• Go resource sorting, here is what you want


    Well, the second best language in the world, here is what you may want Stable update on GitHub, feel good, please order a star ❤ If you want to share, please keep the source. Thank you Original address: https://shockerli.net/post/go GitHub: https://github.com/shockerli/… Official website: https://golang.org Domestic official website image (visit fast ~): https://golang.google.cn GitHub: https://github.com/golang/go Wiki: […]

  • Golang explores control methods for goroutine (detailed explanation)


    Preface In golang, you only need to add the keyword go before the function call to create a concurrent task unit, and the new task will be put into the queue, waiting for the scheduler to arrange. Compared with the MB level thread stack of the system, the custom stack of goroutine is only 2KB, […]

  • Four sections of code to get started with Go and channel!


    Write a simple program that allows a program to write data to a channel, and a program to read data. import ( “fmt” “strconv” “testing” ) /** In this example, we have – A message acts as a channel – A protocol is used to send messages – The main coprocess is used to receive […]

  • Implementation of a Block Chain in Go Language


    This paper will gradually dismantle several steps to realize the function of block chain. The basic knowledge you need to master: What is Block Chain Sha256 hash encryption algorithm Go language foundation, including understanding of go routine and channel Dead work Go get github.com/davecgh/go-spew/spew spew is a very good print output tool, which can output […]

  • Deep understanding of Go routine


    The greatest feature of the Go language is that it supports concurrency at the language level. Goroutine is the most basic execution unit in Go. In fact, every Go program has at least one Goroutine: the main Goroutine. When the program starts, it will be created automatically. To better understand Goroutine, let’s talk about the […]

  • How to manage Goroutine


    Why do you need to manage Goroutines efficient use of resources Although in the Golang program, usinggo funcThe way to open agoroutineCo-operation is a very lightweight operation. However, arbitrary creation without any consideration will result in a lot of waste of resources. Although golang itself provides GC functionality, GC release takes time. Through more rational […]