• Method of Linux entering graphical interface


    installIf there is a graphical interface, start Linux and input: startx operationInterface.If you want it every timeAutomatically enter xwindos。。inittabDocuments.vi /etc/inittabfindid:3:initdefault:This lineiEnter edit mode,Change 3 to 5。escExit editing.qw—Input includes’: ‘Multi user modeReplace with: id:3:initdefault: #1 – single user mode / / single user mode#2 – multiuser, without NFS (the same as 3, if you do not have Networking) […]

  • “Tools” three minutes to learn about an online process drawing tool: whimsical


    Whimsical is an online process drawing tool, which only needs a browser to draw exquisite flow charts anytime, anywhere. In addition to the flowcharts function, the official also launched wireframes, sticky notes and mindmap functions. The latter three are not the main competitiveness of whimsical. Only the function of flow chart is introduced here. Thank […]

  • ZABBIX auto discovery, port URL detection


    1、 Auto discovery 1. Turn on automatic discovery Configure auto discovery Modify automatically discovered network segments Enable autodiscover 2. Configure automatic discovery actions Configure autodiscover actions Add the IP address of the action Add autodiscover action Enable action 3. Inspection image.png 2、 Automatic registration 1. Modify agent configuration #All agent machines need to modify the […]

  • Exclusive insight into NoSQL distributed database – Adam Fowler


    Original translation, original author: Adam Fowler,Reprinted from:https://adamfowler.org/2017/0… I checked the latest beta version of arangodb hybrid document and graphics storage.Arangodb is a hybrid or multi model NoSQL document and graphics storage. This provides great flexibility and strength for project development. I’ve been following them since arangofindArangoDB on Github), it’s been more than three years now, […]

  • Eagle, the Kafka graphical tool for the sky, must be recommended to you!


    Kafka is a very popular message middleware. According to the official website, thousands of companies are using it. Recently, I have practiced a wave of Kafka, which is really good and powerful. Today, let’s learn Kafka from three aspects: kafaka’s installation under Linux, Kafka’s visualization tool, and the combination of Kafka and springboot. I hope […]

  • Pure CSS to achieve rotating pyramid


    CSS is a magical thing. In the process of learning, you will find the beauty of painting and art. Pyramid is one of the eight wonders of the world. It has exquisite design and precise calculation, which makes the world marvel. How to draw a pyramid with CSS? There are not many ugly words. Let’s […]

  • Introduction to ggplot2 package of datisteq


    Cited in ggplot2 data analysis and graphic art Whenever we see a new software, our first reaction is: why invent a new software? Ggplot2 is a relatively young package in the R world. Before it, the official r has its own basic graphics system (graphics package) and grid graphics system (grid package), and deepayan Sarkar […]

  • Echorts is configured with time as the y-axis icon


      The options are configured as follows: color: colors, legend: { //Legend show: this.legendShow, data: state, Selectedmode: true, // the legend is set as non clickable left: this.left, bottom: this.bottom, textStyle: { color: this.legendColor, }, }, grid: { //Drawing grid left: “3%”, right: “3%”, top: “1%”, bottom: “10%”, containLabel: true, }, xAxis: { type: “time”, […]

  • Matlab use


    The words written in the frontThe article contains a lot of content, which is my course notesLink to original course:https://www.bilibili.com/vide…The content is mainly based on the content in the classroom PPT, and no classroom examples are recordedYou can use it as a dictionary Tip: Ctrl + F can search the browser page Topic 1 Course […]

  • Use regex vis Com visual regular expression


    regex-vis.comIt is a tool to assist in learning, writing and verifying regular rules. It can not only show the regularities visually, but also provide the ability of visual editing regularities Function introduction You can go directlyregex-vis.comExperience its functions,WarehouseReadme also has a simple demonstration. If you like, you can order a star. If you find a […]

  • 24.canvas


    Canvas QML Type Provides a 2D canvas item enabling drawing via JavaScript. More… Import Statement:import QtQuick 2.14Since:Qt 5.0Inherits:Item List of all members, including inherited membersObsolete members Propertiesavailable : boolcanvasSize : sizecontext : objectcontextType : stringrenderStrategy : enumerationrenderTarget : enumeration SignalsimageLoaded()paint(region)painted() MethodscancelRequestAnimationFrame(handle)object getContext(contextId, … args)isImageError(image)isImageLoaded(image)isImageLoading(image)loadImage(image)markDirty(area)int requestAnimationFrame(callback)requestPaint()bool save(filename)string toDataURL(mimeType)unloadImage(image) Detailed DescriptionThe Canvas item allows drawing of straight […]

  • [dry goods] a visual learning guide for Xiaobai front end — with mind map


    preface Because the fans in the group have been asking me to write an articleGetting started with visualization, he came today. In fact, when it comes to front-end visualization, all you can think of is various charts and large screens. This kind of thief looks cool, and the author has been engaged in 3D front-end […]