• From monomer to chaotic microservices, how was alicloud managed service grid born?


    Author Wang Xining   Alibaba senior technical expert Participate in Alibaba cloud’s original text end message interaction, that is, you have the opportunity to get book gift benefits! Before the use of service grid technology, in order to carry out business innovation faster and more flexibly, we often modernize the existing applications and divide the […]

  • Explaining micro service and service grid with istio


    Author: sudip sengupta Translation:Bach(Caiyun) Proofread by:bot(talent cloud)Wenzi under the stars(Caiyun) MicroserviceThe application is broken down into smaller service components. Compared with the traditional monolithic architecture,Microservice architecture regards each microservice as an independent entity and module, which fundamentally helps to simplify the maintenance of code and related infrastructure. Each microservice of an application can be written […]

  • Front end daily Combat: 170 on the first day of the 1920s, everything has just begun


    Hello everyone, I haven’t published the work “front end daily combat” for some time. Today, the first day of 2020, I will finally start again. I will continue to practice the PBL (project-based learning) learning method, and share my learning notes with you for exchange, discussion and common progress. During this period of unpublished work, […]

  • Interview with Christian Posta: istio 1.7 will be the most stable version available for production


    By Tian Xiaoxu and Christian Posta In 2017, after istio released version 0.1, its elegant architecture design was recognized by everyone. With version iteration, developers make complaints about Istio too complicated. Therefore, istio version 1.5 overturned the previous architecture design and proposed the architecture design of “return to monomer”. The release note of version 1.6 […]

  • Someone wrote an automatic loss script in Python, and can also notify in real time via wechat!


    It’s said that the shock body is very eye-catching. I’ll try it today At the beginning of all the articles in this series, I will summarize the contents of the corresponding articles in one or two sentences. If you are interested in this topic, you can continue to read on. If you are not interested, […]

  • Optimizing garbage collection strategy with genetic algorithm


    By Andrew KuoCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Genetic algorithm is an optimization technology, which is similar to evolutionary process in essence. This may be a rough analogy, but if you squint at it, Darwin’s natural selection is really roughly similar to an optimization task, which aims to create organisms that are perfectly suited to reproduce […]

  • Five lines of code speed up the learning of scikit learn parameters by five times


    By Michael ChauCompile VKSource: towards Data Science As we all know, scikit learn is a product that data scientists basically know. It provides dozens of easy-to-use machine learning algorithms. It also provides two ready-made technologies to solve the super parameter adjustment problem: grid search CV and random search cv. These two technologies are powerful ways […]

  • Practice of non intrusive full link a / B test based on wasm


    Introduction: as we all know, service grid can provide non-invasive traffic management capability for micro services running on it. By configuring virtualservice and destinationrule, the functions of traffic management, timeout retrial, traffic replication, current limiting and fusing can be realized without modifying the microservice code. The practice described in this paper is to implement the […]

  • 06 CSS3 layout – Part 1 (front end must master)


    The following are the main referenceshttp://www.ruanyifeng.com/blo…andhttps://developer.mozilla.org…Two articles. If you want more details, you can take a look at these two articles. One day, Mirs rose in the same wind and soared up to 90000 Li! Study together, progress together! CSS layout The traditional scheme is based on the boxed model and relies on display attribute […]

  • Bootstrap responsive project sharing


    The main use of this page are1.Global CSS style grid system2.Global CSS style button3.Global CSS Style — auxiliary class4.Component — button drop down menu5.Component — navigation bar6.Component – paging7.Component — media object8.JavaScript plug in — tab9.JavaScript plug-in carousel 1. Top logo and login section Using the grid system, the logo and login are divided into […]

  • Forecasting the rental price of airbnb in New York City with tensorflow


    Author: timothy102Compile VKSource: analytics vidhya introduce Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out their properties or spare rooms to their guests. 12% and 6% commission will be charged for every 3 guests. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has helped 21000 guests find accommodation every year and 6 million people […]

  • All you want to know about the bootstrap grid system is here


    Bootstrap framework is one of the most popular front-end frameworks. Bootstrap is powerful, easy to learn, and very suitable for practical application scenarios. But it contains a lot of content, novices often can not quickly master. Next, let’s make a brief summary of the bootstra grid system What is the definition of bootstrap grid system? […]