• Thousand phases and thousand faces graphic syntax


    In the fluent visualization LibraryGraphicIn the new version of, the syntax of declarative definition is optimized to better reflect the essence of graphic syntax. This article passedGraphicThe graph grammar definition transformation, step by step will evolve the histogram into a pie chart, showing the flexibility and richness of graph grammar. At the same time, it […]

  • Linux_ Shell foundation


    1、 What is a shell script   Shell script (English: shell script), also known as shell command script and programmed script, is a computer program and text file. The content is composed of a series of shell commands, which are directly translated by UNIX shell and then operated. It is designed as a script language, and […]

  • Webpack introductory learning notes 01 – basic introduction to webpack


    1. Write in front Many programmers engaged in front-end development will be exposed towebpackVery familiar with the concept, but I think many people only know a little about webpack. They know that it is a packer, which can package and compile the Vue code and react code we write into native JS code, which is […]

  • JS language features (Part 1)


    Es standard ES5    Es5 standard isEcma-262 5th Edition, which is the JS version that all browsers on the market can support and run. At present, most browsers only realize some features of ES6, and only Google browser canManual openingFull support for ES6 syntax. Therefore, in the current front-end development, it is not recommended to […]

  • Based on the open source stream batch integrated data synchronization engine Chunjun data restore DDL parsing module actual combat sharing


    Original link:Based on the open source stream batch integrated data synchronization engine Chunjun data restore DDL parsing module actual combat sharing Courseware acquisition: pay attention to official account * * “digital stack seminar”, background private message“Chunjun” * * get live courseware Video playback:click here Chunjun open source project address:github1giteeLike our project, give us a star! […]

  • @property in Objective-C


    [email protected] What is it? @PropertyIt is the syntax of declaring attributes. It can quickly and easily create accessors for instance variables, and allows us to use accessors through point syntax. Accessor: refers to the method used to get and set instance variables. The accessor used to get the value of the instance variable isgetterThe accessor […]

  • .net5 tutorial try c#9 new syntax (logic and attribute mode, record)


      code: namespace ConsoleApp1 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { //Create a list array, and the right side of the = sign can be omitted List? ts = new(); Var Stua = new student (“mingmingzi”, “1606”, 18); //Directly copy and update Stua and assign it to stub var StuB = StuA with […]

  • Complete syntax and parameter description of various triggers in SQL Server


    Syntax: Trigger on an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to a table or view (DML Trigger) CREATE TRIGGER [ schema_name . ]trigger_name ON { table | view } [ WITH <dml_trigger_option> [ ,…n ] ] { FOR | AFTER | INSTEAD OF } { [ INSERT ] [ , ] [ UPDATE ] [ , […]

  • Intensive reading of class static block


    class-static-blockProposed on2021.9.1Entering Stage4 is a proposal based on class enhancement. This week we combineES2022 feature: class static initialization blocksThis article discusses this feature together. summary Why do we need the syntax of class static block? One reason is the need for flexible assignment of class static variables. Taking the following as an example, if we […]

  • Oracle — window function (I)


    The name of the window function is the over() function. There are two commonly used attributes, partition by and order by. Partition by is similar to group by. We usually call group by grouping, and partition by is called partition. The general structure is: Function(arg1 , arg2 ……) over(partition by clause order by clause windowing […]

  • Some new grammars of c#6


    People class public class People { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public int Age { get; set; } /// ///C #6 new grammar.: 8. Automatically implemented attribute initializer /// public DateTime BirthDay { get; set; } = DateTime.Now.AddYears(-22); /// ///C#6 new syntax: expression bodies on property […]

  • Vite + vue2 + vuetify2 + + typescript matching development project


    This article records how to use vue3’s composition API in vue2 environment and cooperate with vuetify2 preface Before, I was transforming a vuetify2project, because vuetify3 is still in beta and lacks some features compared with vuetify2, but wants to use vue3’s< /code> syntax, so I looked for the relevant scheme, and the following is a […]