• Select and jump statements


    1. Case statement The case statement uses a simple structure to select values, and more importantly, it can also be used to set the value of a variable –Case syntax format: case input_name When expression then result execution …… end; Description: first set the value of a variable, and then compare the values given after […]

  • Gplt group programming ladder competition


    Implementation language: C/C++ The solution is updated irregularly, and the level is limited. Welcome to ask questions in the comments and share better solutions. Updated on February 6, 2020: l2-029 ~ l2-030 Link to brush questions Explanation of part L1 grade link L1-001 Jump link L1-002 Jump link L1-003 Jump link L1-004 Jump link L1-005 […]

  • Disable vscode auto import package to speed up code prompt


    When the project depends on a lot of frameworks, the code prompt speed is very slowThe speed will be improved by one level after being disabled

  • KMP algorithm


    KMP algorithm An algorithm for matching strings e,g First, give a string B to be matched a b a a b b a b a a b 0 0 1 1 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 //Match from 2 letters, the first f array value, the default is 0, M is the string […]