• How to use grpc in. Net core


    1、 Overview of grpc Grpc is based on the following idea: define a service, specify the methods, parameters and return types that can be called remotely. By default, grpc uses protocol buffers as the interface definition language to describe the service interface and payload message structure. If necessary, other alternatives can be used. There are […]

  • Grpc and protobuf in golang microservices


    What is RPC? The so-called RPC (remote procedure call) framework actually provides a set of mechanism to enable the communication between applications, and also follows the server / client model. When using, the client calls the interface provided by the server just like calling local functions. What is grpc? Like many RPC systems, grpc specifies […]

  • Providing grpc based HTTP interface API through grpc gateway


    The advantages of grpc are no longer described, but how to provide external restful interface, and do not want to repeatedly develop the same function can use grpc gateway to convert grpc to external restful API. install go get -u github.com/grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway/protoc-gen-grpc-gateway go get -u github.com/micro/protobuf/{proto,protoc-gen-go} If it is only used, in fact, it is easy […]

  • Record an incident of grpc deadlines


    After receiving the alarm from the transaction service, the memory of the server surged. After troubleshooting, it was found that the reason was that the deadline was not set in the context when the grpc client called.So why does not set deadline lead to memory exhaustion? When you use grpc, the grpc library is responsible […]

  • Distributed service framework grpc


    What is grpc Grpc is a high-performance and general open source RPC framework developed by Google. It is designed by Google mainly for mobile application development and based on HTTP / 2 protocol standard. It is developed based on protocol buffers serialization protocol and supports many development languages. In grpc, a client can directly call […]

  • Building grpc service with golang


    This tutorial provides a basic tutorial for go to use grpc In the tutorial you will learn how to: stay.protoA service is defined in the file. Use the protocol buffer compiler to generate client and server code. Use grpc’s go API to write a client and server for your service. Before you continue, make sure […]

  • Specific methods of using grpc in asp.net core 3.0


    I. Introduction Grpc is a Google open source, cross language, high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework. Grpc enables client and server applications to communicate transparently and simplifies the construction of the connection system. It uses http / 2 as the communication protocol and protocol buffers as the serialization protocol. Its main advantages: Modern high performance […]

  • Use of asp.net core 3.0 grpc interceptor


    I. Preface The first two articles introduce you to the introduction of grpc and the use of two-way flow. Today, we introduce the interceptor in grpc. Like MVC filter or asp.net core middleware, interceptor has the idea of face-to-face. It can carry out some unified processing when invoking services, which is very suitable for processing […]

  • Solution to the problem that null value field is not displayed due to using proto 3 protocol in golang


    Recently, when using grpc protocol, due to the proto3 protocol, some fields will have default null values when searching for record information, resulting in no such fields in the returned JSON structure after calling through the protocol. Although it is not too big a problem to use as the front-end, we need to know that […]

  • Overview of net / RPC package in golang (summary)


    RPC, or remote procedure call, is to call a service on a remote computer as if it were a local service.My project is based on restful microservice architecture. With the communication between microservices becoming more and more frequent, more and more system resources are consumed. So I hope that I can use RPC for internal […]

  • Grpc compilation and installation summary


    Environmental Science: ubuntu 16.04 / macOS Catalina Recently, I want to start grpc. I think it’s very convenient to use the new things, but I met some small problems in the process of installation according to the official steps. I read some blogs to solve them, so I recorded them. Compilation and installation download Download […]

  • Analysis of IM cloud distributed middleware (2) – cloud node implementation


    http://github.com/brewlin/im-… Im cloud builds distributed push middleware based on swoole native process Installation and deployment of IM cloud distributed middleware Comparison of concurrent pressure testing of IM cloud < > GOIM distributed middleware Analysis of IM cloud distributed middleware (I) – Communication Protocol Analysis of IM cloud distributed middleware (2) – cloud node implementation Analysis […]