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  • [Linux] mount device to directory using mount


    In general, the direct mount device path directory path is OK. Umount device name, you can uninstall this deviceUse lsblk – F to view the attached devices and their file systems. [email protected]:/boot# lsblk -f NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT sda ├─sda1 ├─sda2 vfat SYSTEM_DRV B467-E8A8 ├─sda3 ├─sda4 ntfs Windows8_OS 8A461C98461C875B /media/tao/Windows8_OS ├─sda5 ext4 e297ae56-7c17-48ea-aac5-f26c1e5cad84 / […]

  • [daily] magical guidance problems deep and win10


    After yesterday’s ups and downs, my computer can enter the boot interface of deep in as soon as it is turned on, or log in to deep in, but it will directly report an error when I visit windows. My windows has used PE to install win10. I still can’t open it. After studying the […]

  • Win10 preview 1803 hard disk partition can not access how to solve?


    When one of the hard disk partitions is opened in the preview version 1803 of win10, you will be prompted that access is denied and you cannot open it. What should I do? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Right click this on the windows 10 desktopComputer Icon, click in the pop-up […]

  • disk


    Disk storage Liunx storage mode everything is a fileEquipment type: Block equipment:blockLiunx is a b-start file, which can be read and written randomly. There is a cache. The access unit is “block”, such as disk. Character device:charThere is no cache, and the access unit is “character”, such as keyboard.Equipment file:Associated with a device driver to […]

  • Common RAID and Soft RAID Creation in Linux


    RAIDIt can greatly improve disk performance and reliability. How can such a good technology not be mastered? This article introduces some common ones.RAIDAnd itsLinuxUpperSoft RAIDCreate methods. mdadm Create softRAID Mdadm-C-v/dev/Created device name-l level-N number added disk [-x number added hot backup disk] -CCreate a new array–create -vDisplay details–verbose -lSetting RAID level–level= -n: Available in the […]

  • Linux disk partition (9)


    Basic knowledge of partitioning: Mode: MBR partition: 1. Supporting up to four primary partitions 2. The system can only install the main partition 3. Extended partition should occupy one main partition 4. MBR supports only 2TB at most, but has the best compatibility. GTP partition: 1, support unlimited number of main partitions (but the operating […]

  • Detailed Installation Diagram of FREEBSD6.2


    This article will provide a detailed illustration of the installation process of FreeBSD. Before the installation, some suggestions are put forward for your reference. 1. Minimize installation. 2. Enable inetd at installation and remove the “” number in front of the line with “ftp” when editing the inetd.conf file. This is to upload files using […]

  • WinXP System Computer Can’t Find Hard Disk How to Do WinXP System Can’t Find Hard Disk Reasons and Solutions


    What if the computer is equipped with an XP system and can’t find a hard disk? Many users of WinXP system encounter the situation that the hard disk of the computer can not be displayed or the hard disk does not exist, and there is no boot when the system is booted. How to solve […]

  • How to encrypt the hard disk on the computer? Several methods of encrypting files


    With the rapid development of the Internet, people gradually find that all kinds of information will be disseminated quickly, and privacy will leak out if they do not pay attention to it. But no matter in life or in work, everyone will have some sensitive files that others do not want to see, so now […]

  • Windows Server 2008 Disk Management


    Now let’s learn about disk management. The basic disk partition space can only be the same disk space. Dynamic disk volume space can be space on multiple hard disks. How to create RAID-0 strip volume read-write fast fault-tolerant suitable for storing less important data. RAID-1 mirror volume writing is generally suitable for storing important data. […]

  • Successful backup of UNIX system


    SCO UNIX system is widely used in finance, insurance and other industries because of its stable and reliable characteristics, but its installation and maintenance is not an easy task for professional and technical personnel. The system maintained by the author is equipped with SCO UNIX operating system, Informix database and other application software. After installation, […]

  • Install FreeBSD from hard disk


    Required auxiliary software:1) isoemu (for guiding ISO mirroring)Specific steps: