• What other languages does the JVM support


    In order to make Java language have good cross platform ability, Java provides a kind of intermediate code — bytecode, which can be used on all platforms. With bytecode, no matter which platform (such as windows, Linux, etc.), as long as the virtual machine is installed, you can directly run bytecode. Similarly, bytecode also decouples […]

  • Common functions of JavaScript handwritten array


    preface In the development process, we often use some elements of arrayapiRelated operations, includingforEach、filter、find、findIndex、map、some、every、reduce、reduceRightThe equivalent function method. Today, let’s try to write these functions by hand and implement these functions by array. For convenience, the array prototype object is created directly in theprototypeExpand on. Reading three series: like (), attention (), collection (). this paperGithabHas […]

  • Vscode plug-in recommendation (Vue, small program, webapp fried chicken easy to use)


    Auto close tag – auto close HTML tag Auto rename tag – when modifying HTML tags, automatically modify the matching tags Background – background Beautiful – Javascript, JSON, CSS, sass, HTML code highlighting Beautify CSS / sass / SCSS / less – Code highlight CSS peek – automatically find CSS files Debugger for chrome – […]

  • Upgrade php7 to operate mongodb


    preface usePHP+MongoDBA lot of users, becauseMongoDBThe storage of unstructured data is very convenient. stayPHP5Before that, the government provided two extensions,MongoandMongoDBOf whichMongoYes, it isMongoClientAnd so on several core class based class group operation, encapsulation is very convenient, so basically will chooseMongoExpansion. Please refer to the official manual for details:http://php.net/manual/zh/book… But withPHP5Upgrade toPHP7, no longer officially supportedMongoExtension, […]

  • Vue.js Introduction to day-1


    Vue learning notes directory The usage of Vue and v-bind in day-1 preface In order to prepare for front-end learning, front-end Vue, ant design. 1、 What is Vue Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other large frameworks, Vue is designed to be applied layer by layer from the bottom up. Vue’s […]

  • New JavaScript syntax “double question mark syntax” and “optional chain syntax”


    Double question mark grammar Double question mark grammarThe concept is to return the value on the right when the value on the left is null or undefined let Form = undefined ?? true; //Form = true Alternative chain syntax ? optional chain //Optional chain let body = { value: { a: ‘123321’ } } let […]

  • JS conditional statement


    1. If structure Grammar: If (condition){ Satisfies the statement block to be executed } Implementation process: 1. Judgment conditions2. If the condition is true, the contents in the statement block are executed3. If the condition is false, skip the statement block to execute other contents be careful: (1) the condition in if should be a […]

  • Trust learning — traits


    Traits: defining common behaviors — Characteristics Features tell the rust compiler what a particular type has and can be shared with other types. We can use features to define sharing behavior in an abstract way. We can use feature ranges to specify that generics can be any type with a specific behavior. Note: features are […]

  • Will taro 2. X really unify domestic cross platform development?


    The first thing you need to know is: What is taro? Taro’s syntax is very similar to that of real. I won’t introduce it here. You just need to know what it is It is just a framework, but it can be written once and used across platforms At present, core businesses such as Tencent […]

  • Problems with mobx


    React project using mobx Picture prompt, Compile failure, tell the problem, brother, syntax error. To translate the second line of error is actually a problem of positioning. But I’m always in a hurry. I always like to take it with me and solve it at a glance. If I can’t solve it, I won’t go […]

  • Flow (1) — JavaScript static type checker


    catalog Flow overview Flow VS. TypeScript Flow installation Flow usage 1. Use comments at the beginning of the file 2. Use type annotation in code 3. In package.json Added in, 4. Initialize flow 5. Execute the flow command to check 6. Close the flow command Flow compilation 1. The official website provides flow remove types […]

  • SQL one stop solution for heterogeneous data of deep dry goods


    At the recent GDG developer conference in Guangzhou, Dong Lin, senior technical director of getpush, took “SQL one-stop solution for heterogeneous data” as the theme, and deeply shared many years of practical experience of getpush in the field of SQL. This article will elaborate the unified SQL from three aspects 1、 Why unify SQL 2、 […]