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  • Repair process record after SQLSERVER database is damaged


    1、 Causes of SQLSERVER database corruption The customer’s hard disk with a capacity of 1.2tb stores the SQLSERVER database. The customer described that the partition of the hard disk was damaged due to misoperation, and the database in the hard disk needs to be restored. 2、 Initial inspection of hard disk failure After the preliminary […]

  • Talking about database (V) — SSD


    Today, I’m going to talk about the relationship between the progress of storage devices and the development of databases. Generally speaking, hardware devices are nothing more than CPU, memory and storage devices. According to the barrel theory, the shortest board that restricts the progress of the database is the storage device. The barrel principle is […]

  • [Linux] 2 install Linux operating system (super detailed version)


    Download from CentOS official website: http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/7/isos/x86_64/CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1810.iso Click create new virtual machine and selectCustom (Advanced), and then click next; The default setting is good. Click “next”; Select “install the operating system later” and click “next”; Select “Linux” and “CentOS 7 64 bit” as the version. You can also select other versions according to your needs. Click […]

  • Windows Foundation


    catalogue 1、 Hardware overview 1. The development of computer 2. Types of computers 3. Computer system (von Neumann system) 4. Common units 2、 Common hardware devices 1. CPU classification 1. Two common brands 2. According to the number of CPU cores, it can be divided into 2. Motherboard 3. External memory (external memory, optional) 4. […]

  • Memory management, disk and file scraps


    Memory management, disk and file scraps Memory management The result of a program’s executable file in memory can be divided into two parts: read-only part and read-write part. The read-only part includes program code (. Text) and constants (. Rodata) in the program.The read-write part (variable) can be roughly divided into the following parts: .data: […]

  • Aof writing and AOF rewriting block redis and Solutions


    catalogue Aof write strategy Aof rewriting block Solving the blockage Aof write strategy Controlled by appendfsync parameter: Configurable values explain always After the command is written to buf, the system calls the fsync synchronization AOF file. After fsync completes, the thread returns. no After the command is written to buf, the system calls write operation. […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with linux010103


    Where am I PWD Recall last time We listed the location of the release details file last time ls /etc/*release among LS is the name of the command, which means list /Is the root of the entire file system /Etc is the etc folder in the root directory *Represents a wildcard, which can correspond to […]

  • Linux physical storage structure and disk partition


    When I explained mount command in the last article, I mentioned mounting the CD-ROM or USB flash disk. How do we know that the CD-ROM is in the/dev/cdromWhat about it? In Linux system, everything is files, and hardware devices are no exception. Since it is a file, it must have a file name. The udev […]

  • Operation and maintenance practice: Linux system extends the partition where Oracle database is located


    The production environment often encounters the situation of insufficient disk space. Next, we will introduce the solution of LVM volume expansion.Operation and maintenance: the partition where the Oracle database is extended by Linux system operation and maintenance: the partition where the Oracle database is extended by Linux systemThe experimental environment was as followsSystem: centos7The installation […]

  • Linux notes sharing 2: Linux system installation


    1、 Virtual machine installation VMware VMware is a PC software, running it can simulate a new system. 2、 Virtual machine usage Don’t install with image, choose blank installation!!! In the hardware configuration with CD-ROM ISO can be 3、 System partition Partition is to use the partition editor to divide the disk into several logical parts. […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with Linux 010109clear screen cleaning


    Recall last time Last time I talked about three questions about soul ✊ whatis whereis which Through these three questions, we can have a basic understanding of the command, let’s have a try!! Clear screen Our order clear this time is very simple The function of clear is to clear the screen Now I ask […]

  • Analysis of redis single thread


    Why is redis so fast? Conclusion there are three points, as we all know, here is mainly analysis. First of all, the first point Redis is memory access, so it’s fast Of course, we all know this, so it’s not the point   IO intensive and CPU intensive Generally, we divide the task into two […]