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  • Large-scale production of high-precision maps in automatic driving: application of visual inertial navigation technology in Gaode


    Guide readingThe continuous development of navigation, driving assistance and automatic driving technology has put forward higher requirements for map precision. Conventional road-level maps have many shortcomings for intelligent transportation systems. To meet the requirements of automatic driving applications, we propose a method of making high-precision maps using visual inertial navigation technology. Firstly, this paper introduces […]

  • Android: Golden Map


    It’s divided into maps, locations, searches (I haven’t done navigation yet) It is suggested to integrate in gradle mode. Add dependency Add jcenter’s warehouse address under project/build.gradle file allprojects { repositories { Jcenter ()//or mavenCentral () } } Add dependencies under app/build.gradle android { defaultConfig { ndk { // Setting up the supported SO library […]