• Sharp weapon series – more efficient VIM


    screenshot install (you need a version of vim with Python support. Please usevim –version | grep +pythonTo check) rely on(debian/ubuntu platform) `sudo apt-get install python vim exuberant-ctags git` `sudo pip install dbgp vim-debug pep8 flake8 pyflakes isort` rely on(redhat/centos platform) The python version from Yum source of CentOS 6.7 is older. It is recommended to […]

  • Alibaba cloud maxcompute 2021-july issue


    Introduction:Maxcompute’s July issue will take you through the latest project deletion, SQL performance optimization recommendation and other functions released in July, as well as the wonderful live broadcast courses in July and August. Welcome to read. This monthly issue will bring youMaxComputeThe latest product trends in July. Reading guide Latest product release in July Best […]

  • Hot discussion: why is CSS so difficult to learn? You must have done something wrong


    Hello, I amzero or one。 Some time ago, I asked this question in Zhihu:Why is CSS so difficult to learn? After seeing this problem, I think it over carefully. CSS seems to be very difficult to learn. It doesn’t seem to have a very systematic learning outline like JavaScript. You don’t usually use all CSS. […]

  • Tree shaking principle and Application


    Tree shaking principle and Application concept Tree shaking literally means “shaking the tree”. We shake the yellow leaves on the tree. During project development, we will organize the code according to module division. The role of tree shaking is to shake off all unnecessary code in the project, eliminate references, and delete unused module code. […]

  • Vue3 ref grammar sugar, farewell How to write value


    preface Recently, vue3 proposed aRFC for ref sugar, i.erefGrammar sugar is still dealing with the experimental stage. In the motivation of RFC, Evan you introduced that after the introduction of composition API, a major unresolved problem isrefsandreactiveObject. And used everywhere.valueIt may be troublesome, and it is easy to miss it if you do not use […]

  • Apache shardingsphere 5.1.1 officially released


    Within less than two months after Apache shardingsphere 5.1.0 was released, shardingsphere merged 698 PR from teams or individuals around the world, bringing you a new version of 5.1.1. This version has many optimizations in terms of functions, performance, tests, documents, examples, etc. Especially in terms of performance, the industry standard TPC-C test model was […]

  • Volume? Can there be big guys who engage in open source packaging tools?


    Recently,Parcel2releasebeta3Version. The biggest update of this version is to replace theJSCompiler, fromBabelReplace withSWC, which makes the overall compilation speed 10x times faster than before. SWCYesRustWrittenJSCompiler, the goal is to replaceBabel。 His author was born in 1997강동윤, he wroteswcI am a sophomore. Parcel tired by speed In order to work with packing tools, big brotherWebpackDifferentiated competition,ParceltakeZero […]

  • Get to know react for the first time


    preface React is an open-source front-end framework for Facebook in 2013At that time, due to the rise of Ajax technology, a large number of logic that was originally processed by the server was slowly transferred to the front end for processing, which was also to pursue a smoother Web interaction experience. Later, in order to […]

  • Tips on if statement optimization and some syntax sugar in JavaScript


    preface In the daily front-end development process, if else judgment statements should be used more frequently. In some complex scenarios, many judgments may be used. When a code block uses a lot of if else, the code will appear redundant and not clear enough to read. In addition to if else, the logical operators & […]

  • JQuery cheerio gets the element text content, excluding descendants


    The syntax of cheerio is very similar to that of jQuery. It is the same on this issue. text() text()Method to get the text content combination of each element in the matching element set,Including their descendants, or set the text content of each element in the matching element collection to the specified text content. Exclude […]

  • Interpreter mode of design pattern


    Interpreter mode belongs to behavior mode; It refers to defining a language for the analysis object, defining the grammatical representation of the language, and designing a parser to interpret the sentences in the language. That is to say, the instance in the application is analyzed by compiling the language. This pattern implements an interface for […]

  • CSS syntax for table borders


      CSS syntax for table bordersThe specific contents include: top border width, right border width, bottom border width, left border width, border width, border color, border style, top border, bottom border, left border, right border, border, width, height, and related labels.   1. top border widthSyntax: border top width: < value >Allowable values: thin | medium | […]