• Java Memory Cache – Create Cache through Google Guava


    Google Guava Cache Guava introduction Guava is a memory caching module in Google guava, which is used to cache data into JVM memory. In actual project development, some common or commonly used data are often cached to facilitate rapid access. Guava Cache is a local cache that runs on a single application. It does not […]

  • Guava Source Code Analysis (Cache Principle)


    Preface Google’s Guava is a Java core enhanced library, which is widely used. I often use Cache components in my daily life to see how Google Bulls designed it. cache This article focuses on caching. Cache plays an important role in daily development. If your application has a higher reading frequency for certain data, and […]

  • Guava Source Code Analysis (Cache Principle [Phase 2]


    Preface This is analyzed in “Guava Source Analysis (Cache Principle)” above.Guava CacheRelevant principles. It was mentioned at the end of the article.Recycling mechanism, removal time notificationAnd so on, many friends are also very interested, this time on these two contents again analysis. Before you start, you should refresh the two features of Java, both of […]