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  • How to convert physical bare metal configuration to Tianyi cloud host configuration


    In the construction of IT system, the IT resource requirements given by software platform manufacturers (ISVs) are often physical bare metal configuration. After going to the cloud, how to change the physical bare metal configuration into virtual machine configuration has become a problem that needs to be seriously considered. Let’s discuss this problem today.Take the […]

  • Method of enabling Intel rapid start in Linux system


    Intel rapid start is a technology developed by Intel to help notebook computers save power and recover quickly. It is different from traditional sleep and hibernate. In comparison, it is similar to hybrid sleep. Intel said that this technology should first be supported by the motherboard, then SSD, and finally windows. But in fact, SSD […]

  • Mybatis integrates ehcache caching


    ​Custom cache – ehcacheEhcache is a widely used open source Java distributed cache. It is mainly aimed at general cache, Java EE and lightweight container Guide Package <!– https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.mybatis.caches/mybatis-ehcache –> <dependency> <groupId>org.mybatis.caches</groupId> <artifactId>mybatis-ehcache</artifactId> <version>1.1.0</version> </dependency> In mapper The ehcache cache implementation is specified in XML <cache type=”org.mybatis.caches.ehcache.EhcacheCache”/> Define the configuration file ehcache in resource xml<?xml […]

  • Why can indexes make queries faster? Finally someone made it clear!


    summary The development process of human information storage is roughly as follows: Because it is summarized by individuals based on their own understanding, it may not be accurate, but there is no doubt that in contemporary times, the data of institutional departments of major companies are maintained in the database. As the latest product of […]

  • [teacher Zhao Yuqiang] Kafka’s message is persistent


    1. Overview of Kafka message persistence Kakfa relies on the file system to store and cache messages. The traditional concept of hard disk is that hard disk is always slow. Can file system based architecture provide excellent performance? In fact, the speed of the hard disk depends entirely on the way it is used. Meanwhile, […]

  • Actual combat Tianyi cloud host system disk expansion


    The default system disk capacity provided by Tianyi cloud host is 40g, which can be adapted to most scenarios. However, in some special scenarios, the default 40g system disk space is insufficient, and the system disk must be expanded. What should we do at this time? Let’s fight today.Take CentOS 6 (which is also applicable […]

  • Build your own computer room from zero


    Talk At the beginning of this year, due to the insufficient performance of the Alibaba cloud server (mainly poor family), some services deployed on Alibaba cloud server can barely run, but the CPU and memory burst, and the services often become extremely uncomfortable because there is no memory. Although the memory of the server is […]

  • Detailed process of adding a new hard disk to Linux


    After getting the new disk, turn it off, plug in the cable and restart it. business as usual. get intosystemLater, check that there are more HDBs under / dev, and then start partitioning Execute fdisk / dev / HDB Enter the fdisk interface and command n to create a new partition. Then prompt to select […]

  • Linux disk LVM root directory expansion


    Basic concepts of LVM Physical volume (PV): the medium on which a volume group can be established. It can be a hard disk partition, the hard disk itself or a loopback file. The physical volume includes a special header, and the rest is cut into physical extents Volume group volume group (VG): collects a group […]

  • CentOS root space expansion


    There are too many applications installed in VMware virtual machine, resulting in insufficient root directory space. Is there any way to expand the root directory space?After collecting various data, the problem was solved successfully, and the space of the server was expanded from 6G to 8g. The whole implementation process is summarized as follows for […]

  • How to manage hard disk in Linux system


    Advanced Linux disk management Introduction to disk partition Primary partitionThe basic partition is also called the primary partition. The total number of boot partition, each disk partition, primary partition and extended partition cannot be greater than four.The basic partition can be used immediately after it is created, but there is an upper limit on the […]

  • Remove the hard shell of the mechanical hard disk!


    Today, I begin my hard disk drive with disk structure to share my thoughts in this regard over the years. Disk structure For the convenience of discussion, let’s start with the most basic physical structure of disk. For common mechanical disks, they are divided into magnetic disk surface, track, cylinder and sector. (note that this […]