• Smart eye of mobile phone smart vision


    “You give me wisdom Help me identify the calories of food You give me wisdom Help me translate long articles You give me wisdom Help me find a place to shop You give me wisdom Help me out of the situation that I don’t know things… “ Er ha, I’d like to sing a song […]

  • C + + 11 thread


    Basic usage of C + + 11 thread Simple example Thread and () #include #include using namespace std; void test() { Cout < < my thread execution < endl; for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i); Cout < < my thread is finished executing < endl; } int main() { //Thread is a […]

  • [Xiaobai Xuexue recommendation 1] zero basis to introduction of collaborative filtering


    The article is transferred from official account (machine learning alchemy), and it pays attention to “alchemy” to get massive free learning materials. Recently, when looking for a job, I found that machine learning algorithm engineers oftenRecommendation algorithmPreviously, I didn’t know about the recommendation algorithm, so now I’m also a zero basis introduction to the recommendation […]

  • Common i2i algorithm based on CF


    I2i (item to item) algorithm based on collaborative filtering is the most widely used recall algorithm in recommendation system. The base model, which is usually used as the start-up stage, is the benchmark of the subsequent algorithm iteration. It has the characteristics of convenient development and fast training speed, and the general effect is not […]

  • Express order number query API Jingdong Express


    How to use the interface provided by express bird to query the logistics track of Jingdong express. First of all, we have the resources we need, Test merchant ID: test1617571 Test API key: 554343b2-7252-439b-b4eb-1af42c8f2175 (this key is only used in test environment) API test address: http://sandboxapi.kdniao.com:8080/kdniaosandbox/gateway/exterfaceInvoke.json Next, let’s talk about request parameters 1、 Interface description […]

  • What economic value will the random number reward bring to the blockchain game?


    Key summary: The random number in the game is usually divided into two types: input type and output type. Blockchain games use random number mechanism to issue economic rewards, which has the potential to promote the growth of the game industry to a trillion level. Blockchain game rewards are rare assets that can’t be tampered […]

  • Building spark based recommendation engine (Python)


    Building spark based recommendation engine (Python) The idea behind the recommendation engine is to predict what people might like and assist in this process by exploring the connections between items When learning spark machine learning this book, I use Scala to finish the book, but I am not familiar with it, so I use pyshark […]

  • C Cong Shao


    Warehouse management system report 1、 Project background Warehouse information management system: to achieve warehouse in and out, display warehouse information, support query function, long-term storage of data 2、 Implementation environment 1. WSL 2. clang version 10.0.0 Target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (C environment can run ~) 3、 Report text Implementation method Data is saved by file Using the […]

  • Recommendation engine


    What can you spend so much money on Taobao? The secret behind this is the recommendation engine. Everyone logs in to Taobao. In every column on the homepage, the products recommended to you by the system are different. Tens of millions of different products are displayed in front of more than 200 million mobile Taobao […]

  • Recommendation system algorithm vernacular


    Basic model Word bag model Bag of words (bow for short). This method of text representation is called bag identifier. The word bag model assumes that we do not consider the context between words in a text, but only consider the context between words The weight of all words. The weight is related to the […]

  • Request with content type of application / JSON; charset = UTF-8 initiated by Lua


    Preface Lua is a lightweight and compact scripting language, written in standard C language, and open source. It is designed to be embedded in the application so as to provide flexible extension and customization functions for the application. Lua was developed in 1993 by a research group at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, […]

  • What is API?


    An API is an interface, a channel, which is responsible for the communication between a program and other software. Its essence is a predefined function. For example, when we go to work, the window is similar to an API. If for something that is not simple, the window can make us “run at most once” […]