• Active / standby switching of haproxy + keepalived load balancing (CentOS)


    VIP: Master: Slave: Real IP:RIP1: RIP2: The following are the installation steps Step 1: install haproxydownload http://haproxy.1wt.eu/download/1.4/src/haproxy-1.4.18.tar.gz#tar zxvf haproxy-1.4.18.tar.gz #make TARGET=linux26 #make install Step 2: install IPVSAccording to the introduction of the official website of IPVS, different versions of the kernel are applicable to different versions of IPVS. http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/software/ipvs.html2.6.18 applicable […]

  • How to install and use the proxy software haproxy on CentOS


    1、 Introduction to haproxy(1) Haproxy is a high availability, load balancing and based on TCP (layer 4) and HTTP (layer 7) application proxy software, supporting virtual host, it is a free, fast and reliable solution. Haproxy is especially suitable for web sites with heavy load, which usually require session persistence or seven layer processing. Haproxy […]

  • Explain the process of installing and configuring haproxy in Linux system


    1、 Haproxy concept Haproxy provides high availability, load balancing and proxy based on TCP and HTTP applications. It supports virtual hosts. It is a free, fast and reliable solution. Haproxy is especially suitable for web sites with heavy load, which usually need to maintain or seven layers of processing. Haproxy runs on current hardware and […]

  • Docker+Haproxy Agent Intranet MongoDB Database TCP


    I. Questions MongoDB is installed on one server in the Intranet, which can also be accessed by the External Network for development purposes. Haproxy was found to be able to solve the problem after querying the data. The method is to proxy intranet TCP with external network server. II. Environment Extranet IP: xxx. xxx. xxx. […]

  • LNMP+HAProxy+Keepalived Load Balancing (IV) – MySQL Dual Computer Inter-standby and Automatic Backup


    The first three chapters have achieved the most basic load balancing, but there are still some problems, such as the two databases are not synchronized, the uploaded attachments are not synchronized, the database has not made a backup plan, and the load balancing parameters need to be optimized. Here, we will first complete the contents […]