• Thinking and practice behind Alibaba’s Trinity strategy of service grid technology


    Introduction:This article shares the thoughts and practices behind Alibaba’s Trinity strategy of service grid technology. About some product functions of Alibaba cloud service grid ASM, including some recently released functions, you are welcome to click below for details Authors: Zong Quan, Yu Zeng Alibaba Trinity strategy Alibaba cloud has long put forward the Trinity strategy […]

  • CSS functions (IV) grid functions


    These three functionsCan only be used in grid layout fit-content() The fit content function receives a parameter, the length value, and its function can be interpreted literally to “adapt to the content”. <div class=”fit-content-wrapper”> < div class = “fit item Item1” > test1dssssss3333333 ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss < div class = “fit item Item2” > test2 this is […]

  • Display: grid implements irregular layout


    Recently, I want to implement an irregular layout. After searching, I found the attribute display: grid. 1. Basic introduction Grid is a CSS shorthand property that can be used to set the following properties:Explicit grid attributes grid template rows, grid template columns and grid template areas,Implicit grid attributes grid auto rows, grid auto columns and […]

  • What are the clustering algorithms? How are they classified?


    If you want to understand the clustering algorithm and distinguish and compare it, you’d better understand the specific clustering algorithm in the context of the whole clustering analysis. Cluster analysis is a more rigorous methodData analysisProcess. There are four main research contents from the data source of clustering object to the knowledge archive of clustering […]

  • Number of leetcode Islands (200) – BFS zone details


    Give you a two-dimensional grid composed of ‘1’ (land) and ‘0’ (water). Please calculate the number of islands in the grid.Islands are always surrounded by water, and each island can only be formed by adjacent land connections in the horizontal and / or vertical direction.In addition, you can assume that all four sides of the […]

  • Huawei cloud application service grid best practices from spring cloud to istio


    Summary:At the first global community summit istiocon 2021, Zhang Chaomeng, chief architect of Huawei cloud application service grid, delivered a keynote speech on best practice: from spring cloud to istio, sharing practical cases of istio’s use in production. Click the link to watch the speech:https://events.istio.io/istiocon-2021/sessions/best-practice%EF%BC%9Afrom-spring-cloud-to-istio/ The following is the full text of the speech Hello, […]

  • Why does a successful data grid implementation require data virtualization?


    It has been the practice of organizations for many years to integrate all data into a single location, such as data warehouse or data lake, which has sprung up in recent years. However, some disadvantages of centralized data infrastructure are emerging: A centralized data team cannot understand data as well as a specific business team […]

  • Flitter audio and video clipping_ Ffmpeg pit notes


    flutter_ What is ffmpeg? Ffmpeg is an audio and video processing library, which processes audio and video in the form of command lineIt is the implementation of ffmpeg in the mobile terminal_ Ffmpeg is a package of mobileffmmpeg. Yes, it can easily use ffmpeg to process audio and video under fluent. flutter_ Ffmpeg includes two […]

  • How to map the mouse position in CSS and realize the effect of controlling page elements through mouse movement


    To map the mouse position or achieve the drag effect, we canJavaScriptDo this in. But in fact, there are more concise methods in CSS, which we can not useJavaScriptIn this case, the same function can still be realized! Only CSS can be used to simulate the “click and drag” effect of the mouse. Let’s see […]

  • 3D web page experiment – based on Babylon JS and recast JS to realize RTS unit control


    1、 Operation effect 1. Build a map with topographic relief and different geomorphic textures: The middle of the map is a sunken river channel, and the two corners are prominent highlands. The highlands and lowlands are connected by slope channels. Underwater is made of sand and soil, and the sand and soil mesh fits the […]

  • ArcMap tool document – data management tool 1 – Las dataset


      1. Las dataset The Las dataset stores one or more Las files in the storage medium and references to other surface constraint features. Among them, Las format file is an open standard binary file for lidar data exchange, which retains specific information related to lidar data. 1.1 Las dataset statistics 1.1.1 description This tool […]

  • 11 of our favorite Devops open source tools in 2021


    With the end of 2021, we are at Devops Com wants to choose the most popular article this year. Here is the eighth in our “best of 2021” series. ​ Devops is more than just a cultural transformation – it requires great tools to achieve it. Next, we have sorted out some of the most […]