• Zooteam front end weekly No.62


    Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.62 For more past tabloids, visit: https://weekly.zoo.team 60 chrome artifact plug-ins collection: help you quickly become an old driver of station B, one click analysis website technology stack Each plug-in has installation tutorial and operation guide. Version 8.0 of JavaScript engine “V8” has been released, and the memory consumption has decreased […]

  • Facebook Docusaurus Chinese documents


    Application examples of this series of articles have been published in GitHub: docusaurus docs zh_cn. You can help improve with fork or follow the update with star. Welcome to star Docusaurus · This project is synchronized from docs in the Facebook / docusaurus project. Except for special circumstances, the synchronization frequency will be maintained once […]

  • A post teaches you how to get online data


    With the increasing weight of copyright, it’s more and more difficult to be a movie station, a magnetic station and a novel station. However, online search is relatively better because it’s backed by big brother Baidu, but Baidu’s pressure is also growing, and it’s basically impossible to obtain data in this field. Fortunately, some teams […]

  • Beginnersbook Perl tutorial


    Source: apachecn beginnersbook translation project Translator: Flying Dragon Protocol: CC by-nc-sa 4.0 Contribution Guide This project needs to be proofread. Please submit pull request. Please be brave to translate and improve your translation. Although we pursue excellence, we don’t require you to be perfect, so please don’t worry about translation mistakes – in most cases, […]

  • Aspiring Devops and SRE engineers must read a good book list | there are benefits at the end!


    Original address:https://medium.com/faun/10-great-books-for-aspiring-devops-sre-engineers-76536c7c4909 Original author:Aymen El Amri Coding David Opps The following is a list of good books recommended for Devops or SRE engineers to learn or enhance the necessary skills. We found the Chinese version of the English books in the original list, hoping to help you. Coding will also continue to focus on and […]

  • Solution to the problem that the SQL Server Management Studio Express Manager does not import and export data Wizards


    The methods are as follows:In SQL Server 2005, import and export data are implemented through SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS). DTSWizard.exe can be found in the installation directory of SQL 2005, such as mine in C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server 90 DTS Binn. DTSWizard.exe can be found in this directory, and then in […]

  • FreeBSD Learning Guide


    FreeBSD Version Naming Rules A – Major Version Number B-minor version number C-Revised Version Number TAG – Name tags, such as RELEASE, STABLE, CURRENT Install. ISO install with this piece! Mini. ISO can also be used for installation, but there are no commonly used packages in it, so the files are relatively small. The Concept […]

  • Grub2 guides FreeBSD in detail


    Grub2 recommends not manually modifying the Startup menu / boot / Grub2 / grub. cfg, but After modifying / etc / grub. D / and / etc / default / grub, it is generated by the command grub2-mkconfig. Steps: 1 Add menu items in / etc/grub.d/40_customer: menuentry ‘freebsd’ { insmod ufs2 set root='(hd0,msdos3)’ kfreebsd /boot/loader […]