• Monitoring TcpState of docker container with cAdvisor InfluxDB Grafana


    problem After the cAdvisor InfluxDB Grafana monitoring cluster was built, no tcp-related data was found. Source version: https://github.com/google/cad…git commit hash:9db8c7dee20a0c41627b208977ab192a0411bf93 Building cAdvisor InfluxDB Grafana Reference https://botleg.com/stories/mo… Location process Does cadvisor not record TCP state? Easy to find, because the high CPU usage of cadvisor requires — disable_metrics=””https://github.com/google/cad…This is not the case.Start cadvisor locally without any […]

  • K8s and monitoring — k8s deployment grafana 6.0


    Preface This article mainly introduces some new features of the latest version of grafana 6.0 and how to deploy it into k8s. Introduction to grafana 6.0 This update of Grafana introduces a new way of querying and displaying data, supporting log data and a large number of other functions. The main highlights are: Explore – […]