• Using shell to simulate TCP protocol


    Background of the problem The company has a set of message push system (hereinafter referred to as GCM), which takes over the client part due to personnel changes. After looking at the document, there are only a few pages of simple instructions in the communication protocol part. The code is too many and messy to […]

  • How to use setconsole extattribute() function to control the color of output characters in C / C + +


    When we output characters on the command line, we think, if only we could control the color of the output characters.Now, to satisfy you, there’s a function that can help us realize this idea. ↓↓↓↓↓ SetConsoleTextAttribute(); As a rule, let’s look at the composition of this function. SetConsoleTextAttribute( _In_ HANDLE hConsoleOutput, _In_ WORD wAttributes ); […]

  • Create file of Oracle


    1. Create directory(The corresponding directory needs to be created on the server) create or replace directory testdir as ‘/u01/software/test’;2. Authorize the user (there may be a problem here, unable to find XXX user, need to create user) grant read,write on directory testdir to xxx;3. Write file script declare filehandle utl_ file.file_ type; — handle begin […]

  • Analysis of Python language exception handling test process


    This article mainly introduces the python language exception handling test process analysis, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to (1) Exception handling 1. Catch all exceptions try: x = 5 / 0 except: Print (‘Program error ‘) […]

  • Python hand in hand to teach you how to achieve duplicate search based on search engine


    preface Article plagiarism is common on the Internet, and many bloggers are bothered by it. In recent years, with the development of the Internet, the immoral behaviors such as plagiarism become more and more serious on the Internet, and even copy, paste and publish the original label is common. Some plagiarized articles even mark some […]

  • Second hand housing purchase process and precautions, suggest collection! Avoid stepping on the pit!


    Buying a house is a top priority for any drifter. Many times, some readers ask me whether young people want to buy a house or not. My advice is: Yes, but do according to your ability. It must be mentioned here that when buying a new house or a second-hand house, you can go directly […]

  • How to optimize the concurrency of a single server?


    The following pictures describe the hardware configuration, nginx configuration, Tomcat configuration and file handle number of a single server in detail. 1. Under the current situation, how to optimize the overall performance of the server again? 2. After the number of file handles has been modified, it can not be set. Various methods have been […]

  • Node process and thread


    1、 Process Process refers toProgram in progress, i.eRunning program. The process isThe smallest unit of operating system for resource allocation and schedulingSo every processHas its own independent virtual address spaceIn general, includingText area(text region)、Data area(data region) andStack area(stack region)。 Text areaCode executed by the storage processor; Data areaStore global variables and constants; stack area whereStack […]

  • How to realize data analysis of Lake Warehouse Integration in data warehouse?


    Introduction:With the popularization of cloud computing and the expansion of data analysis demand, the integrated analysis capability of data lake and data warehouse has become the core capability of the next generation of data analysis system. Compared with data warehouse, data lake has obvious advantages in cost, flexibility and multi-source data analysis. Among the ten […]

  • Comparison of php-fpm and spool core operating mechanism


    A few days ago, I saw several articles about spool. Today, I’ll join in the fun. Welcome to help me add, correct. PHP-FPM The early version of PHP did not have a built-in web server, but provided SAPI (Server API) for the third party to do docking. Now very popular PHP FPM is to deal […]

  • Reread Windows core programming – 003 – kernel object


    Kernel object is a relatively difficult concept to understand. The root of the problem lies in that even in the book core programming, it does not clearly define it, but constantly illustrates and describes its properties and how to use it. A blind man can’t see the whole picture.We can only enumerate its properties as […]

  • Object header of Java object layout


    Because of the idea of java object-oriented, a large number of objects need to be stored in the JVM. In order to achieve some additional functions, some tag fields need to be added to the object to enhance the function of the object. Learning concurrent programming knowledgesynchronizedIt is always difficult for us to understand its […]