• Andorid Studio NDK Development – NDK Development Tool Gradle-experiment


    One of the more troublesome things about developing with NDK is writingApplication.mkandAndroid.mkAndroid Studio plug-insgradle-experimentalIt is used to solve this problem. Usegradle-experimentalPlug-ins can be written without rewriting*.mkNDK development in the case of files.gradle-experimentalAndroid Studio is an experimental project, based on a gradle plug-in, mainly used to automate the configuration of NDK implementation, no need to write […]

  • Andorid Studio NDK Development – Using NDK Library


    C languageAndroid is an open source operating system based on Linux. Many implementations at the bottom of the system are based on it.C languageDevelopment, such as image processing, encryption, etc. On the other handC languageIt’s also much more efficient than Java development, so it’s sometimes used to run efficiently.C languageDevelop some functions. Use it on […]