• What new features have Google introduced in I/O 2019?


    Preface Yesterday, the second day of Microsoft Build 2019, the annual Google I/O conference was held in the United States as scheduled. The full record of Google I/O 2019: AI is amazing, Android Q is really fragrant, including two new hardware. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft also carefully and generously broadcasted live the same […]

  • Flutter 1.5 was released and officially became the platform-wide UI framework!


    I. Preface On Google I/O 2019, the Dart team announced a new stable version of Flutter 1.5, the largest release of Flutter to date. With the release of Flutter 1.5, a review version of Flutter for Web was announced at the same time, which officially opened the way of Flutter’s platform-wide UI framework. As mentioned […]

  • From React Native to Flutter, the Truth of Mobile Cross-Platform Solutions


    Author: Lean Cloud Zheng Peng In December 2018, Google released the official version of Flutter 1.0, which seems to reignite people’s enthusiasm for mobile cross-platform development. The last time this happened was when Facebook released React Native in early 15 years. In less than four years, two big companies have launched their own mobile cross-platform […]

  • May Programming Language List: Java No. 1, R falls out of Top20


    As we all know, recently TIOBE released the May Programming Language List. Among them, the top three are still stable. They are Java, C, C++, Python and VB. NET. In the following two pictures, we can see: Top 20 in May 2019 Trends in Top 10 Language in May 2019 Top 50, May 2019 And […]

  • Introduction to the Development of Google VR


    Google’s VR has two virtual reality (VR) platforms. One is Cardboard, a cheap VR solution, which was launched by Google’s I/O in 2015. The other is Daydream, which was just launched at this year’s I/O conference. We look forward to Daydream bringing better quality and cost-effective VR solutions.Cardboard:Daydream:Google has a dedicated VR delelopers page: https://developers.google.com/vr/. […]

  • What is Translatotron released by Google?


    Background introduction As a Chinese, learning English well has been distressing since primary school. In recent years, with the rapid development of AI, whether language differences will be narrowed or even eliminated has become a hot topic. On May 15, Google AI sent an article on its blog platform, formally introducing a black technology called […]

  • Event processing queues for Angular and SAP C4C


    Angular We can see a function called processQueue in the code of the Angular framework: This function is started by $scope. $apply: The core code is in a for loop, which is a queue asyncQueuePosition that stores asynchronous processing tasks: for (var asyncQueuePosition = 0; asyncQueuePosition < asyncQueue.length; asyncQueuePosition++) { try { asyncTask = asyncQueue[asyncQueuePosition]; […]

  • Android privilege library EasyPermissions


    Links to articles: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/H63Sn03xV0 JoINXB4SWWKA It is well known that after Android 6.0, if the application needs dangerous permissions, the user must explicitly grant the permissions to the application. Today we recommend a privilege-related library, EasyPermissions. In terms of camera privileges, let’s first look at the authorization method without using the library.adoptContextCompat.checkSelfPermission()To determine whether there […]

  • An article gives you an idea of the course of Android versions


    2008-present Android 1.5 (Cupcake cupcake): Intelligent virtual keyboard; using widgets to personalize the desktop; Live Folder to quickly browse online data; video recording and sharing; image upload; Faster standard compatible browsers; Voice search voice search; Stereo Bluetooth and hands-free phones Android 1.6 (Donut doughnuts): Completely redesigned Android Market can display more screen shots; gesture support […]

  • One-click solution to go get golang.org/x package failure


    Problem description When we usego get、go install、go modWhen waiting for commands, the corresponding packages or dependent packages will be downloaded automatically. But for well-known reasons, it’s similar.golang.org/x/…The download of the package will fail. As follows: $ go get -u golang.org/x/sys go get golang.org/x/sys: unrecognized import path “golang.org/x/sys” (https fetch: Get https://golang.org/x/sys?go-get=1: dial tcp i/o […]

  • Life Cycle Component Lifecycle Source Parsing (I)


    In the previous article: The detailed usage of Lifecycle, an Android life cycle component, we talked about the simple use of Lifecycle. In this article, we will study the source code of Lifecycle. Foundation Environment Construction First of all, according to the previous article, build the environment quickly. Add Lifecycle lightweight dependency libraries: implementation “android.arch.lifecycle:runtime:1.1.1” […]

  • Using Google Cloud to Build Flarum Light Forum


    Preface This tutorial is written for newcomers without any programming language foundation. It teaches you how to build a light forum.You can visit https://flarum.org.cn/ for more information. According to the operation method of this tutorial, you can successfully complete the building and put Flarum Forum online.Before you start, you need to meet the following requirements: […]