• Notes on SQL multi condition fuzzy query, in, custom function (1)


    Some problems encountered in the work about SQL query, sort out the records, and implement the environment sqlservice 2014 1、 On the same field, several ways to query multiple keywords Basic grammar: SELECT column_name(s) FROM table_name WHERE column_name LIKE pattern Tbuser: Id LastName FirstName 1 Adams John 2 Bush George 3 Carter Thomas   Query […]

  • Meet here document


    Basics The full name of heredoc isHere DocumentIn Chinese, it can be calledembed document。 In fact, there are many names for it, such as here document, hereis, here string and so on. Embedded documents are an alternative to shell I / O redirection. We already know that shell I / O redirection is a transfer […]

  • vscode:npm Importance of restarting ide after package update


    The IDE I used is vscode, because vscode has a powerful third-party plug-in library, and it is lightweight. However, every time you install or update a third-party plug-in library, you must restart the IDE, otherwise it will not take effect.One time, a third-party plug-in was referenced during project development, which led to package failure. The […]

  • Atom flight manual translation: 2.12 writing in atom


    Writing in atom Although atom is often used to code software, it can also be used to write articles efficiently. This is usually done in markup languages, such as markdown and asciidoc (the format used in English manuals). Here’s a quick look at some of the tools atom provides you with for writing articles. Spelling […]

  • Segmentfault markdown parsing library hyperdown released


    GitHub address:https://github.com/SegmentFault/HyperDown Why write such a parser Markdown has been around for many years, and many websites, large and small, have been using it, but its parser is still in a mess. Segmentfault is a large-scale website using markdown syntax in China. We have been using some open source class libraries, including but not limited […]

  • Postcss and cssnext syntax


    postcss Postcss is a tool for compiling CSS, similar to the processing of JS by Babel. Its common functions are as follows: 1. Use the next generation CSS syntax 2. Automatic completion of browser prefix 3. Convert PX to REM automatically 4. CSS code compression and so on Postcss is just a tool, it does […]

  • Deep understanding of Flink 1.11: flow batch integration hive


    In Flink 1.11, stream computing combined with hive batch processing data warehouse brings Flink stream processing real-time and exact once capability to offline data warehouse. In addition, Flink 1.11 improves Flink’s own file system connector, greatly improving the usability of Flink.The features of Flink 1.11 have been frozen, and the integration of streaming and batch […]

  • MySQL learning 1: SQL Basics


    Introduction to MySQL MySQL is a famous open source relational database. It was first open-source by AB company, and then by Sun company. After sun was acquired by Oracle, MySQL was owned by Oracle. Since then, MySQL has been commercialized, and the database, also known as MariaDB, has been open-source as a branch of MySQL. […]

  • SQL analysis of distributed | dble


    Author: Lu LuTechnical people who love technology and are willing to share are mainly engaged in the research of database related technology.Source: original contribution*The original content is not allowed to be used without authorization. Please contact the editor and indicate the source. What is the difference between database middleware and database? In my opinion, in […]

  • A guide to async functions


    asyncFunction is the syntax sugar of generator.Grammar: Async returns a promise object The value returned by the return inside the async function becomes the parameter of the then method callback function. async function f(){ return ‘hello jier’; } f.then(v => console.log(v)) // “hello jier” The value returned inside f above will be received by the […]

  • Electronic Vue cross platform desktop application development practical course (1) — Hello World


    This article will lead you to build a hello world using Vue cli + electronic builder Electron is based on chromium and Node.js , can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build cross platform application technology framework, compatible with Mac, windows and Linux. Before you start building the project, you need to install the following […]

  • Sjson of go daily library


    brief introduction In the last article, we showed you how to usegjsonQuickly read the value in the JSON string. For the sake of content integrity, today we will introduce how to use itsjsonQuickly set the value in the JSON string. Quick use Install first: $ go get github.com/tidwall/sjson After use: package main import ( “fmt” […]