• Best Starter Practices for Android Studio NDK Development


    Best Starter Practices for Android Studio NDK Development Some online introductions of Android Studio NDK introductory course, feeling is not complete and comprehensive, and did not tell the beginners of Android Studio NDK some places to pay attention to. Most of the methods on the Internet need to be used.javahCommand, using this method will no […]

  • Know these skills of Gradle in Android to speed up compilation and build


    But there are some things we have to admit. Android Studio escalate more than carton has wood. Every upgrade is said to have black technology, but every time it is treated as a mouse, it can only reduce the version of IQ. Every time we build, we need to brush a dry goods group. Now […]

  • Andorid Studio NDK Development – Using NDK Library


    C languageAndroid is an open source operating system based on Linux. Many implementations at the bottom of the system are based on it.C languageDevelopment, such as image processing, encryption, etc. On the other handC languageIt’s also much more efficient than Java development, so it’s sometimes used to run efficiently.C languageDevelop some functions. Use it on […]

  • Manually convert eclipse projects into Android Studio Projects – learn what Gradle did for you when you built a new gradle project


    eclipse => android studio thinking 1 Add gradle to the project root directory2. Replace the original project with a new module and reassign the directory structure to point to the resource path in the root directory 1 Initialize the gradle directory Initialize gradle $ cd PROJECT_ROOT $ gradle init $ git st ?? .gradle/ ?? […]

  • Gradle Basic Knowledge Points and Common Configuration


    Address: http://blog.csdn.net/u0108184… This article is a long one. It systematically explains the basic knowledge of Gradle and some common commands and configurations. It is suitable for students who have just contacted Gradle. On this basis, we can read the following practical experience articles: Gradle Actual: Android Batch PackingGradle Actual Warfare: Packet-to-Device Coexistence of Different Compiler […]

  • Gradle Practice: A Summary of Android Multi-Channel Packaging Solutions


    Address: http://blog.csdn.net/u0108184… Gradle Practical Series: Gradle Basic Knowledge Points and Common ConfigurationGradle Actual Warfare: Packet-to-Device Coexistence of Different Compiler TypesGradle Actual Warfare: Publishing AAR Packages to Maven WarehouseGradle Actual Warfare: Implementing SQL operations on hive databases This article will continue the style of the previous blogs, starting with the basic concepts, which will help us […]

  • Android Gradle Series – Introduction


    The next period of time will be to sort out Android Gradle’s related knowledge, so to organize into a series. If you’re a newcomer, this series will be perfect for you, because the basic configuration of Android is Gradle-related. Of course, if you’re already in the business, but you still have a superficial understanding of […]

  • Android Gradle Series – Principles


    Last week we went through the structure of gradle in our Android Gradle series, introductory articles. For gradle, we don’t need to modify files like *. gradle in many cases. The most important thing we should do is to add third-party dependencies to dependencies, or to modify the SDK version number, or to change version […]

  • Android Gradle Specifies Module Packaging


    Android Gradle Specifies Module Packaging There are many modules in the project that can run directly and independently. How to configure the signature file in Gradle, then you don’t need ordinary manual clicksGenerate Signed APKUseTerminalIt’s more convenient. Specify Module Packaging Command Input: ./gradlew :<ModuleName>:assembleRelease Examples: ./gradlew :sampleApp:assembleRelease [error]command not found Usually because gradle didn’t joinPATHin […]

  • Detailed explanation of placeholder for Android Gradle manifest Placeholders


    Detailed explanation of placeholder for Android Gradle manifest Placeholders In practical projects,AndroidManifestThere are more than a dozen places where values need to be changed dynamically (when generating apk files). Every time they change, it’s OK, but tired. Before I started packing, they replaced it manually, but I don’t think that’s the way to do it, […]

  • Deep and shallow Gradle


    Original: https://code.tutsplus.com/zh-…Original: Jessica ThornsbyTranslation: Stypstive As the first IDE built specifically for Android (integrated development environment), Android Studio supported by Google is the most worthy of Android developers’expectations. But at the same time, it means that some new technologies must be mastered, especially Gradle system building. This article will give you an overview of Android’s […]

  • Gradle changes on Android Studio 3.0


    Last article: Personalized customization of applications using GradleproductFlavorsSome students commented that Android Studio 3.0 could not be compiled. Official documents: To explain briefly,’com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.0.0-alpha5’Plug-in version 3.0.0 contains a new dependency mechanism that enforces allflavorOne must be configuredflavor dimension。 On the basis of the previous article, make some modifications: // Configure a default flavor Dimensions flavorDimensions “SERVER” […]