• Introduction to the differences of Linux GTK, KDE, gnome and xwindows GUI


    I. The implementation of Linux GUI is only the application program under Linux GUI is not a part of Linux. Linux is just a command-line operating system. The relationship between Linux and XFree is the same as that of dos and windows 3.0. Windows 3.0 is not an independent operating system. It is just an […]

  • MacOS C++ Rapidly Develops Native Desktop Programs Using gtkmm GUI


    Installation environment Gtkmm relies heavily on lib, which only requires brew to download dozens of M lib. It completes the development environment dependent installation, which is faster than the Xcode installed with 20+G. # Install gtkmm brew install gtkmm3 # Find the libffi configuration file find /usr/local/Cellar -name libffi.pc # Add the directory of libffi […]

  • GTK Development Environment of Haskell under Windows


    What kind of sparks will happen when a relatively small GUI framework, GTK, meets a relatively small programming language, Haskell, in Windows? The real result is: compared with Linux, it is very difficult to build a working development environment under Windows. This article introduces a useful method of building. Install msys2 Installation process is relatively […]

  • Basic Method of Ruby GUI Programming under GTK with Ruby Gnome 2 Library


    Preface As the Ruby Gnome 2 library becomes more and more perfect and the performance of ruby 1.9 improves, writing GUI programs in Ruby has gradually improved from my hobby to an important part of my work.  It’s really fun to write programs in Ruby, which allows your ideas to be implemented quickly in an […]