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  • Please accept this ultimate guide to CSS element centring


    horizontally 1. Inline elements In line element characteristics: (1) Width and height is the height of the content and cannot be changed (2) For margin, only the left and right directions are valid, and the up and down directions are invalid; The padding setting is effective up, down, left and right, which will expand the […]

  • Using markdown to write mathematical formulas


    It’s really convenient to use markdown to write documents and support mathematical formulas!!! Step 1: modify the preference settings and check the inline formula option File – > Preferences – > markdown – > inline formula After setting according to the following figure, we can happily enter the formula in typora~ 1、 Enter Greek letters […]

  • Front end learning notes (III) CSS box model and CSS positioning


    In these two days, I mainly learned CSS box model and CSS positioning. The study notes are as follows: CSS box model Box model is also called box model, and its structure is as follows:W3school has a good translation. It translates margin and padding into outer margin and inner margin to avoid confusion. The following […]

  • Block elements and inline elements in HTML


    1. Block element A block element is an element that has an exclusive row. No matter how much it contains, it will monopolize one line. Common block elements: div P H1 H2 H3 Div block element has no semantics and will not set any default style for its elements. Mainly used toLayout pagesof <div style=”background-color:red; […]

  • CSS realizes the center layout (horizontal center, vertical center, horizontal center)


    horizontally Inline element: text align: Center Block element margin: 0 auto; display:flex;justify-content: center; Vertical center display:flex;align-items: center; line-height: 100px; Horizontal vertical center <div class=”box-wrapper”> <div class=”box”></div> </div> There are several ways to center the box element horizontally and vertically Known width and height positon+margin .box { width: 200px; height: 200px; background: skyblue; position: absolute; left: […]

  • CSS tips (8)


    Skill 1 In some cases, the width of the child element can be greater than the width of the parent element In this case, the width of UL is larger than the width of the core, and does not affect the layout Skill 2 How to make the fixed elements close to the center of […]

  • CSS – how to set div background


    How to set div background There are only two steps to add background control to a component <View className=”gifts” style={{ background: `url(${baseUrl}starMove/exclusiveEntrance/card.png) no-repeat`, backgroundSize: ‘100% 100%’, }} > <View classname=”gift-lists”></View> </View> Set background and backgroundsize.style={ width:100%; height:100%; } How to center div: margin:0 auto; Set the value of height and line height to the same […]

  • Block level element and in line element collation


    Block level elements: Most of them are structural markers <address>…</adderss> < center >… < / center > address text <h1>… < / H1 > Title Level <h2>… < / H2 > Title Level 2 <h3>… < / H3 > Title Level 3 < H4 >… < / H4 > Title Level 4 < H5 >… […]

  • CSS in the middle, pointing North completely


    CSS horizontal vertical center problem is too common, finishing a wave In line single line text It is common to center the elements in a row horizontally text-align: center; The vertical center of multi line text of line elements can be solved by table layout. Of course, flex can also be done properly <div class=”container”> […]

  • Questions about novices


    1、 When the parent element floats, the child element floats, and the child element can support the parent element. When we set the floating attribute, we will naturally clear the floating in our mind, but we will find that when the parent element has floating or uses absolute positioning, the floating child element can support […]

  • CSS inline style


    In this section, we want to learn several forms of CSS style. There are three ways to introduce CSS style into HTML in practical application, namely, in line style, internal style and external style. We will learn the advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of these three methods in turn. In this section, we will talk […]

  • Overview of basic HTML div and CSS


    What is a div <div></div>Html is a common tag for region divisioncharacteristic Alone in a line It can’t achieve complex effect alone, so it must be rendered with CSS style Line level elements In line elements <div> <span> <!– Div tag: block tag, line level element, which will occupy one line of HTML –> Data […]