• Example of PyQt4 real time display text content GUI


    First, create a txt.py file to save the contents of the crawler #! /usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- Txt_name = [‘photographer Li Xiaolei’, ‘match Hanfeng’, ‘Shi Yong Gang’, ‘CCTV5 sports news’, ‘Yoga Lin’, ‘Hangzhou Weibo city event’, ‘May days’, ‘beauty’s new vision’, ‘talk about your feelings’, ‘people.com.cn, ‘CCTV news’, ‘Jia Ling’, ‘released in […]

  • Vbs script also has GUI Graphical interface log clearing function


    Usage: save the following code as rizhi.vbs and double-click to run it. If not, it may be the problem of antivirus software. You can search. Developepaer has provided solutions before. Copy codeThe code is as follows: Set ie = Wscript. CreateObject (“Internet Explorer. Application”, “event” ‘) create ie object’Ie. menubar = 0 ‘Cancel menu bar’Ie. […]

  • Redis TUI – A Command Line Based Redis GUI Client


    A long time ago on Github, I found a command-line graphical interface library implemented by Golang, which I always wanted to use to do something. https://github.com/rivo/tview In the weekend, I have nothing to do with it to write a Redis graphical interface client based on the command line. Now it is basically available. You are […]

  • MacOS C++ Rapidly Develops Native Desktop Programs Using gtkmm GUI


    Installation environment Gtkmm relies heavily on lib, which only requires brew to download dozens of M lib. It completes the development environment dependent installation, which is faster than the Xcode installed with 20+G. # Install gtkmm brew install gtkmm3 # Find the libffi configuration file find /usr/local/Cellar -name libffi.pc # Add the directory of libffi […]

  • Talk about Xamarin


    Introduction 1 2 3 4 5 The relationship between Xamarin and other GUI component packages How to make an Xamarin Forms app (desktop software, tentative technology stack is macOS 10.13.6 (macOS High Sierra) + C+ Markup Language Layout Technology, specifically macOS 10.13.6 + C+ SDK (dotcore 3) + Rendering Engine (GTK) + Layout Engine (XAML) […]

  • Learning Unity 4.6 New GUI System


    Recently, in the process of learning Unity, I made a small game to amuse myself. GUI is naturally needed. But the GUI in 4.5 is difficult to use. One option is the traditional NGUI plug-in. But I also heard about the new GUI in 4.6. Think about it or choose the official technology better, so […]

  • Basic Method of Ruby GUI Programming under GTK with Ruby Gnome 2 Library


    Preface As the Ruby Gnome 2 library becomes more and more perfect and the performance of ruby 1.9 improves, writing GUI programs in Ruby has gradually improved from my hobby to an important part of my work.  It’s really fun to write programs in Ruby, which allows your ideas to be implemented quickly in an […]

  • Ten-year changes in GUI application architecture: MVC, MVP, MVVM, Unidirectional, Clean


    With the increasing popularity of modern browsers and the development of Web and hybrid development technology, the concept of big front-end has become a common understanding. Whether the development of iOS, Android, Web or cross-end development such as React Native and Weex, their skills are different and similar. In the paper “Web/iOS/Android/RN”, which I summarized […]

  • Using Multithread and Simple GUI to Realize Two-Dimensional Visualization of Kinetic Energy Theorem of Balls


    To achievePelletOfmotionFrom the following points: What are the specific characteristics of the ball? – When it comes to the kinetic energy theorem, we need to consider the mass. In addition, we can not forget the conventional variables: direction, sphere size, location and current velocity. Who can start the ball? – There are no more than […]