• Markdown summary and test


    Recently I found that blog Garden can also be usedMarkdownEditor, so by the way, test and summarizeMarkdownGrammar. What is markdown A:Markdown is a lightweight markup language founded by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. It allows people to “write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write, and then convert them into […]

  • Recommend a lightweight but efficient free open source windows hotkey scripting language AutoHotKey


    The words written in the front AutoHotKey is a lightweight, small but efficient, free and open source windows hotkey scripting language. Game manipulation, mouse operation, keyboard shortcut redefinition, shortcut phrases and so on, only you can’t imagine, without it, you can’t do it. The artifact of artifact, I hate to meet you late. install Download […]

  • CSS functions (2) you don’t know attr ()


    The attribute function attr() is used to obtain the attribute values in HTML elements and is used in styles. However, it can only be applied to pseudo elements in CSS elements for the time being. example Implement a tooltip <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″ /> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″ /> < title > […]

  • Introduction to vue-09


    1、 Introduction to Vue What is Vue? Vue is a progressive (fusion) pure front-end JS framework based on MVVM design pattern. Based on this framework, we can make the operation of client easier. How to understand the framework?It can be understood as the semi-finished code which contains part of the core functions. It is lack […]

  • Java process control: select structure


    1、 Select structure The selection structure is used to judge the given conditions and control the program flow according to the judgment results. The syntax of choice structure in Java is mainly divided into‘if… Else’ statementand‘switch… Case ‘statement。 In Java, select structure statements can be nested at will in syntax, but it is not recommended […]

  • Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python


    Series articles: It is very suitable for Xiaobai’s Python learning route Self taught Python by Xiaobai (1) Python tutorial Xiaobai self taught python (2) construction of Python development environment Xiaobai taught himself python (3) basic syntax of Python Self taught Python by Xiaobai (4) Python data type Self taught Python by Xiaobai (5) Python operator […]

  • Vue is not compatible with Android version below 6.0, resulting in white screen


    Recently, a problem has been found in development. It seems that Vue does not support Android computers with versions below 6.0: However, due to the recent demand, we had to solve this problem. After a lot of useless queries on the Internet, we didn’t find a real feasible solution, so we used vconsole to print […]

  • The addition, deletion and modification of mongodb basic learning


    Mongodb query learning What is mongodb Mongodb is a database based on distributed file storage system, written by C + + language. It aims to provide scalable and high-performance data storage solutions for web applications Document and bson of mongodb data The data format saved in mongodb is bson — key: value { name: “Tian”, […]

  • Interpreter pattern of design pattern


    Interpreter mode interpreter Intro Interpreter pattern, given a language, defines a representation of its grammar and defines an interpreter that uses that representation to interpret sentences in the language. This is similar to the interpreter of an interpretative programming language, which converts a piece of input into an output, converts unreadable text to readable text, […]

  • Getting started with MySQL


    1. Database overview 1.1 what is a database? The so-called database is a warehouse for storing and managing data. Extension 1: what are the classifications of databases Early: hierarchical database, network database Now: relational database, non relational database 1.2 what is a relational database? Relational database is the base in which the data is stored […]

  • Monaco uses vscode related syntax to highlight on the browser


    explain To get Monaco to use the vscode theme Try to achieve (a detour) Direct conversion of topics At first, I thought that the format of the two themes was different. After trying to convert it, I found that it could not be used normally The results show that the token of the two is […]

  • JavaScript basics-03


    1. Conditional judgment statement If the condition is not true, the condition will not be executed; ifsentence Grammar 1:     if(conditional expression)       {sentence}          :trueJust execute,falsenon-attachment that ‘s ok; Grammar 2:     if(conditional expression)       {sentence}        else  {sentence} Grammar 3:      if(conditional expression)       {sentence}        else  if (conditional expression){sentence}     else  if (conditional expression){sentence}     else{sentence} 2. Conditional branch statement:switchsentence Grammar: […]