• K8s native serverless practice: ask and knative


    By Li Peng (Yuan Yi)Source|Serverless official account 1、 Why knative K8s has become the mainstream operating system in the cloud native marketfit one into the otherExpose infrastructure capabilities through data abstraction, such as service, ingress, pod, deployment, etc., which are exposed to users through k8s native API; andRight downK8s provides some standard interfaces for infrastructure […]

  • High availability architecture design of micro service in cloud native Era


    Introduction:In the “Alibaba technology quality course” on August 20, Jingguo from ant shared a comprehensive analysis of the high availability architecture design of micro services in the cloud native era, introducing the evolution path of application architecture, the technical benefits in the cloud native era, the design principles of high availability architecture and the design […]

  • Fashion dataset training


    Download dataset There are 70000 28 * 28 pixel gray images and labels in the fashion dataset, covering ten categories: T-shirt, pants, pullover, dress, coat, sandals, shirt, sports shoes, bag and boot. 60000 of them were used for training and 10000 for testing.   import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras from matplotlib import […]

  • Architecture design: service deployment and release in distributed architecture


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Introduction to service release Under the distributed system architecture, service publishing is a very troublesome thing, especially in the construction of automatic publishing process and gray test strategy. In general, if the gray process at the data level is not involved, the service can be grayscale […]

  • Architecture design: realize gray publishing mode in micro service mode


    Source code:GitHub. Click here || Gitee. Click here 1、 Basic logic Request through 8001 service, in the gray rule, will read the next request service list, according to the version number parameter rule, select the routing service. Configure version number to distinguish gray version and default normal version;The user-defined interceptor manages the passing of version […]

  • Analysis: today’s Taobao S1 level fault


    Write at the beginning: This picture has appeared in many headlines today. Xiaobian himself is also a must. The IOS version will still appear 100% now,At present, the prompt has been modified at 7.52 on March 25 (new version of XXXXX found) Taobao on IOS must be mostly written through Object-C, and then distributed and […]

  • Introduction to OpenCV image


    Introduction to image processing An image is made up of pixelsImage classification: binary image, gray image, RGB imageChannel order in opencv: B, G, R Read pixel Return value = image (position parameter)Gray image, return gray valueBGR image, the return value is the value of B, G, R # eg: p = img[88, 142] print(p) Returns […]

  • Image gray histogram, histogram equalization, histogram specification (matching)


    This paper mainly introduces the gray histogram correlation processing, including the following aspects: Opencv is used to calculate the gray histogram of the image and draw the histogram curve Principle and implementation of histogram equalization Principle and implementation of histogram specification (matching) Gray histogram of image An image is composed of pixels with different gray […]

  • Example of pytorch color image to gray image


    Python Library Pytorch itself has the function to load cifar10 and other data sets, but it loads a tensor of 3 * 200 * 200. When encountering the need to use gray-scale image, it can use its own function to modify, so as to complete the conversion of color image to gray-scale image more quickly […]

  • ISP Foundation (06): AWB algorithm


    1. AWB overview People’s vision and nervous system have color constancy. When they see white objects, they are not affected by the environment. For example, in cloudy, sunny, indoor, outdoor, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp and other environments, the color of white paper in human vision basically remains unchanged, but image sensor, an electronic device, has […]

  • ISP Foundation (10) – gamma correction and its implementation


    In Figure 2, the left image is the original image, and the middle image is gamma = 1 / 2.2. In the correction result, the gray value of the left half of the original image is higher, and the gray value of the right half is lower. After gamma = 1 / 2.2 correction (middle […]

  • Overview of map search system


    Overview of map search system Image search by image refers to searching images with similar content according to image content. Building a map search system needs to solve two key problems: first, extracting image features; second, feature data search engine, that is, building feature data into database and providing the function of similarity search. Image […]