connection


    CLR automatically maintains a table called “built-in pool” (intern pool), which at compile time contains a single instance of each unique string constant declared in the program and any unique instance of the String class created programmatically.The built-in pool is implemented as a hash table. Using hash tables, a string can be represented by a […]