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  • Vue realizes the screenshot of mobile H5 page [html2canvas, domtoimage]


    Recently, the development of Vue project needs screenshots to realize page sharing. At the beginning, there is no clue. How to realize screenshots on H5 page? Check some materials and recommend two components, html2canvas and domtoimage. Next, I will demonstrate the use of these two components. 1.html2canvas 1) Html2canvas can directly screen the whole or […]

  • Solve the blurring of wechat image — tips


    Background of problemIn our own developed pages, we often use wechat’s jssdk to obtain wechat users’ avatars and nicknames.In general, the heads we display are relatively small, and there will be no ambiguity. But if the head image is larger, the problem of the image template will appear, especially on the iPhone. For example, the […]

  • A tutorial on how to adapt client H5 pages to iphoneX


    Preface At present, many app designers have begun to turn to H5 front-end development, but solving the problem of adapting all the iPhone and Android models is our top priority. Whether designing APP or writing front-end H5. Consider the compatibility of mobile terminals. Because the iphoneX has a full screen and retains a small bang, […]