• Grub boot error occurred when CentOS was booted, unable to enter the system


    When CentOS is booting up, grub boot error suddenly appears, which leads to the system not being able to enter. In this case, many people are helpless. In fact, this kind of problem is not difficult to solve. The following editor will introduce the solutions to grub boot error when CentOS is booting up, hoping […]

  • The generation of startup time for modifying grub in Ubuntu


    The starting time of online query and modification grub is basically to modify / etc / default / grub #Comment grub out_ HIDDEN_ TIMEOUT=0 #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 #Modify grub_ TIMEOUT = 0 GRUB_TIMEOUT = 0 Then run update grub to regenerate / boot / grub/ grub.cfg But it doesn’t work. It’s still 30 seconds View / boot […]

  • The method of making Linux grub boot on USB disk


    GNU grub is a multi operating system bootloader from GNU Project. Grub is the implementation of multi boot specification. It allows users to have multiple operating systems in the computer at the same time, and choose the operating system they want to run when the computer starts. Grub can be used to select different kernels […]

  • How does centos7 fix MBR and grub?


    I. MBR repair: MBRMaster boot record: The 0 cylinder, 0 head and 1 sector of the hard disk are called the main boot sector. Among them, 446byte is bootloader, 64BYTE is partition table, and the remaining 2byte is magic number. Backup MBR: #dd if=/dev/sda of=/root/mbr.bak count=1 bs=512 Destroy bootloader: #dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda count=1 bs=200 Here, […]

  • How to set grub password in CentOS 6.6


    There are three ways to set grub password: I. set clear text password Edit grub configuration file ා VI / etc / grub.conf After opening, enter in the next line of hidden menu password=123456 Save and exit, enter the startup page after restart, press enter to enter the system startup menu, and press p to […]

  • Method of Modifying GRUB Startup Background of Linux


    What is GRUB background (Splash)? The GRUB background (Splash) is just an image that is displayed as the background when the Linux system starts. You may know that Grub (short for GR and Unified Bootloader) is a widely used boot loader in mainstream Linux distributions. Take Red Hat for example, and you will find that […]

  • How to view device names for each partition under Linux and grub?


    Many times we use such names as (hd0,1), (hd0,2), sda1, sda2 and so on, but what exactly are these things and where can we see them? Now I’ll tell you what I know. Naming of partitioning devices under Linux SDA (/ dev / sda) refers to the first hard disk itself (SATA hard disk is […]