• Illustration of Python | installation and environment settings


    Author:Han [email protected] address:http://www.showmeai.tech/tuto…Address of this article:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/65Statement: All Rights Reserved. Please contact the platform and author for reprint and indicate the source introduction Python is an object-oriented interpretive computer programming language. Its use has the characteristics of cross platform. It can build an environment and use it in Linux, MacOS and windows systems. When the code […]

  • Detailed installation diagram of redhat9


    At the beginninginstallBefore Linux, please collect relevant hardware information first. If you are not suresystemThe compatibility of hardware can reachhttp://hardware.redhat.comQuery. Prepare a partition with a space of more than 5g (recommended value) for Linux. Then we can start our Linux Installation journey. First step   First, we have three tickets readyinstallCD, boot the computer with […]

  • 5. ordinary road – simple processing of query result set


    Let’s say before: namespace temporary Convention – full path of class name of persistent class (entity bean). Com shxt. model. Skill A simple query result set processing 1. query result set is processed as map type (1) Field as key value in map Mapping file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mapper PUBLIC “-//mybatis.org//DTD Mapper 3.0//EN” “http://mybatis.org/dtd/mybatis-3-mapper.dtd”> […]

  • 6. ordinary road – single condition fuzzy query


    It is one of the cores of mybatis. There are many pits in it. Let’s have a look An introduction to three ways of fuzzy query I will use resultmap to process result set data <mapper namespace=”com.shxt.model.Skill”> <resultMap type=”com.shxt.model.Skill” id=”BaseResultMap”> <id column=”skill_id” property=”skillId”/> <result column=”skill_name” property=”skillName”/> <result column=”num” property=”num”/> </resultMap> </mapper> 1. fuzzy query of […]

  • 7. ordinary road – dynamic SQL statement


    Dynamic SQL statement is one of the cores. Here we will demonstrate it through several examples I. multi condition query topics 1. complete dynamic SQL statements through identities If tag involved <mapper namespace=”com.shxt.model.User”> <resultMap type=”com.shxt.model.User” id=”BaseResultMapper”> <id column=”user_id” property=”user_id” /> <result column=”user_name” property=”user_name” /> <result column=”sex” property=”sex” /> <result column=”money” property=”money” /> <result column=”birthday” property=”birthday” […]

  • Graphic big data | detailed explanation of distributed platform Hadoop and map reduce


    Author:Han [email protected] address:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/84Article address:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/168Notice: All Rights Reserved. Please contact the platform and the author for reprint and indicate the source 1. Hadoop quick start 1) Introduction to Hadoop Hadoop is an open source distributed computing platform under the Apache Software Foundation, which provides users with a distributed infrastructure with transparent bottom details of the system. […]

  • Illustration of big data | practical operation case – Hadoop system construction and environment configuration


    Author:Han [email protected] address:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/84Article address:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/169Notice: All Rights Reserved. Please contact the platform and the author for reprint and indicate the source 1. Introduction This tutorial showmeai will explain the installation and environment configuration methods of Hadoop in detail. You can review the basic knowledge of showmeai about Hadoop and map reduceDetailed explanation of distributed platform Hadoop […]

  • Illustrated big data | practical case MapReduce big data statistics


    Author:Han [email protected] address:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/84Article address:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/170Notice: All Rights Reserved. Please contact the platform and the author for reprint and indicate the source 1. Introduction This tutorial showmeai will explain in detail the method of Hadoop using map reduce for data statistics. For the basic knowledge of Hadoop and map reduce, you can review the basic knowledge of […]

  • This paper understands the basic algorithm from union search set to graph


    Joint search set Combination of ideas: There are several samples a, B, C, D Assume that the type is v In the parallel search set, each sample is considered to be in a separate set at the beginning Users can call two methods at any time: Boolean issameset (V x, V y): query whether sample […]

  • Sorting algorithm: This article is enough (with 80 interview questions for large factories)


    Sorting algorithm belongs to the basic content of data structure and algorithm, and it is also a high-frequency examination point in large factory written examination.   Today’s article briefly combs the common sorting algorithms, relevant materials and real interview questions of large factories.   Let’s sort it out according to the following picture Common sorting […]

  • Chapter 9 testing strategies in micro service architecture (Part I)


    catalogue preface 1. Overview of testing strategy in microservice architecture 1.1 write automated test 1.2 testing with simulation and piles 1.3 classification of tests by scope of use 1.4 classification of tests using test quadrants 1.5 classification of tests using test pyramid 1.6 testing challenges in microservice architecture 1.7 consumer driven contract testing 1.8 contract […]

  • Pandas data processing three board axe — detailed explanation of map, apply and applymap


    WeChat official account: “Python reads money”If there are any questions or suggestions, please official account message. In daily data processing, aDataFramePerform row by row, column by column and element by element operations. Corresponding to these operations, themap、applyandapplymapCan solve the vast majority of such data processing needs. This article is based oncaseIncidentalgraphicTo introduce the three methods […]