• Composer multi-threaded download components change the problem of slow composer install update


    This article comes from pilishen.com—-Original link; Welcome to our php&Laravel study group: 109256050 Premise: Use composer's domestic mirror settings composer config -g repo.packagist composer //packagist.phpcomposer.com Otherwise, you will be blocked, no matter how many threads are used, it will be no use~ multithreaded download By default, the composer installation components are single-threaded, and they are […]

  • 【Agenda Announcement】2021 MongoDB Chinese Community Nanjing Technology Salon


    ​2021 MongoDB Nanjing offline technical exchange meeting will be held on November 20 (Saturday) in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing. This conference is jointly organized by MongoDB Chinese Community, MongoDB Official and Tapdata. At the meeting, we will, as always, bring MongoDB's first-hand knowledge and practical sharing to everyone, and set up a QA session to give […]

  • Tech Talk | The Evolution of HDFS in Shopee


    Topics of this issue This issue of sharing will introduce how the distributed file system HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) developed from a small cluster to a federated cluster consisting of thousands of nodes in Shopee, as well as the problems and solutions we encountered during this process. Through this sharing, you will be able […]

  • VirtualBox 6.1.34 release


    VirtualBox 6.1.34 open source and cross platform virtualization software has been released. This version initially supports Linux kernel 5.17, as well as various other improvements and bug fixes, which means that gnu/linux distributions supported by Linux kernel 5.17 can now be run in virtual machines.VirtualBox 6.1.34 release VirtualBox 6.1.34 release VirtualBox 6.1.34 introduces initial support […]

  • From May 24, see you at 8:00 every night at the real-time warehouse entry training camp!


    Introduction:“Real time warehouse introduction training camp”, friction between theory and practice, collision between concepts and cases, get started quickly from 0 to 1, increase your skills, and sign up quickly! With the expansion of digital business, the amount of enterprise data is growing explosively. As an indispensable part of “data intelligence”, data warehouse has become […]

  • [industrial control old horse] OPC communication protocol analysis – OPC seven questions


    1 communication steps 1.1 first question Who is active in the communication between OPC client and OPC server? A: OPC client, of course. 1.2 second question What did OPC client do for the first time? A: from the perspective of most OPC client behaviors, one is to automatically traverse the list name of OPC server […]

  • Exploration and utilization of reinforcement learning


    1、 Brief description In the process of continuous interaction with the environment, the agent keeps exploring in different states and obtains the feedback of different actions. Exploration can help agents obtain feedback through continuous experiments. Exploration refers to using the existing feedback information to select the best action. Therefore, how to balance exploration and utilization […]

  • MySQL log system redo log, binlog


    What is redo log Redo log (redo log), a metaphor can be used to describe, that is, the hotel manager has a pink board, which is used to record customers’ credit records. If there are not many people on credit, he can write it on the pink board. If there are many people on credit, […]

  • Building beautiful architecture of laravel


    The company’s project may need to rebuild the architecture. The boss gave me a video to learn the ideas inside. After watching it, I felt that I gained a lot. The speaker had a very clear understanding of all levels of the laravel project, striving to achieve a single and clear responsibility and improve maintainability. […]

  • c’mon! Don’t ask me the difference between session and cookie


    This question often appears in the interview questions when I just started to learn the procedure. I still can see this problem until now. Is the issue important? I think it’s important. Because session represents “state“, if there is no state, a lot of functions will be invalid. For engineers, it is necessary to understand […]

  • Windows grabs hash to get administrator password


    Webshell find the directory that can execute permission to upload C: There is a Windows password in \ windows \ system32 \ config \ Sam. use the tool to catch the password Samcopy direct grab Gethashes.exe $local returns the hash of all users of the current system Pwdump7.exe automatically grabs hash by using CMD to […]