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  • Recommendation of CTF learning resources


    CTF learning route guidance 1.CTFwiki https://wiki.x10sec.org/ 2. Wiki tutorial (programming learning)https://iowiki.com/ 3. Rookie tutorial (programming learning)https://www.runoob.com/ CTF online tools 1.CTFtools  http://www.ctftools.com/down/?tdsourcetag=s_pctim_aiomsg 2. CTF online toolshttp://ctf.ssleye.com/ 3.BugTool https://tool.bugku.com/ 4. A toolboxhttp://www.atoolbox.net/ 5. SSL certificate online toolhttps://www.chinassl.net/ssltools/index.html 6.JSON http://www.jsons.cn/ 7. GitHub resources (Advanced recommendation)https://github.com/euphrat1ca/security_w1k1 8. How to use pwntoolshttp://docs.pwntools.com/en/stable/index.html CTF range 1. Ctfhub (for beginners)https://www.ctfhub.com/ 2. Attack and defend the worldhttps://adworld.xctf.org.cn/login […]

  • New elements of HTML5


    HTML5 semantics header, section, footer, aside, nav, article, figure { display: block; } nav,header,p,article{ width: 1200px; margin:0 auto; }<br> ul{ height:40px; background-color: #fff; list-style: none; display: inline-block; width: 1200px; padding: 0px; }<br> li{ line-height: 40px; text-align: center; float: left; width: 400px; margin:0 auto; } li:hover{ background: pink; }<br> a{ text-decoration: none; } .post{ border:1px dashed […]

  • Rookie + hologres = intelligent logistics


    Author:Alibaba rookie logistics team(Qu Ji, Xiaojiang, Jiang Jizhong) 1、 Business background Rookie intelligent logistics analysis engine is a logistics query platform based on search architecture. It handles several billion package events every day, and carries most of the processing tasks of rookie logistics data.The intelligent logistics analysis engine integrates all kinds of application scenarios based […]

  • On the length attribute of JS array


    preface A rookie who is learning the front end, although he is a vegetable, he has not given up yet. content   First of all, we all know that every array has a length attribute. This length attribute is generally used as a constraint for loop traversal. Generally, we think it is the number of elements […]

  • Redis — java client jedis


    Redis — java client jedis Blog description The information involved in this article comes from the Internet and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! brief introduction Jedis: a Java operating redis database tool Rookie tutorial document address How to […]

  • Xiaobai’s regular introduction


    summary As a metalanguage tool, regular is built into various programming languages, especially suitable for text processing, data validation and other fields.Its advantage is that the code is short, the expression is huge, the disadvantage is difficult to read, difficult to understand, almost impossible to debug.As a rookie, I hope to find out the way […]

  • IOS develops a line of code to handle cache calculation and clear cache


    Don’t say much, just code // // gzhCache.h // cache // //Created by Guo Zhihe on May 27, 2020 //All rights reserved // #import NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN @interface gzhCache : NSObject ///Calculate cache size +(float)filePath; ///Clean up cache +(void)clearCache; @end NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_END // // gzhCache.m // cache // //Created by Guo Zhihe on May 27, 2020 //All rights […]

  • Communication between electron rendering processes


    A collection of rookies’ electron stepping on the pit. IPC is convenient for communication between the main process and the rendering process. But between rendering processes? Ha ha, my farmer seems to have stepped into a pit again. Scheme 1: Use global share properties: // In the main process. global.sharedObject = { someProperty: ‘default value’ […]

  • Mongodb update / delete / index


    1、 Update grammar db.collection.update( <query>, <update>, { upsert: <boolean>, multi: <boolean>, writeConcern: <document> } ) Parameter Description: Query: query condition of update, similar to where in SQL update query. Update: the object of update and some updated operators (such as $, $inc…) can also be understood as the set after the SQL update query Upsert: […]



    to update: db.col.update ({‘title’: ‘mongodb tutorial’}, {$set: {‘title’: ‘mongodb’}}) -The cleavage should be complete, In the document: public writeresult update (dbobject Q, DBObject o, boolean upsert, boolean multi) throws MongoException db.getCollection(‘projects’).update({sector:’OFCBLD’},{$set:{sector:’OFFICE’}},false,true) Insert: >db.col.insert({ Title: ‘mongodb tutorial’, Description: ‘mongodb is a NoSQL database’, By: ‘rookie tutorial’, url: ‘http://www.runoob.com’, tags: [‘mongodb’, ‘database’, ‘NoSQL’], likes: 100 })

  • Using preference in the way of Android X – recording an official document error


    Using preference in the way of Android x cause Maybe because of targetapi = 29, when using the traditional preferenceactivity, as reminds me that some of the methods in it have been abandoned. As a very radical amateur rookie developer, my obsessive-compulsive disorder urges me to find solutions Recently, I received my little software androcode. […]

  • Some experience of rookie using WordPress to build a station


    Key words description: xindejianzhan can use rookie to create a theme article in this sidebar This week, I learned to use WordPress as an independent blog, and then I accumulated some rookie experience. I record it to help rookies like me. Please don’t laugh    One theme  1.1 column location  Topics are generally divided by column number. Some topics […]