• PIE calls Python to return an array of histogram matrices


    Some time ago, I studied the combination of PIE SDK and Python. I have been able to successfully call Python through C # to get the color histogram. (Shared in the last essay: https://www.cnblogs.com/yuan1120/p/11126869.html) On the basis of the previous success, this time I intend to call Python through C # and return an array […]

  • Sorting Data Using CSS Grid Shepherd Technology


    Translator: Crazy Technology House Original: https://css-tricks.com/using-… No reprinting without permission! Shepherds are good at caring for their sheep and bringing order and structure to their herds. Even if there were hundreds of furry animals, shepherds would still bring them all back to the farm at the end of the day. For programmers, when we process […]

  • Vue refers to bootstrap3


    The effect of using bootstrap 3 for grid layout of interface is much stronger than element-ui, which is mainly reflected in the display of different devices, and element-ui is deficient in this respect. Refer to bootstrap yarn add [email protected] Based on jquery, you also need to refer to two packages, jQuery and popper. js, yarn […]

  • PIE calls Python to get the color histogram


    I’ve been studying the combination of PIE SDK and Python for a while, because in my development, I want to get a statistical histogram of a picture. Although there are class interfaces (such as IStatsHistogram interface, Histogram StatDialog class) about histogram in SDK, some of the results obtained by some methods are some small questions. […]

  • Generating Spherical Mesh Model with Unity3D Mesh Function


    In this paper, we share the specific code of generating spherical mesh model with Unity3D mesh function for your reference. The details are as follows. I’ve already talked about how to use mesh to generate a mesh of my own, so this article will describe how to transform this mesh into the shape I want, […]

  • 10 Minutes Understanding CSS3 Grid Layout


    Basic introduction In the last article, we introduced CSS3 flexbox. Today, let’s talk about another powerful function of css3: Grid. Grid front-end students should be familiar with, translated into Chinese as “grid“. Students who have used bootstrap, semantic ui, ant design must know grid layout (deleted layout). In the past, the grid layout in the […]

  • Create your own CSS grid system


    This article is translated from Creating Your Own CSS Grid System | Jan. If there are any mistakes in English, please correct them. CSS grids have existed for a long time. They are usually bundled in frameworks such as Bootstrap. I’m not a Bootstrap hater, but sometimes it’s “too much” to use a framework if […]