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  • Elasticsearh docker single machine cluster from scratch


    preparation VirtualBox virtual machine add New virtual machine Memory size Virtual hard disk Virtual hard disk file type Stored on physical hard disk File location and size Load image file Network card configuration CentOS 7.8 installation Select language Partition Manual partitioning network configuration Set root password Docker installation & elasticsearch image Docker installation Docker view […]

  • Redis persistence AOF and RDB


    Redis persistence Redis supports two persistence mechanisms, RDB and AOF. The persistence function can effectively avoid data loss caused by process exit. When the next restart, the previously persistent files can be used to realize data recovery RDB RDB persistence is a process to generate a snapshot of current process data and save it to […]

  • Performance test and optimization of tidb insertion


    Environmental Science There are four tikv instances in total, and the number of CPUs varies from 30 to 40 cores per instance. It should be noted that tikv is a mechanical hard disk, not SSD! insert data The amount of inserted data is about 80000, with only two fields. Single thread batch insert We can […]

  • Interview (why should MySQL index choose B + tree)


    preface: I deal with MySQL every day. Do you know what process it takes to execute a simple select statement? First of all, MySQL is mainly composed of server layer and storage layer. The server layer includes connector, query cache, analyzer, optimizer and executor. The storage layer is mainly used to store and query data. […]

  • Win10 system can’t access Xiaomi router hard disk?


    How can I plug in the hard disk to access the client? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1、Shortcut key win + ROpen the operation input box and input\\ whether it can be accessed. Generally, users who cannot access the routing hard disk will be prompted with a warning as shown in the […]

  • [theoretical research] on traditional IT infrastructure 02 server (Part 1)


    This article welcome reprint, reprint please indicate the source and author. The last article shared the three components of IT infrastructure: computing, networking, and storage. In this article, let’s take a closer look at servers. Server dimensions and types There is a common characteristic among the brick experts, that is, they don’t like to talk […]

  • Ubuntu fixes the problem of not accessing the properly mounted mechanical hard disk!


    The teacher bought a new computer, but it only has 100g solid state, so we need to add a mechanical hard disk to the host computer, but it can’t be properly mounted in Ubuntu after installation Find the next method on the Internet, found direct usentfsfixThe tool can be repaired. Install it first sudo apt-get […]

  • Ubuntu 16.04 configure to mount NTFS mechanical hard disk automatically after startup!


    The desktop computer has two hard disks, one solid state and one machine. Each time Ubuntu is started, it has to be manually mounted from the file manager, and the mount permission is 777. Therefore, according to the online method, the automatic mount is simply configured and the normal permissions are set. This is the […]

  • debian_ linux_ Apt get command_ Dpkg command


    Related operations of manually downloaded DEB package: Dpkg is the abbreviation of Debian package. The following is a list of common operations: dpkg –I name.deb View package details (where I is uppercase I); (- info) dpkg –c name.deb View the contents of the package; (- contents) dpkg –i name.deb Install a DEB package; (– install). […]

  • Installation and deployment of CentOS 7 01


    1、 Installation and configuration of virtual software virtual machine(virtual machine) refers to a complete computer system with complete hardware system function and running in a completely isolated environment through software simulation. The work that can be done in the physical computer can be realized in the virtual machine. When creating a virtual machine in a […]

  • Server RAID5 array troubleshooting and data recovery method


    [overview of server failure] Today, we introduce the troubleshooting methods and the recovery process of the server RAID5 array after the array crashes due to unknown reasons. The following is a brief introduction to the hardware configuration of the server that needs to recover data:The server model in this data recovery case is a brand […]

  • How to install openeuler


    [introduction to openeuler] Openeuler [1] is an open source, free Linux distribution platform, through the form of an open community with global developers to build an open, diverse and architecture inclusive software ecosystem. At the same time, openeuler is also an innovative platform to encourage anyone to put forward new ideas, develop new ideas and […]