• PHP Setting up Google Authenticator to Realize Two-Step Verification of Operations


    Instructions:After opening the two-step verification of Google’s login (that is, the Google Authenticator service), users need to enter an additional one-time password generated by the mobile client when they log in. Implementing Google Authenticator requires support from both the server and the client. The server side is responsible for generating the key and verifying whether […]

  • Tim Bray, the father of XML, resigned from Google


    After March 17, I’m leaving Google. The reason is that I can’t move to California and Google won’t open a branch in Vancouver. So when you face an irreconcilable contradiction, it may be a good decision to break up peacefully. But I haven’t decided what I should do next. Let’s talk about some of these […]

  • Chrome Browser Extended Artifact Oil Monkey


    Chrome is the most commonly used browser in my daily work. Google produces products that are trustworthy. With Chrome, I have to mention browser extensions. With various Chrome extensions, you can make your browser pages more convenient and efficient. Chrome extensions can be downloaded from the Google App Store at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions?Hl=zh-CNHere you can search and […]

  • Google Cloud Releases Extranet IP


    Google Cloud Releases Extranet IP Beneficiaries of the one-year free version of Google Cloud In recent days, I suddenly found that when pushing up, the access situation is unstable, intermittent, and the speed of access has declined rapidly. For example, when watching small videos on Twitter, the buffer used to be almost second level, now […]

  • Start-up experience of Google Coral Edge TPU USB accelerator bar


    What is Edge AI? Why is it so important? Traditionally, AI solutions require powerful parallel computing capabilities. For a long time, AI services have been provided through server-based computing in the cloud on-line. But there areReal-time performanceRequired AI solutions need to be computed on devices, so Edge AI is gradually coming into people’s vision. Although […]

  • GitHub’s latest Android Hot Open Source Project


    Author: Lean Cloud weakish Share 9 popular open source projects related to Android development on GitHub in May 2019, including dialog boxes, calendars, vector drawing components, memory leak detection libraries, Kotlin linter, mock libraries, dependency injection frameworks, etc. LeakCanary Square open source memory leak detection library. It’s very convenient to use, just need to use […]

  • Floating Action Button of Material Design Component


    Material Design Design was introduced in Google I/O 2014. This design concept was loved by many developers as soon as it was introduced. It mainly focused on paper-ink creation and highlighted the design sense of entity, making the design closer to the real world, striving for smooth and continuous interaction and user experience. This design […]

  • Google provides a two-dimensional code generator


    Google provides a two-dimensional code generator In fact, it refers to the following method of data transmission. Copy codeThe code is as follows: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=200×200&chl=//www.jb51.net&choe=UTF-8 Look specifically at the image path of the two-dimensional code below.

  • A wave of Flutter cool effects, continuous updates


    Preface Implementing UI and interaction is a necessary skill for big front-end developers and a key point for flutter development. While learning from flutter, several cool UI effects commonly seen on the client side are realized. Although flutter is used to build the original wheel, flutter’s cross-platform characteristics are incomparable, let alone its excellent performance. […]

  • What exactly is the ProjectMainline that forced the latest Android Q Beta 3 reboot?


    I. Preface The latest version of Android Q, has released Android Q Beta 3, although not officially released, but many users have joined the test plan, to experience the new features of Android Q first. Recently, many experience user feedback, their equipment upgraded to Beta 3, there will be a forced restart that can not […]

  • Flutter Interactive Actual Warfare-Immediate App Exploration Page Dropdown & Drag Effect


    Preface Flutter has been a hot topic recently, but there are not many articles about Flutter’s system, so we can’t avoid trampling pits in the early stage. This article mainly introduces how to use Flutter to achieve a more complex gesture interaction, and by the way, share some pits I encountered in the process of […]

  • What new features have Google introduced in I/O 2019?


    Preface Yesterday, the second day of Microsoft Build 2019, the annual Google I/O conference was held in the United States as scheduled. The full record of Google I/O 2019: AI is amazing, Android Q is really fragrant, including two new hardware. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft also carefully and generously broadcasted live the same […]