• Rendering engine of browser (WebKit)


    preface The three things behind the browserThe introduction in the last article gives you a vague understanding of the composition of the browser What is a browser? Basic architecture of chrome Browser main components What is the browser kernel? JavaScript (JS) engine rendering engine Today, let’s do the WebKit for learning and discussion. First of […]

  • Build Python environment with source insight


    Si is a popular code reader / editor. Can I use Si for Python development? After a night’s experiment, I finally realized this function. 1. Syntax highlighting of Python Source insight version 4.0 already supports syntax highlighting of Python language by default, and there is no need to set it separatelyOf course, you can set […]

  • Ant Wang Yi: go + can effectively complement Python


    Introduction:Python’s syntax is very flexible and combines many convenient features of other languages. However, Python’s advantages also imply its disadvantages. Ant researcher Wang Yi’s personal experience of Python in the industrial system gives a deeper understanding of the limitations of python, and go + is the most reliable solution to make up for it. So […]

  • Cross end development of H5, applets, IOS and Android in uni app (2): skills of hbuilderx


    Hello, everyone. I’m black horse Tengyun. This is an original series of articles, based on the real project cases of enterprises to share experience, take you a quick start to uni app development! Welcome to click avatar attention, avoid getting lost! A few days ago, many readers sent private letters to inquire about the implementation […]

  • 02. Elementui source code learning: Babel configuration


    The following project will introduce Babel to support ES6 + syntax compatibility. Babel is a tool chain, which is mainly used to convert ECMAScript 2015 + version code into backward compatible JavaScript syntax, so that it can run in current and old versions of browsers or other environments.Chinese official website Concept of 0x00.babel Babel is […]

  • A raku (perl6) language server for VIM (neovim)


    background I am a kind of careless person. I write raku (perl6) in VIM (neovim) without syntax checking. I often need to wait until I see the error message after the runtime error, and then go back to change it. Atom and vscode have plug-ins that can check raku syntax errors. The above two text […]

  • MSSQL · merges one to many data into data with specified separator


    Reading time |0.05 min word count |142.4 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “MSSQL · merge one to many data into data with specified separator” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/5/16 PM1:25 Article type |Series Completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & background    Completion: 100% a) Coping […]

  • SQL statement parsing


    Query statement 1. Basic query: Select * from table This sentence will showinAll fields are queried, and the order of SQL execution is from table(found)surface)=>SELECT *   ( Query all fields * represents all fields)   Select id, name from table Parsing: this statement will query all the fields in the table. The order of […]

  • Hive architecture and interpretation of hive SQL execution process


    1、The background of hive The inconvenience of MapReduce programming The file on HDFS lacks schema (table name, name, ID, etc., which is a collection of database objects) 2、What is hive What are the scenarios for hive? Do some data cleaning (ETL), report and data analysis based on Hadoop The structured data file can be mapped […]

  • Basic syntax and built in data type of go language


    Go token Go programs include various tokens and tokens can be a keyword, an identifier, a constant, a string, text or symbol. For example, the following go statement consists of six Tokens: Copy codeThe code is as follows: fmt.Println(“Hello, World!”) The individual token is: Copy codeThe code is as follows: fmt . Println ( “Hello, […]

  • (2) Django web development template


    1. Template file The template file consists of two parts Static files: CSS, JS, HTML Dynamic content: dynamically generate some web content, which needs to be realized through template language. 2. Use of template files Load the template file, get the content of the template file, and generate a template object. Define template context and […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (57): cal


    Command introduction The cal command is used to display the current calendar or the calendar of a specified date. Grammatical format cal [month] [year] [-m month] [-y year] [-h] [-3] [-1] [-A num] [-B num] [-d YYYY-MM] [-j] [-N] Option description -l   # Display single month output -3   # Displays the calendar for the next three months -s   # Make Sunday the first day of the month -m   # Make Monday the […]