• Penetration won’t bounce shell? To teach you to write a CMD shell


    Penetration won’t bounce shell? To teach you to write a CMD shell Included libraries: #include <winsock2.h>#include <windows.h>#include <ws2tcpip.h>#include <iostream>#include <string>#pragma comment(lib, “Ws2_32.lib”)#define DEFAULT_BUFLEN 1024 Winsock2 and ws2tcpip are two library files used to initialize network sockets. Windows is used to initialize some functions under windows. String facilitates some string conversion later. Iostream is a standard […]

  • Three ways to modify the limit of open files in Linux


    When a file is opened for access, the operating system temporarily assigns a number called file handle. A special area of main memory is reserved for file handles. The size of this area determines how many files can be opened at a time. Processes on Linux are subject to many restrictions, which also prevent them […]

  • JSP concise tutorial: exciting scripting


    If you use Java servlets directly, you will have to deal with HTTP input and HTML output in Java classes. You need rich experience in Java programming to build complex applications. With the addition of JSP, you can distinguish the expression logic of HTML from the complex business logic embedded in servlets. This means that […]

  • C# WinForm calls shell_ NotifyIcon


    1 public class InnerClass: Form 2 { 3 private Shell_ NotifyIconEx servicesClass = null; // Accept the instance handle of the main class 4 internal InnerClass(Shell_NotifyIconEx _servicesClass) 5 { 6 servicesClass = _servicesClass; 7 } 8 9 private const int WM_ LBUTTONDOWN = 0x0201; // Left key 10 private const int WM_ RBUTTONDOWN = 0x204; […]

  • Dart series: smooth as silk, operating files and directories


    brief introduction File operation is a very common operation in io. Is it easy to operate files in dart? In fact, dart provides two ways to read files, one is to read all files at once, and the other is to read files as streams. The disadvantage of one-time reading is that you need to […]

  • Some tuning configurations of nginx


    configuration system file sysctl.conf   Parameter configuration explain be careful net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse = 1 Works only on clients Quick recycle port Access to the periphery or public network is prohibited net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle = 0 Quickly reclaim client and server ports Prohibit the use of Internet or public network access net.ipv4.tcp_fin_timeout = 40 TCP remains in fin_ WAIT_ […]

  • Troubleshooting for RHEL 5 server system


    1、 /boot all the following files are missing: (grub, kernel, initrd ramdisk)   1. start with BootDisk, enter the liunx rescue mode, and select local install or NFS (HTTP)installmode   2. enter mold repair mode:   (1). cd /mnt/sysimage   Check what files (if empty)   (2) install kernel:   cd /mnt/source/Server   rpm -ivh […]

  • Shutter downloader al_ downloader


    Download link first al_downloader: https://pub.dev/packages/al_downloader background Recently, there are download related businesses, so I studied the download tool library in the flutter community,pub.devafterfluttercommunity.devThe certified download library isflutter_downloader flutter_downloaderProvides some basic functions for downloading. For example, task ID mapping, task queue, thread isolation, and native interaction It is worth mentioning thatflutter_downloaderOfficial sample tutorialsflutter_downloader/example You have written […]

  • UE4 C + + call handle vibration


    Recent packaging input related logic, simple induction.   Blueprint implementation Right click miscellaneous – > force feedback effect in the content interface to create a force feedback object and fill in relevant parameters: Then call the force feedback configuration file with the spring force feedback at location in the blueprint, Or create a force feedback […]

  • Too many open files error handling


    Too many open files error handling Too many file handle requests lead to exception too many open files Causes: Too many open files is a common error in the Linux system. Literally, it means that the program has too many open files. However, files here not only means files, but also includes open communication links […]

  • ASM implements hook lambda and method references


    1. Preface This article is the practical part of the previous “lambda design reference”. It will specifically introduce how to use ASM to hook Java 8 lambda expressions and method references. Before that, we will introduce some basic concepts and knowledge related to bytecode to facilitate your understanding of this content. Finally, we will give […]

  • Kmre upgrade again! The function you want, it’s coming~


    It’s been a while since the last kmre version update. What’s your experience? At the end of the last kmre update, we launched a round of voting to let you choose the new kmre features you most expect. As can be seen from the statistics,Support horizontal and vertical screen switchingFunction is the most popular, followed […]