• From architecture to source code: understanding the rendering mechanism of fluent


    Introduction:In essence, fluent is also a UI framework, which solves the problem of rendering a set of code at multiple ends. The design of rendering pipeline is more streamlined, and the self built rendering engine has better performance experience than reactnative, weex and WebView. This paper will analyze the design and implementation of fluent rendering […]

  • IOS off screen rendering


    Preface: debug – > color off screen rendered eg: – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; //1. Button background picture (off screen rendering appears) UIButton *btn1 = [UIButton new]; btn1.frame = CGRectMake(100, 30, 100, 100); btn1.layer.cornerRadius = 50; [self.view addSubview:btn1]; [btn1 setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@”sun.png”] forState:UIControlStateNormal]; btn1.clipsToBounds = YES; //2. Button background color UIButton *btn2 = [UIButton new]; btn2.frame […]

  • IOS interview question: talk about off screen rendering in IOS?


    Come on, IOS GPU rendering mechanism: the CPU calculates the display content and submits it to the GPU. After GPU rendering, the rendering result is put into the frame buffer. Then, the video controller will read the data of the frame buffer line by line according to the Vsync signal and transmit it to the […]

  • Reasons for IOS off screen rendering


    Normal rendering flow In the rendering process of GPU, according toFrom far to nearThe images are displayed on the screen in order, and the results are stored inframe buffer Video controller fromframe bufferAfter reading the data in and displaying it on the screen, the frame change data will be lost immediately Normal rendering flow offscreen […]

  • How to make the flutter application use SVG better?


    Introduction:As a powerful standard format of vector graphics, SVG has incomparable advantages in the expressiveness of picture definition. So is SVG the absolute first choice? This may not be the case. This article will take you to understand the performance problems of SVG in flutter application, and share the exploration and practice of UC browser […]

  • Super detailed analysis of flutter rendering engine | business wants to innovate, how can we do without understanding the underlying principles?


    Introduction:As a cross platform application framework, flutter has been highly concerned since its birth. It solves the problem of multi terminal consistency which is difficult to solve in Rn and weex solutions by self drawing UI. Dart AOT and reduced rendering pipeline have higher performance experience than the combination with JavaScript and WebView. The analysis […]

  • IOS knowledge combing – UI (I) rendering & touch


    Take a look at the IOS UI. There are several important concepts related to IOS UI: window, viewcontroller, view, layer. First of all, we need to know that in these concepts, the core layer of UI presentation, all the information that determines the final presentation is on the layer. View is a direct encapsulation of […]

  • Explore the modern browser architecture (3)


    Preface This paper is a translation of the series of inside look at modern web browser written by Mario Kosaka. The translation here does not refer to literal translation, but expresses the author’s intended meaning in combination with personal understanding, and will try to add some relevant content to help you better understand. What happens […]

  • High performance web animation and rendering principles series (4) “composition pipeline speech ppt” learning summary


    Catalog abstract 1. Synthesis pipeline 2. Predefined UI layer 3. What is the meaning of paint 4. Advantages and disadvantages of stratification 5. View properties and processing methods 6. Quads 7. Compositor Frame 8. About rasterization and rendering methods 9. [important] difference between software rendering and hardware rendering The sample code is hosted at: http://www.github.com/dashkeywords/blogs […]

  • IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 8


    IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 1 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 2 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 3 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 4 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 5 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 6 IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 7 15. Layer performance Layer performance For […]