• Solution to the problem that the SQL Server Management Studio Express Manager does not import and export data Wizards


    The methods are as follows:In SQL Server 2005, import and export data are implemented through SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS). DTSWizard.exe can be found in the installation directory of SQL 2005, such as mine in C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server 90 DTS Binn. DTSWizard.exe can be found in this directory, and then in […]

  • FreeBSD Learning Guide


    FreeBSD Version Naming Rules A – Major Version Number B-minor version number C-Revised Version Number TAG – Name tags, such as RELEASE, STABLE, CURRENT Install. ISO install with this piece! Mini. ISO can also be used for installation, but there are no commonly used packages in it, so the files are relatively small. The Concept […]

  • Grub2 guides FreeBSD in detail


    Grub2 recommends not manually modifying the Startup menu / boot / Grub2 / grub. cfg, but After modifying / etc / grub. D / and / etc / default / grub, it is generated by the command grub2-mkconfig. Steps: 1 Add menu items in / etc/grub.d/40_customer: menuentry ‘freebsd’ { insmod ufs2 set root='(hd0,msdos3)’ kfreebsd /boot/loader […]