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  • The simple mind map plug-in of super high color value in gitbook introductory course


    Gitbook plug-in for generating and exporting mind map in markdown homepage Github : https://snowdreams1006.github.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ GitLab: https://snowdreams1006.gitlab.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ Gitee : https://snowdreams1006.gitee.io/gitbook-plugin-simple-mind-map/ Screenshot {% simplemindmap %} simplemindmap config book.json plugins others simple-mind-map pluginsConfig others simple-mind-map type preset linkShape autoFit style custom file.md markdown type preset linkShape autoFit style txtmap json mindmup {% endsimplemindmap %} usage Step 1 – […]

  • A brief history of background infrastructure development of a large Internet company


    The author has been engaged in background research and development for many years in a large factory, and has witnessed the gradual evolution of background infrastructure with the development of business. If the code also has life, the whole process can be called a wonderful evolution history. Next, the whole process will be presented through […]

  • To do good things first, use sharp tools – System Chapter


    If you want to work well, you must first sharpen your tools. It is very logical to play well with good shoes. ——Yangtze River seven Our goal is to improve the ability of programming technology. Either fom (interest oriented programming), mom (money oriented programming), or SOM (real object-oriented programming), all of these need you to […]

  • Restful API best practices


    This article was first published in restful API best practices. Please indicate the source for reprint. This article is my mind map notes drawn in the process of learning the rest API tutorial online. Based on the original course, notes expand the materials and courses of relevant knowledge points, which is convenient for reference and […]

  • Unnotificaitoncenter [map] for all relationships of swift usernotification related classes


    All relationships of swift usernotification related classes unnotificaitoncenter unnotification [map] Sort it outUserNotificationAll class properties and relationships in this kit. How to use Create a new notification firstUNNotificationRequest Add notification contentUNNotificationContent Add notification triggerUNNotificationTrigger ObtainUNNotificationCenterInstance and addUNNotificationRequest If you need to display the action button in the notification, you need to create a new oneUNNotificationCategory […]

  • How to design a logo of “high and high”


    Not long ago, our boss wrote a blog “coding, make a sentimental product”, which mentioned the general origin of designing a coding logo. Today, I will talk about how to design a logo in the process of designing a coding monkey head. The method is for reference only. If it is the same, it is […]

  • Art of concurrent programming in Java


    I’ve been reading every day recently<>, not only making notes (mark down format), but also making mind map. If you are interested, you can read notes on the code cloud and mind map on processon. Code cloud: https://gitee.com/housefun/books/tree/master/javaconcurrent ProcessOn:https://www.processon.com/view/link/5d5fadaae4b06e49191eb2e7