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  • Analyzing the grid system of bootstrap from the source code


    Summary The grid system of bootstrap consists of three parts: container row columns There are two types of containers.container: fixed width and horizontal center;container-fluidFull screen.Row occupies the whole container. A row can contain 12 columns.There are four types of column:lg, md, sm, xs, corresponding to four device screen sizes. learn more Get ready First, we […]

  • The story of CSS grid system


    Speaking ofgrid system(grid system)You may have seen the concept: Like this, through the fixed lattice structure, to carry out the layout design. This is a design style, and has been widely used in the field of web design. Such a clear and neat style can make the web page have a more friendly browsing experience. […]

  • Bootstrap grid system


    What is bootstrap Bootstrap is a front-end framework for rapid development of web applications and websites, including HTML, CSS, JS, etc. It was developed by twitter and is now the most popular front-end development framework on GitHub. It provides a responsive, mobile first streaming grid system that automatically divides into up to 12 columns as […]

  • CSS grid: page grid layout has never been so simple


    Page layout is never a worry! If theTwo column layout, table layoutHoly Grail layoutYou’re exhausted by waiting! So the mobile terminal’s more diversified layout will definitely make you suffer! Table don’t know if you’ve used it? Has bootstrap been used? Did antd use it? These seemingly gaudy layouts are actually like a net. If the […]

  • Explain the flexible application of CSS grid system in project


    Preface CSS grid is usually bundled in various frameworks, but sometimes you need to customize a CSS grid to meet the actual business needs. This article talks about the flexible use of CSS grid system in the project. demand UI designs the following layout, in which the orange part of the upper left corner is […]